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Astrologer’s Almanac September 26 -October 2~Wisdom is cautionary.

Victoria Martin 


Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead  

Layered hand-woven sautoir and choker necklaces in 18k gold with diamond touches from the @iliaslalaounis Hellenistic collection,  

Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

 September 26-October 2, 2021

 Highlights late September 

September 24-26 FORECAST Charm and knowledge make the treatments for illness or poverty so much sweeter. ADVICE There is rugged, hard work to be done yet everyone is in the can-do spirit,

Mars trine Saturn

September 27 FORECAST The focus on culture, science, and academia is also interested in useful products from those realms. ADVICE A close-up exam and marathon mode make this a productive–yet overwhelming —3 weeks’ time for media and communications.

Mercury Stations begins Retrograde motion till October 18 

Sunday, September 26

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Optimism, science, and patriotism are good signs. They advance projects in spite of awkward moments. ADVICE Cultivate graceful manners and an agreeable attitude, yet be ruthless/firm if necessary.

Moon trine Sun

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Popular appeal may be a way to teach serious lessons. Use a dignified aura to upgrade renditions of sob stories. ADVICE It is easier than usual to get help from VIPs, elders, and authorities.

Moon trine Saturn retrograde

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST A regal demeanor makes a dynamic first impression. ADVICE Follow through with a demonstration of intelligence. Admirable traits include those shown by scholars, synthesizers, and optimists.

Moon trine Mars

Third of three days FORECAST Patience and skill team up to help facilitators accomplish tasks at hand. ADVICE Even the most daunting project will develop rather nicely at this time. Mars trine Saturn retrograde

Monday, September 27

12:09 AM CDT FORECAST Gathering the herd, tribe, and society around important ideas, creeds, and icons seems timely. ADVICE Share the harvest from arts, agriculture, and science! They will be a good incentive and attractor.

Mercury is stationary changes to retrograde motion until October 18

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Therapy process spots inner demons and replaces them with good habits. Shortcuts may end up taking longer. ADVICE Haste makes waste. However, it is okay to go with a sequence of one-hit wonders! This could adapt well to the circumstances. In a social context, simple creative exercises enacted as a group can accrue merit and value.

Moon square Neptune retrograde

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Leaders are emerging, and egos are rising, and some cases show dignity. Success, honor, and good fortune are largely based on character strength. ADVICE It is wise to cultivate happiness in self and others.

Situate at the lucky place and on time and Moon trine Jupiter retrograde

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST A perfectionist bent is favorable towards rendition of science or cultural classics. ADVICE Create a mini learning marathon and/or provide a wide selection. This will please intellectuals and epicureans for sure.

Moon trine Mercury retrograde

                                                        Tuesday, September 28                                                              

 Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Assessments about events and accomplishments of the past three weeks bring a few decisions. The focus is on editing and selection. ADVICE Do use branding and iconography to I.D. / index/upload contenders whenever possible, Utilize full potential and strike a show-and-tell, entertaining attitude, or flashy aptitude.

Moon square Sun last quarter moon physical sky Zenith during sunrise

Wednesday, September 29

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Current local/community events are attention grabbers. Trending topics are entertainment and communication but also business prosperity and income generators. ADVICE Find a pathway, then be ready to do some side steps, tap dancing, or fancy moves!

Moon square Mars

All day FORECAST Some initiatives may be the basis for art, poetry, music, and theater. This timeframe will confirm the validity of creative and cultural participation. ADVICE Talent manifesting and social interacting can be regarded as a spiritual practice but only if active not passive.

Venus trine Neptune retrograde

All day FORECAST Different varieties of instigators and contrasting types of leaders are on the scene. For example talented–inspired versus structured–organized. ADVICE These are both important but act and are informed differently. Perhaps a synthesis or hybrid will serve best Sun trine Saturn retrograde

                                                                  Thursday, September 30                                                           

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Competitive mood, theatrical obstacles, or feisty characters are likely to dominate the situation. ADVICE Even if excessive, this makes the live story or proverb compelling. Everyone is fascinated.

Moon trine Neptune retrograde           

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Obstacle removal is achieved largely due to confidence and creativity. There is an interesting dress code and high-level interaction.  ADVICE Engage in the thrill of contests and games. Even if you are outside your comfort zone all will go well.

Moon trine Venus 

Morning FORECAST Results and feedback from the test/audition show which contenders have the financial and/or political support. ADVICE The vote of confidence is influenced/compelled by primal motives: mating, survival, and reputation so keep that in mind before and after the talent show.

Moon opposed Pluto retrograde

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST The race or performance aims to win followers within a cultural or scientific arena. ADVICE Double-check data so your choice is a merit-based one.

Moon Square Mercury retrograde

All day FORECAST Overwhelmed state is due to many wonderful or rich options.  Much enticement yet unexpected outcomes are likely! ADVICE Pleasure over the top indicates that there are some rewards absolutely guaranteed or incumbent. Wisdom is cautionary; dictates that it is best to be poised and sincere but also discrete.

Venus Square Jupiter retrograde

                                                                          Friday, October 1                                                                         

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Events, pageants, and productions show educational flavors or historic roots. ADVICE Go for participation that heal, renew, and guide expertly. Utilize VIPs, doctors, experts, and administrators to accomplish this.

Moon opposed Saturn retrograde

All day FORECAST Puzzles, curiosities, and challenges in communication and transportation are likely. ADVICE Adopt a marathon mode readiness and resolve issues by means of a sophisticated 21st-century mindset.

Mercury Retrograde Square Pluto retrograde

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Festivals include innovations and/or eccentric characters. ADVICE Make sure contributions and role-playing, are in line with the theme of the event or project. Repeat focal concepts often!

Moon Square Uranus retrograde 

                                                          Saturday, October 2                                                                

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Many people are joining up with tribe, ethnicity, or clan at events especially themed to accommodate them. ADVICE Favor special interest groups! Enjoy any or all that you’re qualified for.

Moon opposed to Jupiter retrograde

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Regal, generous, or courageous will describe those in leadership and high-profile now. ADVICE That is impressive but perhaps an aura of intrigue and attuned instincts are just as important. Synthesize the two–dignity and earthiness– for best results.

Moon Square Venus

Highlights October – mid-November 

 October 4-8 FORECAST The race starts off with a bang!  Lots of action, interest in survival tactics, many clever stories, and lively distractions pepper this new moon phase. ADVICE Choose wisely, get physical education, use engineering skills and invent tools.

New Moon Phase conjunct Mars

October 18-22 FORECAST Juxtaposition of radically different ideas is fascinating. A dialog between high-contrast groups is dramatic even if done carefully. ADVICE It is difficult to please all demands from political and financial factions yet it is worth a try!

Full Moon Phase  square Pluto

November 2-6 FORECAST Taking science and miscellaneous innovations to the next step resonates with current missions. ADVICE Commercial and legal considerations come as the plan or invention coalesces!

New Moon phase in the Scales Constellation  opposite Uranus

November 16-18 FORECAST Wild excitement, mania, and synchronicity are just the beginning of the amazing stories evolving. ADVICE A balance between acts of genius and what is legal and commercially viable.

Mars Opposed Uranus

By Victoria Martin

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