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Bill Zwecker’s Hindman Evening

          Amid Our Own Celebs


Bill Zwecker and Jay Krehbiel




By Megan McKinney


From its founding by twentysomething Leslie Hindman in 1982, everything Hindman Auctions has touched has been superb. Hence, last week’s evening in a favorite Streeterville club, hosted by today’s Hindman CEO Jay Krehbiel, was flawless. Held in honor of celebrated journalist Bill Zwecker, it was an evening guests will cherish for many months to come.

The occasion was to herald a very special auction, SEEING STARS, Property from the Collection of Bill Zwecker, which will culminate with a final online gavel at 10:00 a.m. Friday, November 19. Bidding is currently under way.

Chicago’s “Everyone” was there, including three of Bill Zwecker’s long-time close friends, Leslie Hindman with Jim and Abra Wilkin.

It was consistent with the Hindman style to host the evening in Chicago’s loveliest ballroom, which began filling rapidly with friends.

Rarely is the bar in the in the center of the club’s ballroom, as it was during this party. Many guests were seeing each other for the first time in many months, and the arrangement encouraged easy movement and contact with old friends, as well as displays of items in Bill’s collection.

Tom Gorman joined Bill in greeting guests early in the evening.

Meghan Norton and Jenny Brown were snapped together by Jessica Tampas, the extraordinarily fine photographer engaged to capture the evening on film.

Julia and Errett Van Nice

Karina Hammer, Michelle Kubala, Julie Harron and Nneka Dunham.

Edoarda Corradi, Catherine Sarr and Silvia Krehbiel.

Philip and Susan Merlin with Bill.

Margaret McCurry

A special feature of the center bar was The BZ, the evening’s signature cocktail, perfect for guests circulating around the club to view various items in Bill’s collection.

One of the most popular displays was of the charming note from Oprah to Bill thanking him for his kindness when “other people were kicking me in the teeth.”

What a marvelous shot of the two Minnelli superstars signed to Bill by his friend Liza!



Click the link above Bill’s image for your personal catalogue; you can view Bill’s collection and bid to your heart’s delight without ever leaving Classic Chicago.



Photography by Jessica Tampas

Edited by Amanda K.O’Brien