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Photos from the Summer of '21

Photos from the summer of ’21

By Nick Wilder
What a relief to venture outdoors without masks and visit friends in their homes. We still wear masks in airports and avoid indoor restaurants. But at least outdoors we can see faces and have conversations without self consciously holding back for fear of the virus. Keven and I have split our spring and summer between Chicago and Door County, Wisconsin. I am always looking for faces and patterns which might make interesting photographs. In Chicago, I gravitate towards people and stories, be that a three-generation graduation celebration or a mother trying to keep up with her daughter on a bicycle. In Door County, my emphasis is on weather, flowers, and animals. Our visit to a local goat farm was a particularly good photo opportunity.
I start this essay with photos I took on walks around our Bucktown neighborhood. I took most of the second group of photos in Sister Bay and Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.
At the entrance to the 606 elevated trail
Our trip to the goat farm in Sister Bay, Wisconsin

6 am from our bedroom balcony
Keven taking a photo from our kayak
Seagull photo taken from our kayak
July 4 fireworks