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Astrologer’s Almanac May 23- May29~Tiffany Sun God Opal, Courtesy of Field Museum




By Victoria Martin



 Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead


Tiffany Sun God Opal

 The Aztec “Sun-god Opal,” a 35-carat precious white Opal that is exquisitely carved into the shape of a human face. The opal was displayed at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and is part of the collection that Higginbotham purchased. In addition, “this Opal was mined in Mexico by the Aztecs in the sixteenth century and eventually found its way to the Field Museum in 1893, where it has remained ever since.”

Photo Courtesy of Field Museum

Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

May 23-29, 2021

Highlights This Week 

May 23 FORECAST Serious wonder-working requires a keen eye to assess people, systems, and moods. ADVICE Analysis is first then treatment. Both may be unusual.

Saturn Retrograde May 23- October 10, 2021 

May 24-28 FORECAST Rethinking strategies could lead to a better plan. Consider factors of popularity points gained. ADVICE Use military tactics combined with empire building methods, Keep your heart set on benevolent results Full Moon Phase @ Scorpion’s heart

Lunar Eclipse  May 26                                      

May 28-30 FORECAST Really charming and valuable would describe conversations and compositions emerging at this time. ADVICE Use this opportunity to do writing, make calls or make note of ideas

Mercury conjunct Venus 

Sunday, May 23

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Survival tactics get a new spin due to innovations, charismatic meetings, and ‘out of this world’ insights. ADVICE Highlight examples of the divine that manifest in daily life. Designate them as a treasure, point of inspiration, and gratitude point.

Moon square Mars

 4:15 AM CDT FORECAST A focus on how to work wonders ASAP is productive and on cue. ADVICE Even if some situations are a bit grim, have courage and do the grunt work.

Saturn stations turns to retrograde

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST A great cultural harvest is humanitarian friendly. Therapy programs are based on insights from religion, arts or sciences. Some peer interactions can assist justice-themed missions. ADVICE Heroes are helped by female counterparts, so add to your team or volunteer to fill in the gaps.

Moon trine Mercury

Afternoon-Evening  FORECAST Herd gathering and educational experiences are augmented by the state of 21st-century politics, science, and culture. ADVICE Identify where to change or create transformation as needed. Adjust expectations accordingly.

Moon square Pluto

Night-Wee Hours FORECAST Use of charm, humor, and outreach action contribute greatly to utopian/idealistic visions. ADVICE Take advantage of offers and opportunities as is fitting. Affiliate with special interest groups. Visit paradisiacal locations and first-class venues.

Moon trine Jupiter

1st of 5 days FORECAST Stacking up strategies will include a ‘ready for anything attitude. ADVICE This timeframe for the full moon phase (all week) is flavored by militaristic strength and serious disciplines.

Full Moon Phase @ Scorpion’s heart Lunar Eclipse  May 26           

Monday, May 24 

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Legal and commercial talent are the perfect counterparts for novel inventions, resource development, and organization enhancements. ADVICE Look for synchronicities, signs, and cues. They provide in agreement for choices and can bring applied combos that will work.

Moon opposed Uranus

Evening- Night FORECAST Enterprises are asked to be cognizant of healing, teaching, and miracle-working potential. ADVICE Unlock and instigate popular formulae for transformation and personal mystique. For special benefits (i.e. positive visualization). use of these self-help potent tools is incumbent upon participants.

Moon square Saturn

2nd of 5 days FORECAST As the intensity builds with the brightening moon, people are selecting investments for time, money, or energy.  There is a scent of success and potent talents in the mix. ADVICE Developing ideas, events, and relationships could go over the top! Best to be strategic, poised, and reasonable. Judicious promises and correct expectations will suit demands.

Full Moon Phase @ Scorpion’s heart Lunar Eclipse  May 26 

Tuesday, May 25 

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Estimates on legal options and envisioning commercial potential are services in demand. ADVICE Strategic information is enhanced via competitions, shows, and exhibitions.

Moon Trine Mars

Morning  FORECAST It seems time to bring out elements of individuality in order to heal, teach, or inspire. ADVICE A personality test or an interview on traits and goals could assist the cure or remedy formation.

Moon Trine Neptune

Night-Wee Hours  FORECAST Joining a school or community brings seemingly destined relations. Already solid alliances will reconfigure accordingly. Personal branding helps the initiation process with new clubs, groups, or cliques. ADVICE Propaganda and asserting personal talents are bound to be in the picture. Another option is to support powerful people or partners especially if their realm is exotic or unique.

Moon square Jupiter

3rd of 5 days FORECAST Current all-or-nothing and do-or-die attitudes may be short-lived yet compelling at the moment. Expect some snarky behavior! ADVICE Don’t take offense personally! Bad vibes may be due to something other than the situation at hand. Non-specific fear, fright, or anxiety may be the problem. Females could be especially sensitive, so TLC  for them is in order.

Full Moon Peak night @ Scorpion’s heart Lunar Eclipse  May 26

Wednesday, May 26

4th of 5 days FORECAST Competitive orientation may be too harsh for some people but for now, it is the lay of the land. ADVICE Be a leader, a follower, or get out of the way! Progress is demanded and not a luxury anymore.

Full Moon Phase @ Scorpion’s heart Lunar Eclipse  May 26 

Thursday, May 27

Morning FORECAST Intrigue is tangible and rapport with animal instincts is instructive. Tension has an interesting story behind it, perhaps biology at work! Primal urges like turf protection, mating, and survival are in full force. ADVICE Distinct, dynamic events ignite action via arts creation, dance, or free association. Another therapy is to access dreams and use them in improvisation or story telling. Moon opposed Venus

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Contributors, collaborators, and commuters view the big picture of 21st century civilization. Interesting psychic effects and spiritual growth are reactions to news or events. ADVICE There is likely to be a confused—yet fascinating– response. Mystery has merit since they are an invite to solve puzzles.  Moon square Neptune

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Rapid interaction is its own reward and entertainment holds some intellectual value. ADVICE A quiz, puzzle, or game will round out the program nicely. Moon opposed Mercury

All Day FORECAST Everyone needs to get away from the hum-drum/ordinary life. Allowed space and time for exotic stories or human dramas fulfill needs.  ADVICE Novel marketing ideas or healing talents are a good start to solve current work issues. An influx of special tools is offering solutions to correct problems and create total success. Venus square Neptune

5th of 5 days FORECAST Dramas and intrigues continue with complex plots and plans added. Clever people could outsmart themselves. ADVICE Cultivation of happiness– and a wholesome emotional life– may not be a priority but should be. Full Moon Phase @ Scorpion’s heart Lunar Eclipse  May 26 

Friday, May 28 

All Day FORECAST A re-cap of personal relations and community ranking yields current Karma scores. Whatever dramas—inner and outer–emerged during the week shows important results from past deeds. ADVICE Peer reactions are valuable to point out areas for work. Solutions offer guidance through scary situations or provide an escape from horror scenarios. Denouement Full Moon Phase @ Scorpion’s heart Lunar Eclipse  May 26 

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Regional myth and community legends are made more vivid by actual evidence and historical enactments. ADVICE Spontaneous emergings and intake strategies will serve as standards for basic sustenance.  Moon Trine Uranus

1st of 3 days FORECAST Great harmony and finesse are easily expressed. ADVICE Comments and ideas developing now can make a hit later, so take note. Mercury Conjunct Venus 

Saturday, May 29

2nd of 3 days FORECAST Expect to feel a brilliance of mind and blossoming of ideas. ADVICE Capture the moment, document images, and freeze frame. Make calls and form connections. Mercury Conjunct Venus 

Morning  FORECAST Contests erupt and meetings coalesce rapidly. ADVICE Once congregation occurs then miracles and/or cultural developments are possible. Moon opposed Mars

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST Now brought to light are deep feelings, treasures, and passions. ADVICE Secrets are accessible, but soon to disappear. What emerges is worth capturing ASAP. Moon Conjunct Pluto

5:33 PM CDT FORECAST A fix and focus on a wide spectrum of therapy breaks through barriers and into joy. ADVICE A marathon is in store so get ideas, media, people, and supplies in order. Mercury  Stations changes to retro

1st of 3 Days FORECAST Creativity exercises and spiritual protection practices are active. These formulae are evident in the deeds and habits of talented people. ADVICE There are lots of complex elements to coordinate; intuition and dreams are helpful.  Mars Trine Neptune

Highlights May & June 2021 

May 29 forecast A marathon that includes success exercises and therapy are just the thing. ADVICE The information or media choices are best if enhanced by theatrical touches and good branding. Mercury Retrograde  May 29- June 22 

May 29- June 2 FORECAST Competition brings out superior talents, but sensitive folks will try softer venues. ADVICE Joining with kindred spirits and like-minded groups may be the biggest benefits for candidates. Friendly attitude moves souls to investigate, contact, and participate. Mars trine Neptune    

June 4-24 FORECAST This is the main challenge for 2021: where schemes to bridge past to future are pulled at each end: tradition and novelty. ADVICE Perhaps a bit like the Silver-Gold proverb: make new friends but keep the old. Saturn Square Uranus

June 7-12 FORECAST Therapeutic exercises could highlight miraculous methods including special roles for females. ADVICE Aristocratic bearing and service-oriented ambitions enhance success potential. Use those postures if possible New Moon Phase AT Bull’s Horns) Solar Eclipse     June 10