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Astrologer’s Almanac August 22-28~ Profound, cooperative ventures are born.

Victoria Martin viccimartin@gmail.com

Auspicious and Important Time Frames for the Week Ahead


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Astrological Forecast Advice & Mass Psychology

August 22- 28, 2021

Highlights This Week

August 20-24 FORECAST Full-blown illustrations and incentives regarding luckiest options are a gift and an incentive to take action. ADVICE Map out game plan, use a ‘play to win’ strategy, and stoke optimism.

Full Moon Phase @ Jupiter

Sunday, August 22

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST This may be the best day of the month for the enterprise. View the future –in patterns–and select for luck, creative flow, and support. Also, pick the best leaders and administrators ADVICE Take action on a hunch if it feels right and looks good. However, do avoid hyper optimism. Teachers, instigators, and other catalytic figures are needed by multi-member systems so they can all be creative together.

Moon  Conjunct Jupiter

3rd of 5 days FORECAST Taking stock of supernatural events and sensations could be mesmerizing but also informative. ADVICE This is a great time to make new friends, discover value, or invent something extraordinary. Besides checking a different level of reality it is possible to reconnect with allies, discover valuable inventions, and make a new game plan.

Full Moon Phase 

Monday, August 23

All Day FORECAST Appreciation for arts and academia brings a sort of re-birth or renaissance incentive. Exposure to amazing things helps all of us to hatch out new plans. ADVICE Gain support from authorities, wonder-workers, and freedom fighters. Times favor sustained growth and stability features. They support amazing projects and events.

Venus Trine Saturn

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST A plan for balance works its way into teams. Good energy streamlines or smooths out activities. ADVICE Competitive sports or community arts move up to a better level. Profound, cooperative ventures are born.

Moon Opposition Mars

4th of 5 days FORECAST An incentive to open up a wide spectrum of people, places, and experiences will be rewarding. ADVICE Latch onto luck in terms of positive attitude, fortunate operations, educated groups and/or wise people.

Full Moon Phase

Evening- Night FORECAST A dialogue with nature’s elements is convincing and fortifies clear intelligence or essential being. ADVICE Make strong references to movement through life’s turning points or rights of passage. Success –or challenges—can be commemorated in the form of journals, poetry, or ceremonies. Use an outburst of praise and gratitude as well as a lament.

Moon Opposition Mercury

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST Transcendent and omniscient would describe the impressions and experiences occurring now. ADVICE Stay in a positive outlook mode. Avoid psychic negative traps; resentment or criticism. Shun complainers, uplift fear and transform futility.

Moon  Conjunct Neptune

Tuesday, August 24

5th of 5 days FORECAST A recent whirlwind of activity was interesting and possibly auspicious. As such it’s time to package everything presented in the last five days. ADVICE Discover a new game plan or invent something special. Sort out results and take the lucky options and/or those most likely to succeed.

Full Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST Psychic impressions and inspirations are present in the mind/registering intellectually. Supernatural events and sensations are likely. Besides checking a different level of reality, scanning the thought waves brings a reconnect with established allies. ADVICE Track or take note of mystic occurrences in the form of poetry, images, dance and music. Find training to refine these impressions. Adopt spiritual disciplines: yoga, tai chi, prayer, or meditation.

Mercury Opposition Neptune

Wednesday, August 25 

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Engineering feats are admired and survival skills list as desirable traits. ADVICE Perhaps try to fly like an eagle and/or swim like a shark. This enacted metaphorically will enhance perspective and sharpen wit.

Moon Opposition Venus

Thursday, August 26

All Day FORECAST A search for validation of humanity comes in the midst of big events. Ultimately these experiences of major forces will inspire art, stories, or ceremonies. ADVICE Pondering over current events accrues political or psychological meaning. Friendship overtures attract power and enhance participation.

Mercury trine Pluto

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Adding on controversial –yet valuable–combinations is easier with elaborate introductions. ADVICE Check on your audience or clique preferences. Know the tide’s ebb and flow for timing. Go with the dominant themes or trends.

Moon Square Pluto

Friday, August 27 

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Access to rich sources from science, history, and fellowships will assist leaders, benefactors, and mentors. ADVICE There is a great capacity for community growth at this time. 

Moon trine Sun

Afternoon-Evening FORECAST We’re all likely to encounter restrictions, critical rules, or regulations. ADVICE Prepare for a time crunch due to duties coming due. Responsibilities can be anticipated in advance and fixed.

Moon Square Saturn

Saturday, August 28  

Wee Hours-Morning FORECAST Matters regarding science and technology– as well as charismatic friendly qualities– are discussed. Extreme likes or dislikes for innovation rise to the surface. ADVICE Somewhat odd, quirky, or brilliant behavior is expected, so stay cool. Strange manifestations fostered by groups are likely.

Moon Conjunct Uranus

Morning-Afternoon FORECAST Multi-skilled operations are useful in the workplace. This melds well with directives, soulful guidance, and troubleshooting. It seems time to gain power and apply it in a benevolent manner. ADVICE Use strength building and entrepreneurial mindsets: those orientations are favored to win. Remote viewing the future is a handy tool as well.

Moon trine Mars

Night- Wee Hours FORECAST A defense against narcissism, high-tech crime, and plagiarism is timely. ADVICE Those who can do noble or charitable deeds will become heroes and leaders.

Moon trine Pluto

Highlights Early September 

September 1-3 FORECAST Ceremonies, Mother Nature’s glories, and other potent events get out of hand. ADVICE Know what you are doing!  It is possible to tap into something truly intense without intending to do so. Stay cool since this is a personal or social manifestation of ‘going wild’!

Mars opposed Neptune  

September 4-8 FORECAST An opportune time to get a sense of direction especially with how to pair virtue with achievement. ADVICE Increase performance skills and serve others’ best interests—as well as your own– simultaneously!!

New Moon Phase 

By Victoria Martin

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