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College Campus Fashion Finds

By Jacqueline Roberts



Fashion is interesting in that it can speak about someone on an individual level, but it can also represent a collective whole. This certainly holds true on a college campus. As college is a time for people to find themselves, wearing clothing that expresses your personality is one way in which a person’s identity can be manifested. From black Chelsea boots, denim jackets and Apple watches there is something for everyone. As a rising sophomore, I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about some key fashion trends on my campus. Here are some of the essential fashion finds I have found that collectively represent my college campus as a whole.

1. Jean Jackets: Jean jackets in college are an all-around necessity. They can be dressed up or down and are a great weight for almost all seasons.


2. Denim: Denim is flexible which is perfect when students want to go study in the quad or dress it up for dinner. There are so many styles of denim that jeans alone can speak waves about who you are.

3. Apple Watch: Apple Watches are great to have. They help you keep time so you don’t have to keep looking at your phone, they keep track of all the miles you are walking from class to class, and they all-around help you stay on track and organized.

4. Black boots: Black boots are one of the more popular trends seen on my college campus. They are durable and can handle all the walking you are about to do going from class to class. The seasonal weather in Chicago requires a heavy-duty and warm shoe when the weather turns cold and this shoe certainly fits the bill.

5. Corduroy Jackets: Corduroy Jackets are comfy; bonus if they are fleece-lined! They are perfect in the Autumn when the weather turns chilly and can be layered with a turtleneck or cute long sleeve to form a complete look.


6. Canvas Tote Bags: Canvas tote bags are great because not only are they reusable, but they are lightweight and they now come in so many cute colors and designs. They can hold computers and books or even your groceries. They are super versatile which is perfect for a college student.


7. Lounge Set: When you have a paper to write or a problem set due, all you want to wear is something Insert lounge clothes. Super comfy and even stylish wearing a lounge set can almost become a lifestyle if you aren’t careful!

8. White Sneaker: White sneakers are in style regardless of where you are at the moment. On a college campus, they provide students the ability to walk in comfort, yet remain stylish.

9. Layered necklaces: Layered necklaces are great in that they allow someone to wear multiple meaningful pieces at once. They can be worn with a lounge set or with a dress, but no matter the scenario they work to fit the occasion.


10. Cardigans: I love cardigans. They are the perfect weight to layer with a long sleeve shirt or to wear on their own depending on the weather. Not to mention, there are so many cute designs these days that you are sure to find one that will become your go-to sweater when you need to get out the door in a quick pinch.