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Flowers From Around the World


By: Jacqueline Roberts




I love flowers. Why? Well, not only are they pretty to look at, but I find they can awaken people emotionally. They are the first sign of life in the spring, and the last thing to freeze over in the autumn. They signal a shift in seasons, a beautiful cycle of life.

I have been lucky enough to travel to many different places, and one of my favorite things to do when I visit a new country is to take pictures of flowers. Each flower seems to be unique, helping to share a piece of the individual country. Some places are dry and some more tropical, but each place is made out of its own beauty.

But what happens when you visit a large city full of skyscrapers and dense populations? Where do we get our dose of nature? Thankfully, botanical gardens save the day by providing large groups of people an outlet to feel closer to nature. Living in Chicago, I have come to love botanical gardens. It is very rare to find large amounts of floral beauty in one spot, especially in a natural environment, but there is something so special to see a choreographed flower exhibit where all the colors and textures of different floral varieties complement one another. It is truly a wonderful sight!


 Wild flowers from Finland

Cacti from Tradgaardsforeningen Botanical Gardens Sweden

Flowers from Tradgaardsforeningen Botanical Gardens Sweden

Cacti from Tradgaardsforeningen Botanical Gardens Sweden

Landscape from Oman

Spring at The University of Chicago

Early signs of Spring at The University of Chicago

California Super Bloom

Pine from Norway

Tahitian Gardenia

Flowers from Bali, Indonesia

Entrance into Longwood Garden Conservatory

Fountains from Longwood Botanical Gardens

Inside the conservatory

Cacti exhibit

Lily Pad outdoor exhibit