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Flat Out for Summer





By Michelle Crowe



Capri Sandals from Miss Trish of Capri, a collection that will hopefully return some day.

My first few forays back into dressing up and heading out into the world have come with a logical, yet frustrating challenge. I’ve lost my surefootedness in heels. If I’m being completely honest, my journey to the land of the flats probably started a year or two ago. Now, after spending more than a year in sneakers and flats, I’m considering permanent residency.


Elle Macpherson breezes through a travel day in Hermes Oran sandals.

Stalwart sandals to the rescue! Jet set styles have been in heavy rotation for good reasons. They look as lovely in Lake Forest as they do on Lake Como. They are available in loads of colors from neutral to wild and new hues are released each year. Each wearer makes these styles their own. Five friends might show up wearing Hermes Oran sandals, but each will stand out as an individual.


A still from Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn in simple flats.

Palm Beach Sandals are the footwear equivalent of a hit summer song or a tall glass of lemonade – uplifting and refreshing. It’s no wonder that so many people snap them up by the armful.


Lilly Pulitzer in her Palm Beach store in sandals and a shift.

We can return to the glorious island of Capri this summer, but it’s probably more of a 2022 journey for most of us. Instead, order a fresh pair of the jeweled sandals for which the island is famous. Canfora is my favorite of the shops and their international shipping is fast.

The late Kate Spade, lover of classics, in her take on a Capri sandal.

Let’s revel in this moment. We can head back out into the world as surefooted as can be. No wobbling, no sore tootsies, just perfect flat sandals to take us from town to country, beach to bookshop. Save for the Service Club’s Day on the Terrace, let’s save the heels for fall and enjoy the world’s prettiest and most elegant flats.