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FALL toward the AUTUMN Equinox




By Jill Lowe


“Do I detect Autumn”? That first notion is usually followed by the definite long shadows in the park in that golden hour just before sunset. Store windows have been giving us Autumn clothes since July 4th but now with some leaves turning, we think of Fall ideas: tweeds, hearty soups, beef bourguignon, sharpened pencils, school supplies, lighting the fire, afternoons reading as the days draw in. A popular time for cemetery tours where the foliage is displayed so gloriously.

But some misgivings… can we extend our ever so brief Summer?

Does the summer garden have to be put to bed yet? Can we squeeze some more time out of annuals?

In this northern hemisphere, at the 42nd parallel, the Fall season in Chicago is a forerunner we know of bitter cold to come after Christmas and New Year’s holidays but punctuated beforehand with Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Now we are past Labor Day it is likely we will get some superb days before a distinct change. This year will I wear white shoes now that it is after Labor Day? And what about continuing gins and tonic instead of the switch to scotch? We just want to extend Summer. FALL toward the AUTUMN Equinox

There is a different glow of the sun… it just feels like Autumn. It won’t be long before the ubiquitous leaf blowers are in full force. Before we know it the gardens will be planted with chrysanthemums, different color cabbages, and kales. The leaves are turning to reveal fiery golds, bronzes and russets, reds, oranges, scarlet, and vermillion: many planted in beautiful patterns and color combinations.


Planters appear at doorways, building entrances, and parkway gardens


Chrysanthemums abound


The sun has an autumnal glow over the lake, especially at sunrise.


Trees and Leaves: golden russets, oranges, and reds


Cabbages and Kales: deep colors


Soon after the Autumn Equinox on Sept 22, Halloween will be in full force: watch for the pumpkins, skeletons, goblins, and ghosts!




Photo of Jill: Joe Mazza Bravelux inc.

Photos:© 2021Jill Lowe. All rights reserved