Ravinia Festival

Summer Nights at Ravinia



By Jacqueline Roberts




The summer sounds of Chicago are back in business and we couldn’t be more than thrilled. As someone who has been an avid concert goer, I missed the summer nights with picnics, music, family, and friends at Ravinia. But, the wait is finally over… we can go again.

Last night, I went to the Ravinia Festival and saw Cynthia Erivo perform with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Both acts were lovely compliments for one another. Erivo’s voice was beautifully buttery and set a real ambience for the event while the orchestra played soothingly in the background. But, it was more than just the music that was great last night. To see how many people attended, and how happy everyone looked was just as fulfilling as the music. All walks of life were at the concert; babies, couples, families, retired couples, friends, and while we all came from different places we all shared one thing in common: how thankful we were to have a summer night out with loved ones. So even though there were lots of people out last night, everyone was respectful of each others’ blanket reserved space.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I find what I pack for Ravinia to be just as important as the music that will be played at the event. I take picnicking seriously. Sometimes I cook food and bring it along, and sometimes I want something lighter.  Last night, to match the sophisticated ambience of the event, I decided I would make a Charcuterie board. I went to the grocery store and bought a few different cheeses, a baguette from the Farmer’s Market, jam, prosciutto, salami, made a homemade pickled cucumber salad and brought some bunches of grapes. What’s easy about this is it can all be assembled when you arrive… nothing to worry about cooling or heating when you pack and unpack at the pavilion. Besides the food, I always find it a good idea to pack a blanket and some lawn chairs (unless you like the fun of sitting and eating on the grass). What’s important to remember is that it shouldn’t be stressful, this is a night to have fun! 


After bringing all your stuff to the park and laying it out, it feels good to sit down and relax. When you start to eat some cheese and bread, listen to the music, you can look around and just know everyone feels the same way because Ravinia is special. Chicago is special and there is so much to see, hear, and do. So get out there and experience it! 

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