World Beat

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Gloria Guinness photographed by Slim Aarons at her home in Acapulco.

  By Michelle Crowe


World Beat


Warm weather is so welcome after the long winter, which seemed to be locked in an epic battle with spring this year, thwarting the magnolias and forcing double-faced wool out of storage mere weeks after being placed there. Summer is not without its own stylistic challenges, but it is a wonderful time for loosening up, trying something new and even experimenting a bit with more of a world style.



Designer, photographer and muse Lisa Eisner photographed for C Magazine.


Perhaps it’s the wanderlust that summer brings, taking off to dreamy places where we soak up the local style or maybe it’s just that peasant tops and caftans have stood the test of time because they’re chic, flattering and easy to wear.



Alexis Traina photographed by her sister Claiborne Swanson Frank for her book American Beauty.


Whether it’s Gloria Guinness in Acapulco wearing simple tunics by Halston, Doris Duke being so inspired by Islamic art that she built her fabulous Hawaiian estate Shangri La, or modern nomads Tatiana Santo Domingo and Dana Alikhani creating must-haves through their curated world style site, Muzungu Sisters, there is much inspiration to be found in the styles of other places.



Vintage patterns for having your dressmaker whip up some global style.


An easy place to start making world looks your own is with embroidered tops and dresses. If Mexico is not on your travel docket this summer, designer Cristina Lynch has a hit on her hands with the joyful collection at Mi Golondrina. Each piece is hand-embroidered by craftswomen outside of Oaxaca, Mexico, and the dresses, tops and even pajamas are just the thing to wear on the weekends or pop into your travel bag.



The Penny Lane Pom Pom sandal.


Less traditional perhaps, but even more playful, are the perpetually sold-out Penny Lane Pom Pom sandals from the aforementioned Muzunga Sisters. Handmade in Greece, they take that country’s gladiator style and dial it up to 11 with pom poms, friendship bracelet beads and dangling charms. With a pair of these, traveling light will surely be the easiest it’s ever been as they go with everything anyone already owns and loves. Bon Voyage!