Sleeve Scene





By Michelle Crowe




 Kate Bosworth wears Carolina Herrera during fashion week.


Thank goodness for designers who know just when it’s time to show a little love for a previously ho-hum element of a garment. Right now, the focus is on sleeves. Bell sleeves, sleeves with ruffles, split sleeves, Bishop sleeves, balloon sleeves, sleeves that tie at the wrists, it’s like everyone’s mood board just led to a place where all design teams just face palmed themselves and said, “Of course, sleeves!”


Michael Kors ruffles up the perfect white shirt.


Though unexpected, these design details elevate even simple basics like sweaters to special status, making it easy to look fashionable while feeling cozy. The same holds true for classic staples such as shift dresses, blouses, and even evening ensembles.

That’s the brilliance here. Those who love extra ruffles and flourishes might do well to pick up several sleeve-centric items. They’ll look trend-right this season and then should transition into vintage favorites down the line. Ladies who aren’t sure if the look is their particular cup of tea will surely find something wonderful that they may take for a test wearing.


Zara elevates a sweatshirt to fashion item.


As with any new silhouette, the proportion of what a voluminous sleeve is worn with must be considered. Keeping one’s bottom half on the slimmer side will allow the focus to stay up top. Tapered trousers, pencil or a-line skirts, even minis all look just right because they do not compete with the fabulous flourish big sleeves offer. Some daring divas are echoing the bell shape of their sleeves with bell-bottom pants. It’s a fab fashion moment, but not as universally wearable as balancing a fuller top with a trimmer bottom.


A forever cocktail dress at Milly.


This is one of those trends that fits into a classic wardrobe so beautifully. Go forth, make it your own and enjoy.


Precise volume at Carolina Herrera.