The Service Club Roars into the Jazz Age


 It was a  Roaring Twenties night generated by the energy of Becca Kaufman and her Orchestra in the background.






By Megan McKinney



Scott and Zelda would have loved it! The Service Club of Chicago’s 2018 Annual Gala was LET’S ROAR TOGETHER!  And the roaring began out on Delaware Place with the arrival  of flappers and their guys at the Four Seasons in vintage fashion for an evening in the Jazz Age.


 Lezley and Scott Hodes showed up  in style at the Four Seasons for an evening of sipping bathtub gin and dancing The Charleston.

They were joined by Cheryl Coleman and Ron Katz.

Dr. Charles Frank and Karen Peters.

Mamie Walton, Stanley Paul and Linda Heister.

   Marcia Northrup and  Ken LaBarge, center,  flanked by performers from Zzazz Productions. 

Upstairs, in the Grand Ballroom, Co-chairs  Jamie K. Thorsen,  Sally Jo Morris and Sherrill Bodine produced a memorably  energetic evening, overseen by President Tracey DiBuono.


Co-chairs Jamie Thorson, Sally Jo Morris and Sherrill Bodine.

Once again, Tom Kehoe re-enforced the year’s theme with the genius of his imaginative decorative touch. Surprises everywhere. But that was just the beginning. It was truly a Roaring Twenties night—with action on the dance floor that never seemed to slow, encouraged by the robust tempo of Becca Kaufman and her Orchestra. A highlight of the gala was the recognition of four Women of Distinction,   Karen Zupko, Dori Wilson, Susan Whiting and Gerri Kahnweiler.


The Service Club of  Chicago’s 2018 Women of Distinction.

John and Myra Reilly.

Jean and Andrea Antoniou.

Pamella and Alfredo Capitanini.

Marci Holder and Sasha Sino.

Sergio Rivera and Dr. Ronna Fisher.

Vonita Reeser and Tracey DiBuono.

Heather Spyra, Sapna Rathi and Sheree Valukas.

Susan Gohl and Jonathan Grabill.

Tina and Jeffrey Weller.

Want more dance floor?

Yep, it was a late evening.

                                                                    Very late.                                                      

                                                                                                                                  23 Skidoo!


Photo Credit:

John Reilly Photography

Author Photo:

Robert F. Carl