September 2023



By Victoria Martin




Highlights for September


August 23- September 15 FORECAST A focus on research about the powers of nature with goals to improve life quality. ADVICE  A crash courses and marathon practical applications — done now — can serve well for much time to come. Mercury Stationary on Aug 23 moves retrograde till Sep 15

August 28- September 1 FORECAST Outcomes yield status increase but also responsibilities. ADVICE A show of talent and discipline includes rich content and good timing. Best possible performance and acting in the most respectable manner are favored actions now. Full Moon Phase conjunct Saturn

September 12-16 FORECAST Partnerships of all sorts play out contrasts in beliefs and different takes on science. ADVICE Use glamour and mystique! Select that which grabs attention, promises results, or furthers appeal. Talent scouting is paramount; choose what or who can do the job best. New Moon Phase opposed Neptune

September 26-30 FORECAST Expect vivid dramas that entertain and challenge! They emerge from high and low i.e. classic arts and pop cultures are sources. ADVICE Appreciate the transcendent and revelatory providence of visual, musical, or literary immersion but sidestep the inebriating or hallucinatory properties. Full Moon Phase conjunct Chiron


Sunday, September 3

12 AM-6 AM CDT FORECAST A sense of calling or an appointed heroic purpose is compelling. ADVICE Team building is favored especially when made up of people whose talents complement each other! Moon Conjunct North Node aka Dharma.

4 AM-10 AM CDT FORECAST Unusual combinations are not given free reign but rather are code-compliant or dictated by necessity. Those unique pairings stumulate projects or campaigns anyway, ADVICE Plans depend on mass or broad group support. Think in terms of protocol acceptance and politics. Use negotiation techniques and psychological insights. Moon Square Pluto

8:15 PM CDT FORECAST Busily working teams and operations show militarist tone or disciplined demeanor. ADVICE Even difficult projects or testy situations convey basic, rooted harmony and evocative cooperation. Venus Stationary, ends retrogarde motion changes back to forward motion

Monday, September 4

4 AM-10 AM CDT FORECAST Mild discord or misfits dictate that its time for alternative choices. Parades and pageants pay special attention to lead players and iconic examples. ADVICE Go with the flow! Try creative hunches, improvise, or tell jokes! Moon Square Venus

9:15 AM CDT FORECAST Here is a focus on strategy –especially intake functions—as enacted by figureheads or role models. ADVICE Use the arts and culture as rallying points. Pets and totem animals act as healing helpers! Jupiter Stationary, begins apparent retrograde motion

10 AM-4 PM CDT FORECAST The inspiration of ideas, places, or people dear to the heart count big.  Here are more insights and case-in-point examples of what will fly! ADVICE Acts of generosity and educational offerings are plusses. Moon Conjunct Jupiter

11:30 PM Monday -5:30 AM CDT FORECAST Genius thinkers and special laboratories will compose formulae and hit on good methods. ADVICE This is a community effort and operates best with help from science, technology, and friendship. Moon Conjunct Uranus

Tuesday, September 5

5:45 PM -11:45 PM CDT FORECAST Special support from elite groups and consultants are a factor for leaders’ success. Everyone is hip to the value of utopian themes or paradise qualities. ADVICE Show gratitude for hospitality and compliment the beauty as seen.  Moon Square Saturn


Wednesday, September 6

All Day FORECAST This day marks the halfway point in the 3-week communication and transportation marathon that started August 23rd. Some ideas get boosted up and others fizzle out. ADVICE Go forward and backward at the same time! Revive the past and forge to the future. Mercury Conjunct Sun

12:45 PM-6:45 PM CDT FORECAST An ascent to fame could involve a reprise of past hits. Heroic lives provide applicable how-to directives. ADVICE Gather noble ideas and courageous people into the project A.S.A.P. Moon Square Mercury

2:15 PM-8:15 PM CDT FORECAST A motive to help those folks less fortunate is paired with a strong sense of direction. Food for the soul vitalizes new projects especially those started a week ago. ADVICE Scope out progress so far and provide encouragement where needed. Moon Square Sun last quarter moon

Thursday, September 7

2:15 PM-8:15 PM CDT FORECAST An invitation footnote says: be ready for anything. Troubleshooting assists fame and success. ADVICE Enhance allure and build reputation via honest borrowing from legends and mysticism. Avoid escapist fantasy but add just enough imagination to grab interest. Moon Square Neptune


Friday, September 8

12:30 PM-6:30 PM CDT FORECAST Show-biz sensibility and branding acumen increase product longevity. The wins go to those who maintain enthusiasm and stay in peak energy mode. ADVICE Shun people who act like parasites and avoid distractions. Keep the action going and maintain company policy. Moon Square Mars

Saturday, September 9

All Day FORECAST There are no major geometric configurations between Sun, Moon, and planets so it is a ‘wild card’ day. ADVICE Small things may be done, but its not a time for significant decisions. Take a break and have fun! Moon Void of interplanetary aspects

Sunday, September 10

4:45 AM-10:45 AM CDT FORECAST Competitions produce winners and then guide decisions. Choose what is most fitting for the 21st century! ADVICE Use psychometrics i.e. the emanations from objects to tell a tale. Also Feng Shui (i.e. Geomancy) ultimately reveals the prosperous qualities of a thing or place. Moon opposed Pluto


Monday, September 11

11:30 AM-5:30 PM CDT FORECAST There’s a push to attend commemorative events! ‘Just showing up’ yields benefits even if you’re not in the mood! ADVICE Demo all the event’s theme spirit that you can muster. Make contributions as appropriate. Moon Conjunct Venus

4 PM-10 PM CDT FORECAST We are now sorting out active ingredients and participants. The focus is in terms of role, function, or abilities. ADVICE It fits to pick what is favored by current trends! Select lucky people as collaborators. Also add in fortunate companies and winning strategies. All the above should show good track records and strong performance histories. Moon Square Jupiter

Tuesday, September 12

1st of 5 days FORECAST The powers of natural science manifest along with ceremonies, stories, or thoughts. Those symbols are key to interpreting dreams or life. ADVICE One technique for de-coding is to identify with– i.e. imagine the inner feelings and purpose– of each object, scene, or character. New Moon Phase

7 AM-1 PM CDT FORECAST Charismatic leaders, activists, and torchbearers play strong roles now. However, engineers and scientists scoff at them, calling their actions as being all show and no substance. ADVICE Tap into elite science circles or consult successful inventors. Classify a meeting place for front liners and support teams. Moon Square Uranus


Wednesday, September 13

2:30 AM-8:30 AM CDT FORECAST Regal and royal is the attitude and posturing of current contenders. However, the analysts and talent organizers also have mystic potency. ADVICE Show respect, embrace the classics, and carry on traditions. Moon opposed Saturn

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Moods anticipate grand plans and events. They are about life’s magical experiences as well as potential pitfalls. ADVICE Transcend boredom and rise up from dull situations. Be wary of tricky offers. Fall back on street smarts! Trust interpersonal savvy and political know-how. New Moon Phase

2 PM-8 PM CDT FORECAST Insights are gleaned from info, data, and idea analyses. They provide a direction and/or emotional compass now. ADVICE Shared interest groups’ meetings bring settling effects. Take notes, gather specimens and get souvenirs. Moon Conjunct Mercury

Thursday, September 14

3rd of 5 days FORECAST Here is the peak intensity day for pondering and planning the next two weeks. Deep emotions are felt during a review and anticipation of goals. ADVICE Maximize the spiritual quality of plans: include arts or mystic stories. Also bring in cultural participation via discussion, music, or dance. It is easier than ever to tap into the harmonic mood. New Moon Phase


Friday, September 15

2:30 AM-8:30 AM CDT FORECAST With help from our own E.S.P. we could anticipate potentials of the near future. Also noteworthy are premonitions of problems and temptations. ADVICE Develop intuition via dream documentation and review them to extract the message. When seeing a person, place or thing for the first time, record your impressions. Note how you feel when learning the news/notice of an upcoming event. Moon opposed Neptune

4th of 5 days FORECAST We are all called to send and receive signals. They are good if rendered in an accurate and proper manner. ADVICE Use the most effective means to tap into nature’s powers for healing and inspiration. Also have a communication strategy that includes alternate plans. New Moon Phase

3:20 PM CDT Forecast Research modes, media products, and discussion skills have likely regenerated or rebounded. This is a triumph after being stretched to maximum intake and output! ADVICE It seems time to set the record straight on recent communication marathon results from the past 3 weeks marathon. Mercury Stationary, returns to forrward aka direct motion

Saturday, September 16

12 PM-6 PM CDT FORECAST Surprises impart a jolt or wakeup call for street smarts and other survival skills. ADVICE Use clever wit and improvisation to smooth the way, but keep on the job at hand. We can all borrow from past successes and respond to invitations, questions, and conversations. Moon Conjunct Mar

5th of 5 days FORECAST It seems time to organize hopes and gather wishes. The next step is to tell those who are close by. Deep human nature contemplation includes notions of society and commercial tactics. ADVICE Reformers and critics are active! Curiosity is a plus as is the conviction to act on beliefs. New Moon Phase


Sunday, September 17

All Day FORECAST Here are extra portions and perhaps too much of a good thing! Generosity is casual and it is likely that an excessive amount is promised. We gain rewards and earnings as well as enhanced reputation. ADVICE Retrace steps to gain uncollected winnings or good deals that were dropped. Random picks could glean good fortune. Attend events cheerfully and give gifts. Venus Square Jupiter

5 PM -11 PM CDT FORECAST Gathering the herd or reeling in the tribe could be the best directive. ADVICE Favor a display of attributes that advocate success as per the 21st century, Use current aspirations, customs, and codes. Demo sophistication to the utmost level possible. Moon Square Pluto

Monday, September 18

1st of 3 days FORECAST Testing on team compatibility regarding religious beliefs, worldview, and aesthetics is smart. Sensitivity and hyped up imagination can help or hinder social life! ADVICE Avoid temptations and groups that are a bad influence. Sun opposed Neptune

1:15 AM- 7:15 AM CDT FORECAST A strong facial presence and outreach efforts demonstrate virtue and eligibility. V.I.P. s appreciate a show of skills along with a humble or modest demeanor. ADVICE It is a lightweight day but good for a soft sell or tying up loose ends. Moon Trine Saturn


Tuesday. September 19

2nd of 3 days FORECAST Premonitions are free flowing and could be as simple as reading body language!  ADVICE Empathy is good and an active audience and/or teambuilding bring out optimum talent. Sun opposed Neptune

2:15 AM-8:15 AM CDT FORECAST New tools determine best possible procedure based on intake and/or appetite monitoring. ADVICE Optimism is helpful also its time to tap into groups’ resources. A clan or collective provides community–based support. Moon opposed Jupiter

4:30 AM-10:30 AM CDT FORECAST Advisors with legal talent or commercial skills can prove useful for charismatic leaders. ADVICE Stress the advantages and the positive results likely to manifest via an active marketing processes. Moon Square Venus

4:45 PM-10:45 PM CDT FORECAST Traditional remedies are awkward but effective.  Conventional cures seem old yet work well. Instinct provides guidance and individual crafting that is high impact as well. ADVICE Synchronicity comes via team members or social encounters! These could be true omens and confirmations or mere coincidence … take note and test them out. Moon opposed Uranus

Wednesday, September 20

10 AM-4 PM CDT FORECAST Strong relationships form a basis for career success, upward mobility, and soul growth. A boss, V.I.P. or expert gives votes of confidence. These are the best approval. ADVICE Promotions or propaganda campaigns in advance of events are valuable. Moon Square Saturn

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Placing themes, elements, and observations in a sequence, plot, or hierarchy gives context and hints at outcomes. ADVICE Know the character traits in order to harbor realistic expectations! Sun opposed Neptune

Thursday, September 21

2:15 AM-8:15 AM CDT FORECAST Potent ambitions and strategies benefit from precise directions! ADVICE Get help from health experts and performance advisors. Moon Square Mercury


Friday, September 22

5:30 AM-11:30 AM CDT FORECAST Conjuring mystique or intrigue and then using it in a social context is a good plan for today. However, additional traits: empathy and spiritual talent are desirable. ADVICE An agreeable nature and keen instincts are helpful and assist advancement. Moon Square Neptune

12:30 PM-6:30 PM EDT FORECAST We are branding current and new projects via potent location or beauty as iconic themes. ADVICE Make improvements where needed. Cut losses and stop time wasters. Moon Square Sun

Saturday, September 23

7:15 PM Saturday-1:15 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Community ceremonies or local reenactments could provide clues about engineering solutions and how to sustain attention. ADVICE Include some action; people need stress relief and can benefit from humor. Moon Square Mars

2 AM CDT FORECAST A sense of balance and continued practice of it as a lifestyle, is optimum now. ADVICE There is much enthusiasm for the new season and it is worth joining in. Autumnal Equinox


Sunday, September 24

12 PM-6 PM CDT FORECAST Tuning into the lessons learned from the pandemic years is interesting and instructive. ADVICE Use these directives to your advantage. Keep a finger on the pulse of current cultural, scientific, and financial trends. Moon Conjunct Pluto

Monday. September 25

3:45 PM-9:45 PM CDT FORECAST An interest in moral wisdom and psyche healing can gain methods or education. ADVICE Some effort is needed to get the inside information, true teachings, or science facts.  Moon Square Jupiter


Tuesday, September 26

12:45 AM-6:45 AM CDT FORECAST Something lucky appears as a pawn, minor character, or cameo role. ADVICE This fits the bill in terms of what is needed yet it was an unknown solution till now. Moon opposed Venus

4:45 AM-10:45 AM CDT FORECAST A keen sense of opportunity and prosperity can impact experiments and brainstorms. ADVICE Genius types and super-skilled groups can benefit from this lesson in marketing and quickening. Moon Square Uranus

7 PM Tuesday -1 AM Wednesday CDT FORECAST It is time to check in with authority figures. Business savvy could manifest as a working knowledge of marketing, iconic brands, and sales. ADVICE Add universal appeal or a noble cause. For extra power, be organized for any presentation! Practice and rehearse too. Moon Conjunct Saturn

3:30 PM-9:30 PM CDT FORECAST Events and exchanges bring powerful sentiments. They tug at the soul, mind, and body. ADVICE Heartfelt longings and gratitude team up nicely. Moon in Perigee

Wednesday, September 27

1st of 5 days FORECAST Here’s feedback and intuition to help estimate what is the safe zone for operations. ADVICE Factor in views from both high and low. Also groups’ opinions provide inspiration and interesting ideas. Full Moon Phase

10 PM Wednesday – 4 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Empathic types and experienced healers get clues from speech and body language. They can speculate about future trends. ADVICE Creative, visionary talents and engineering skills combine to form remedies and concoct miracles.  Moon opposed Mercury


Thursday, September 28

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Hot topics are heating up even more! Talents for raising awareness and gathering fund support are obvious. ADVICE Those at the control panel select for longevity: a smart standard! Full Moon Phase

10 AM-4 PM CDT FORECAST Misunderstandings are due to fantasy or narcissism. Recreational drugs or alcohol abuse induce delusion. ADVICE It is a great time for disciplined artists, poets, writers and musicians due to an active imagination. Moon Conjunct Neptune

Friday, September 29

3rd of 5 days FORECAST Here are important realizations about full peer group participation. ADVICE Collecting thoughts or things from colleagues can be a rewarding experience.  That yields up new goals and projects. Full Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST Spotlighted here are typical contrarian modes. Ahead of the trends and/or a being little out of step is common. ADVICE Quirky people are often bestowed with valuable but unusual perspectives. This imparts fascinating twist-of-fate outcomes. Venus Square Uranus


Saturday, September 30

4th of 5 days FORECAST Dramas continue to grow from events of the last two weeks! ADVICE Partake in adventures offered. There are community evens, clan developments, and historic enactments as highlights. Full Moon Phase

4:15 AM-10:15 AM CDT FORECAST Conferences host contests, lab results, or feedback, Winners are based on sheer will power or muscle. ADVICE Stand alert! This timeframe displays victories for milieus, cultural sectors, or aesthetic cliques. Moon opposed Mars

1:45 PM-7:45 PM CDT FORECAST Emerging now are carefully crafted deals and meetings. ADVICE Advance preparation includes  a resume and miscelaneous qualifications as smart inclusions.  Moon Square Neptune

Sunday, October 1

5th of 5 days FORECAST Unique combinations yield up puzzles and then prototype solutions will follow. ADVICE Support the compatibility between unlikely combos. This ultimately demonstrates that friendly cooperation is powerful! Full Moon Phase

5:30 PM–11:30 PM CDT FORECAST Optimism is fueled by observation. A keen, up close survey produces opportunities and insight. ADVICE Strategists could combine forces with figureheads, muses, or icons to make a point. Moon Conjunct Jupiter


Monday, October 2

All Day FORECAST Psyche healings and fantasy are embodied in the ‘Imaginal Realm’ or ‘Astral Plane’ which are bursting forth. ADVICE Standouts will indicate what spiritual measures and creative practices work best! Mercury opposed Neptune

8 PM Monday – 2 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Expect the most brilliant ideas of the month to emerge now. Also bizarre events, strange behavior, and edgy, odd situations. ADVICE Lots of synchronicity — i.e. meaningful coincidences– happen if you go where the action is. Moon Conjunct Uranus


Highlights for October


October 7-9 FORECAST Gathering the tribe could have an enhanced, broader meaning. ADVICE Ethnic kinship is one potential unifying factor. Others could be altruistic missions, cultural affinities or aesthetic preferences. Mars square Pluto

October 12-16 FORECAST This solar eclipse might present questions including: What did you learn about the immune system from the pandemic experience? Also ‘are you sophisticated—21st century-style—in media and socially?’ ADVICE Adopt vitality and fitness enhancers! Also, digital money and online communications savvy. New Moon Phase approaching a square Pluto contains a solar eclipse oct 14

October 27-29 FORECAST Success with an enterprise, expansion, and productivity depends on teamwork. ADVICE Solid sources and good products are ideally coupled with charm and commercial savvy. Mars opposed Jupiter

October 26-30 FORECAST Here’s a lucky range of options laid out. Or access to fortunate revelations regarding education, sports/games, and travel! ADVICE Extra optimism felt may be legit or the returns, feedback and results take a while to register them to confirm or deny. Full Moon Phase conjunct Jupiter a lunar eclipse Oct 28


Highlights November


November 10-12 FORECAST Surprise developments have a beneficial outcome due to instinctive responses. ADVICE Ingenious solutions and tricks of the trade emit a shamanic or magical-like quality. Mars Opposed Uranus

November 11-15 FORECAST There are challenges to science or technology; some could lead to alternate schemes. ADVICE Rebellion may not be necessary or progressive. To gain innovation truly/constructively use expert consultations, unique invention, and humorous social themes. New Moon Phase conjunct Mars opposed Uranus

November 24-26 FORECAST Allies are expected to perform above and beyond the call of duty! A shared mission adds passion and incentive. ADVICE Zealotry is operating at full force yet practical planning is a plus. Mars square Saturn  

November 25-29 FORECAST Heroic successes could be followed by delays or minor disappointments. ADVICE Be courageous and stoic. Full moons bring on excess sensitivity and that could clear in a few days. Otherwise take advantage of the extra time to perfect the situation! Full Moon Phase square Saturn


Highlights December


December 10-14 FORECAST High sensitivity or added complexities create a planner’s dilemma. ADVICE Focus on good intentions –with a bit of intrigue added—but maintain a wide spectrum view. New Moon Phase square Neptune

December 13- January 1 FORECAST An in-depth exam of what makes a place attractive or group scintillates could include intrigue. ADVICE Elements of good energy and aesthetics pair up with fascination and mystique to bring up attendance. Mercury Stationary on Dec 13 moves retrograde till Jan 1

NEW December 20 FORECAST Outside the box thinking, heritage uploads, and life management are focal functions! ADVICE Fellowship and organizations play a key role. Luck is gained via participation in groups, clubs, cults, and communities! Jupiter stationary returns to direct motion @ 5* Taurus There is more use of attractive locations to be used as a draw or magnet

NEW December 21 FORECAST There is a strong urgency to congregate! This is enhanced by use of use of attractive locations. Those favored are the ones percieved as a magnet or vortex. ADVICE It is instinctive to huddle. Togetherness is key to keep warm physically and emotionally! Go with social instincts. Winter solstice

December 24-28 FORECAST Showbiz treatments or enhancements increase a message’s appeal and lengthen viewer’s attention span. ADVICE Integrity of the idea is crucial and more effective if it can serve as a community-builder. Full Moon Phase

NEW December 27-29 FORECAST The impulse towards sarcasm or stinging words is best refashioned as constructive or helpful, Comedians or critics are outspoken and controversial. ADVICE Best to utilize remote scapegoats and mythic, fictional characters. Vent onto distant or absent personas to lessen the damage, Mars square Neptune 


Highlights January


NEW January 9-13 FORECAST Planning is conducted with the utmost care, savvy sense. ADVICE Utilize all that the 21st century civilization has to offer. Combine all apropos traditions for mass appeal New Moon Phase

NEW January 18-22 FORECAST Circumstances reveal what is normally hidden — but powerful — in people, places, and things. ADVICE This treasure hunt or bounty search is enhanced via altruistic motives. Gain help/support via demos of how the plan or project benefits others. Sun Conjunct Pluto

NEW January 23-27 Busy events and a holiday for the workforce could include teamwork incentives. A missed adventure or educational opportunities entre can get back on the list later. ADVICE Beware of over promising (excess generosity) or exaggeration. Extravagance is tempting now. Full Moon Phase square Jupiter