Scenes from the Summer of ’22: Chicago, Maine, and Door County

By Nick Wilder




I knew the Chicago winter was over in May when I saw six goslings waddling behind their parents on the Mariano’s second-level parking lot. I hope they made it back to ground level in one piece. A couple of other favorite images from Chicago’s summer were a Quinceanera festival at St. Hedwig church in Bucktown and Fourth of July celebrations in our immediate neighborhood.

I spent summers growing up on the Maine coast and try to get back for a few days every July.  This year I joined old friends for a lively dinner in Bath and then visited my brother on Islesboro island. The weather was great until a squall hit us on the ferry ride back to the mainland.

Door County is our summer home. We know summer has arrived when the cherry blossoms return. We love sailing, kayaking, hiking, and checking out small street fairs and the county fair in Sturgeon Bay.

On the second level of Mariano’s parking lot

Quinceanera celebration

At a July 4 party

Old friends at dinner party in Bath, Maine
View from my room at Grey Havens hotel in Georgetown
My brother’s dock on Islesboro


Squall over Penobscot Bay

May’s cherry blossoms in Door County
Looking out over Green Bay
Chasing a bubble at a street fair
Cherry orchards on both sides of Porcupine Road Sailboat on Sister Bay


Swimming dock off Sister Bay beach
Paddleboarder photo taken from my kayak
Liberty Lodge front porch
Scenes from the Door County Fair