Retro/Click: Classic Bob Carl



By Megan McKinney



We follow Sunday’s collection of vintage Boys and Girls Clubs Summer Ball photographs with another classic Retro/Click layout; this segment is from the great Chicago candid photographer Robert Carl. Bob Carl’s images are as in demand today as they were when those below were snapped during the late 20th century, and these candids look as fresh now as they did when they were shot. With each is a comment from the photographer.

Of the above image, Bob says, “I saw Victor Skrebneski and Carolyne Roehm walk by model Theresa Hobbs in a bathtub at a Marshall Field’s party, and I asked Victor to grab Teresa’s hand for a shot.”


“Here is Sun-Times Society columnist Ann (‘Never take my picture’) Gerber with Bobby Short at a Marshall Field’s party last September. I saw them talking together, called to her and snapped the shutter before she could duck away.”



“I love this shot of two sophisticates, Nena Ivon and Christian Lacroix. It reminds me of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic,” even though she is the high priestess of Chicago fashion and he is the darling of Paris.”


“Here is Ralph Lauren model, Clothilde, between autographs at a Marshall Field’s session. She’s wonderful. She has the world at her fingertips and yet is so down to earth.”


“Three journalists in a row, Genevieve Buck and John Teets of the Tribune and Skyline’s Bill Zwecker. Rarely does one cross the line and get them together on that side of the camera.”


“This was taken at the Christian Lacroix show last year. As you remember, his fashions were short, poufy and revolutionary. I got this shot with a telephoto lens of Linda Heister and Susan Glick from across the room just as the curtain went up.”


“Bobbie Goldblatt probably goes to more parties than anybody I know. Her husband, Louis, goes to two or three a year. Whenever I come at the two of them with a camera, Louis says, ‘Ah, our annual Christmas card picture!’”


“I like the candid quality of this picture of Marshall Stewart, who is a big rep at the Apparel Center, and Susanna Cutts, who was his showroom model.”


“I was shooting a party at Carlucci to promote “The Nerd.” I saw model Tracy Schaberg having dinner across the restaurant and asked Nerd star, Richard Klein to go around and surprise her. Just as he got there, she turned around and saw me, saw him and broke up.”