Red, White and Blue Forever





By Michelle Crowe


Claiborne Swanson Frank’s American Beauty, Assouline.

The reassuring appropriateness of navy blue always pairs so beautifully with crisp, pure white. The combination was a favorite of Coco Chanel and remains a favorite among the chic set.



A Tory Sport look from the Fall 2015 collection.

Softer than black — but equally commanding — navy is a color that works anywhere, anytime. Once upon a time, there was a fragrance called Navy with the tagline, “You always feel perfect in navy,” which is just so true. It was such a relief when Tory Burch launched Tory Sport and made workout clothes in navy rather than black.

Of course, these two fabulous neutrals really come alive with a splash of red — red, white and blue, we’re true to you.



Kick Kennedy photographed by Jonathan Becker for Town & Country.


July is the month to fly the flag, bake the pies and indulge in unabashed patriotic dressing. Break out your vintage Ralph Lauren flag sweater. Use a bandana as a belt with your crisp white jeans and navy blue polo shirt. Carry a red bag when you wear your navy-and-white polka dot dress to The Oak Brook Polo Club matches on Sunday or lunch at The Hampton Social.


Clare V. flat clutch.


With Wimbledon and Bastille Day happening along with our own Independence Day, plus the upcoming Olympic Games, there are so many reasons to keep indulging a love of the ultimate summer color triumvirate.

Collect all you want of these classic colors. They’re unlikely to go out of style, and even if they only come out in force for the summer months, pulling out favorite red, white and blue items feels like greeting old friends and inspires reliving memories and creating new ones.


Ralph Lauren’s iconic flag sweater.

Resist the urge to purge, no matter how much talk goes on regarding tidying up and sparking joy. Once you donate your flag sweater, you’ll regret it and might waste precious summer hours perusing Poshmark to find a replacement.