Red to Toe





By Michelle Crowe



Gianni Versace and supermodels after Atelier Versace Fall 1995, all looks would be showstoppers today.


Everything’s coming up (red) roses this fall, isn’t it?

Bright, cheerful, uplifting red is the undisputed color of the fall collections. Not just a dash of red or a red accessory—both hallmarks of those who favor black above all else. No, this time the fashion pack is going head-to-toe rouge and it’s glorious.

Outfitting oneself completely in red is frankly easier than trying to dress around a single piece as anyone who has ever tried to match up a favorite find without a coordinate. It’s always easiest to default to black or an elegant chocolate brown but so much stronger and more modern to just really go for it with a red suit, glossy trench or dress. In order to make this work we highly recommend snapping all truly coveted red pieces straightaway.


Incredible coat at Carolina Herrera.


This is not a time to wait for a sale. Why?

Well, because sometimes red goes and quickly as it came back into high demand. Some years it’s nigh on impossible to find a lovely red dress or a suit in any rosy shade.


Perfect party frock at Prada.


In those years you’ll surely receive an invitation to something wonderful on Valentine’s Day, or a Go Red for Women event where the host will kindly request you wear red to show your spirit. Then you’re rustling through the back of your closet looking for something, anything for the occasion.


Sumptuous sweater girl look at Max Mara.


This week marks two years since our beloved Bunky Cushing went on to the tea party in the great beyond and it still feels unreal that an invitation won’t arrive shortly after New Year’s Day letting us know the day to don our best red ensemble and join the other ladies—and a few men—for what was inevitably one of the best afternoons of the year.


Well suited at Zara.


On years when red wasn’t readily available on the racks of our favorite retailers it could be a very first world struggle to find something that would be elegant, stand out in crowd and photograph well.


Diana Vreeland in red satin.


The smartest among us would wisely buy big in seasons such as this when red riches dazzled from the racks. A favorite frock would make its debut that very year and the rest would be safely tucked away for the future.

We never know when the last tray of champagne will be served. Wear your red well and often now and later.