Pheasants and Bears and Foxes, oh my.






By Michelle Crowe



No one nails the look quite like Sarah Vickers and Kiel James Patrick. Classy Girls Wear Pearls photo.


Over the river and through the woods, here we go. Whether or not grandmother’s house is the destination, our duffels and suitcases are stuffed with relaxed country clothes.

This is the best time of year when whales swim across corduroy pants, pheasants spread their wings on velvet slippers and teddy bears raise a martini toast from the front of sweaters.


IH x Day Birger et Mikkelsen sweater. Brittan Goetz photo for India Hicks.


These favorites are as comforting as the mashed potatoes that are sure to be found on the table. So whether you dig an old favorite out or indulge in a new motif, we fully support taking a break from a normally sophisticated wardrobe to indulge in just the tiniest bit of kitsch.


Polo Ralph Lauren “Bear Isle” sweater.


We’re delighted to see the Polo Bear make a comeback. First introduced in 1991, this cuddly and dapper chap was always turned out to perfection. Then he went into hibernation, perhaps driven away by minimalism, logo mania or some other fashion moment. He’s back and taking his cues from Ralph Lauren himself, which means his tuxedo jacket is worn with faded denim and a concha belt. Of course we understand if you prefer your intarsia animals sans accessories, but this cub will always have our love.


Yes, those are tiny pilgrim hats. Order yours at Castaway Clothing.


Admit it, a good pair of go-to-hell pants always livens up a cocktail party as guests wait to see if Uncle Dan still fits in his Christmas plaid pants or cousin Molly’s new beaux is bold enough to wear trousers embroidered with tiny pilgrim hats.

Since relaxed family weekends rarely call for towering heels, it’s also a lovely moment for worn-in boots, touch football ready sneakers and velvet slippers.

Wear all the favorites as you gather round the table. Soon the swirl of events will spin nearly out of control as gentlemen button up their tuxedo shirts again and ladies don their most festive holiday frocks. It’s a seasonal delight and welcome for sure, but before it begins it’s nice to take a break from serious dressing.


Stubbs and Wootton Fox Folly slippers.