Partying on East Lake Shore Drive





Guests at real estate executive Julie Harron’s recent party celebrating East Lake Shore Drive hardly knew which way to look: the unencumbered views of the lake at Oak Street Beach or models in dazzling evening attire by Ricorso’s Daryl Sneed striding through the wide hallways.


Ricorso models.

Chicago’s preeminent lifestyle expert and trainer Jim Karas, himself a resident of the street many claim to be the most beautiful in Chicago and a great friend of Julie’s, was overheard saying:

“Unless you live right there, you would never expect East Lake Shore Drive to have a ‘vibe,’ but it does. The culture is changing. People of all ages are abandoning their Lincoln Park or suburban trappings and experiencing the ease of pulling up on a double-wide sidewalk and having everything suddenly ‘appear’ in their sun-filled, one-level home. There is a dance going on between the people who live there, the people who take great pride in working there, the cars, the drivers—you name it. There is a glorious, unique energy I feed on.”


Jim Karas, Daryl Sneed, and Julie Harron.

Party headquarters was the eighth-floor 6,100-square-foot condominium in what was once the Mayfair Regent Hotel, where sophistication met dazzling views, and international celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Hepburn, and Hubert Givenchy unpacked their elegant bags on each visit to Chicago.

Julie, Jameson Sotheby’s executive and head of the JH Real Estate Group, invited guests to peek out at the wide outdoor terrace, a summertime oasis. (Congratulations go to Julie for recently being recognized in the top one percent of Chicago’s real estate brokers in terms of sales!)


Francisco Rodriguez and Stylist Sofia Córdoba.


Suzanne Kopulos and guest.


Julie Haron, Jim Karas, and Robin Tebbe.

Always elegant and herself a customer of Ricorso, a Chicago women’s clothing line that celebrates vintage tailoring, Julie invited designer Daryl Sneed to show his latest limited collection. Noah Tracht of Chicago’s Cream Wine Company provided a wine tasting. Save the Children, the international non-profit that helps 157 million children worldwide, received recognition and support that evening, which celebrated a Chicago street like no other.


Stylist Rachel Jimenez; ricorso founder, Daryl Sneed; and Jamie Djuric.


Sarah Weingarten, Sally Luu, and Caitlin Fitzpatrick.


Michelle Kubala, Daryl Sneed, and Julie Harron.