One Piece Wonders





By Michelle Crowe


Farrah for Halston

Farrah Fawcett for Halston, 1970s.

Wardrobe classics are different for everyone. Through trial, error and falling in love with shapes and designers that suit the individual, we arrive at our own alchemical combinations of favorites. One might gravitate toward jeans worn with perfect white shirts and ropes of pearls, while another might be devoted to shift dresses topped with cardigans, and her best friend unrecognizable without a Chanel suit.

The key is to cultivate that strong personal style while still remaining open to experimenting every once in a while.



A recent look from David’s Bridal for the adventurous bride, or the third look of the night for a traditional bride.

If a new shape catches your eye, give it a try.

Take jumpsuits as an example. At first mention, the idea of a one-piece can be slightly off-putting for those who favor elegant ensembles. Dig in a bit though, and it’s easy to trace the idea to the dean of chic, Halston. On the other end of the spectrum are nods to work and play wear of the early 20th century. It all adds up to a particularly empowered choice for dressing.



A lovely vintage number in spring-perfect mint green.

A jumpsuit is a streamlined silhouette with a modern edge that may be treated much the same way as a dress. One-piece dressing offers a shortcut to the universally craved long, lean look, and you cannot beat the ease of throwing on one piece and being coordinated and ready to go.

For those who favor a more layered look or to enable day-to-night dressing, throw on a jacket or sweater over your jumpsuit and all is well.



A Simplicity pattern for those with a wonderful seamstress.

Be merciless with fit as pants are always trickier than skirts, but issues are easy to sidestep with a three-way mirror. Have fun with leg styles. Gathered ankles are more casual and take the look to a trendier place. Wider legs offer more of a dress feeling and make a wonderful option for hostess dressing, another vintage concept that might be poised for a comeback.



The ultimate palazzo pants, 1970s.

Elegance comes from within. Dress fearlessly, which might just mean turning heads in a jumpsuit.