November 2023



By Victoria Martin





Highlights for November


November 10-12 FORECAST Surprise developments have a beneficial outcome due to instinctive responses. ADVICE Ingenious solutions and tricks of the trade emit a shamanic or magical-like quality. Mars Opposed Uranus


November 11-15 FORECAST There are challenges to science or technology; some could lead to alternate schemes. ADVICE Rebellion may not be necessary or progressive. To gain innovation truly/constructively use expert consultations, unique inventions, and humorous social themes. New Moon Phase conjunct Mars opposed Uranus


November 24-26 FORECAST Allies are expected to perform above and beyond the call of duty! A shared mission adds passion and incentive. ADVICE Zealotry is operating at full force yet practical planning is a plus. Mars square Saturn


November 25-29 FORECAST Heroic successes could be followed by delays or minor disappointments. ADVICE Be courageous and stoic. Full moons bring on excess sensitivity and that could clear in a few days. Otherwise take advantage of the extra time to perfect the situation! Full Moon Phase square Saturn


Sunday, November 5 2 AM FORECAST It’s normal to experience a primal fear of darkness at this time of year accentuated by the fact that now the Sun is setting an hour early. This is different than the springtime adjustment to daylight savings time. ADVICE There is a mild mass paranoia even though there is one extra hour added to our sleep that helps a bit.




12:00 AM– 5:0 AM CST FORECAST Festivities display positive role models at the front lines. Also, a show of success stories and pageants of celebrities is cheerful. ADVICE Other traits like beauty, grace, and modesty are praiseworthy. Moon Square SUN last quarter Moon will rise at midnight


8 AM– 2 PM CST FORECAST Pageants, parades, or productions weigh in on commercial issues and legal specs. Here’s an aggressive market scheme and considerations of law compliance converge as well. ADVICE This could take extra energy so avoid people who are drainers and parasites! Also, maintain good health habits. Moon Square Mars


5:15 PM– 11:15 PM CST FORECAST Charismatic leaders form alliances with special interest groups and elite communities. ADVICE Some nonconformity is likely and surprises! Go for a high level of intelligence, Innovation, and futurism. Moon Square Uranus


10:30 PM– 4:30 AM Monday CST FORECAST Figureheads, instigators, or administrators reach out and utilize the talents of unique people. Those with shamanic or specialized skills are sought after. ADVICE Techniques of healing, storytelling, dream analysis, or obstacle removal are especially prized. Moon Square Mercury


Monday, November 6

11:45 AM– 7:45 PM CST FORECAST Generous leaders and expansive rulers give credit to the elders, VIPs, and predecessors. ADVICE Events are sophisticated or behavior is confined, regulated, or restricted so be ready to adapt. Moon opposed Saturn


Tuesday, November 7

All Day FORECAST Able to see the big picture and or back off from emotional bias or fear is an attribute now or an assignment. An aloof, balanced, or poised state is a possible model for behavior. Moon at apogee


Wednesday, November 8

2:15 AM– 8:15 AM EST FORECAST It’s easy to find a potent, strong foundation for artistic and spiritual development. Use natural means to study and apply rules of science and laws of the psyche as per what evolution dictates as the best investment. Moon opposed Neptune


Thursday, November 9

1:15 AM– 7:15 AM CST FORECAST The most vivid possible manifestations of beauty and love set up standards. A bias towards charm and grace works well in both casual and sophisticated scenes or settings. Instill confidence, give compliments, and bring as much joy to the situation as possible. Moon Conjunct Venus

4 AM CST FORECAST Here is a focus on extra potent results, responses, and replies. History and reputation are made known. ADVICE This time frame gives us signposts that help us to get deep into character development. Moon Conjunct Karma Node


Friday, November 10

All Day FORECAST Severe analysis and many decisions are based on information, philosophy, or mindset. ADVICE A good addition to the process of better choices is wisdom, ESP, and experience. Mercury Square Saturn


1st of 3 days FORECAST Bizarre behavior is physical and seen at events; a wake-up call puts everyone at alert. ADVICE Tolerance of unusual people, strange places, and odd things is a virtue if they are harmless.  Mars opposed Uranus


Saturday, November 11

1st of 5 days FORECAST Gathering all the wizardly powers possible and inspirations as it is available amazing things can be done. ADVICE Focus on removing obstacles, encourage special effects, add scent awareness, or use wisdom as guidance. New Moon Phase

6 AM– 12 PM CST FORECAST A number of precarious scenes dictate/show tribal unity as a plus. However, careful handling regarding outsiders inspires a tour of customs intrinsic to the group. ADVICE Luckily there are codes and protocols for almost every situation and that info is available. Moon Square Pluto


2nd of 3 days FORECAST Shocking and surprising events are happening as well as things that stimulate the sense of humor. It seems apropos to infiltrate genius-type groups or get to know inventors and engineers. ADVICE Tap into your own version of eccentricity and be as friendly as possible. Come to meetings with questions! Mars opposed Uranus


All Day FORECAST It’s easy to anticipate what will work versus what is impractical. ADVICE This prevents problems during this full moon phase. Troubleshooters are in demand even if they are a bit grim. Mercury Square Saturn


Sunday, November 12

3rd of 3 days FORECAST There is an impulse to move too fast, act on urgency, or express radical opinions! ADVICE Mania can be an inspiration, but contracts warrant serious analyses before commitment. Mars opposed Uranus


2nd of 5 days FORECAST It seems that all of the senses can be used to analyze the situation and then participate in it. Individuality and unique talents come into play. ADVICE Engage in sports, hobbies, or creative expression! New Moon Phase


3 AM– 9 AM CST FORECAST A strong profile– the best you can muster –and modesty assist appeal and enrich performance. ADVICE Utilize outreach motives, via propositions and use bold, fun, adventurous procedures. Moon opposed Jupiter


Monday, November 13

3rd of 5 days FORECAST A debate on laws picks out major factors and the means of persuasion that are correct for right now. ADVICE Select according to what seems magical but also clever and rule-abiding. New Moon Phase


1 AM– 7 AM CST FORECAST We are touching base on what is trendy and dipping into charismatic talent pools or genius-type ideas. ADVICE Follow intuition and omens both are likely to be present they just need sorting out. Moon opposed Uranus


4:15 AM– 10:15 AM EST FORECAST There’s an urge to adopt new projects and get involved with intriguing situations. ADVICE Winners use muscle, courage, and wizardly skills. Moon Conjunct Mars


1st of 3 days FORECAST Unusual partnerships are forming or a dynamic attitude is ‘live and let live’. ADVICE Facilitate all brilliant collaborations dance with innovation. Sun opposed Uranus

6 PM Monday – 12 AM Tuesday CST FORECAST Anticipating restrictions and future demands is a way to prep for the full moon November 25 – 29. We all lean towards respect for elders, administrators, and VIPs. ADVICE Play by the rules, and ask for details as a means to honor your alliances. Be ready to change according to hierarchy, behavior code, and/or the systems’ demands. Moon Square Saturn


Tuesday, November 14

4th of 5 days FORECAST Setting up plans for contracts, healing, and marketing is in progress. This calls for deep knowledge and the magic touch. ADVICE To keep intuition clear, be in touch with gut feelings and heart instincts. Avoid intoxicants. New Moon Phase


2nd of 3 days FORECAST Wild stuff going on! People switch alliances and/or embrace what is new and unique. ADVICE This is a paradise for those who are easily bored. Sun opposed Uranus

5 AM– 11 AM CST FORECAST Strategies are easy to research, cook up, further conceptualize, and document. ADVICE Plot things out; create maps, diagrams, and visualizations. It’s a mini golden age for tactical development. Moon Conjunct Mercury


Wednesday, November 15

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Synching up with the zeitgeist is tricky but may be necessary. ADVICE Study the habits of super hip people, activists, and inventors for clues on how to proceed. Make new friends too! Sun opposed Uranus


5th of 5 days FORECAST There’re some settling in regarding designated plans and targets. It seems okay to reel in help from alliances. ADVICE Camaraderie and co-conspiracy are important components. Be alert to insensitivity and compensate for that. New Moon Phase


Thursday, November 16

3:15 PM– 9:15 PM CST FORECAST Even in simple situations there’s a feeling of high-level corporate and military flavors. ADVICE Typical pleasures may be unavailable so be stoic or find new ways to reward yourself. Check the weather, location, and dress code so you’re prepared. Moon Square Venus


Friday, November 17

1st of 3 days FORECAST Adventurers, scouts, and soldiers are active. Men are extra aggressive or seeking approval. In spite of that bravura, they feel insecure. ADVICE This time calls for strength building: mind and body. Sun Conjunct Mars


Saturday, November 18

2nd of 3 days FORECAST Surgeons, engineers, and explorers are in the news. ADVICE Find constructive use of ambition. Reach out and provide insights to help team members. Sun Conjunct Mars

12 AM– 6 AM CST FORECAST A survey of the current hierarchy or touching base with key players is in order. Remember lessons from corporate situations. ADVICE The pandemic years were also good for providing insights about how to work the system, Be mindful, and regroup as needed. Moon Conjunct Pluto


4:45 PM– 10:45 PM CST FORECAST There is a new knowledge brewing about healing and other productive practices. ADVICE Seek out meaningful options in education and/or travel. Moon Square Jupiter


 Sunday, November 19

3rd of 3 days FORECAST We will see commanders, entrepreneurs, and pioneers as active participants. Almost everyone is fired up about something. ADVICE Each person can be a shaman, hero, mentor, or healer in his or her own way. Sun Conjunct Mars


2 PM– 8 PM CST FORECAST Inventive or innovative is the way to go since visualizing is the correct or fitting action. ADVICE Link an activity or event to a holiday, season, or cycle. For example the moon phases introversion is favored at the new moon, and extroversion at the full moon Use lucky prompts at each step along the way. Moon Square Uranus


Monday, November 20

12:30 AM– 6:30 AM CST FORECAST Strong affinities with families, VIPs, or notable people are worth pursuing. ADVICE Contacts are made via branching out through your friends’ friends or your networks’ associates. Moon Square Mars


1:45 AM– 7:45 AM CST FORECAST Here’s the sense of great destiny that serves as motivation. Energetic, fortunate partnering is going on. ADVICE Use lucky options ASAP. Give praise and be friendly! Offer support to VIPs and leaders who need help. Moon Square Sun


6:45 AM– 12:45 PM CST FORECAST Authorities and administrators come forth with amazing creativity and forecast accuracy. ADVICE Pay respects to those bearing wisdom and drink from the same well. Moon Conjunct Saturn


All Day FORECAST Deep emotions, potent senses, and powerful feelings take over. ADVICE This can confirm working models and presumptions, or just be overwhelming. Moon perigee: closest to earth


Tuesday, November 21

11:15 AM– 5:15 PM EST FORECAST There are adjustments to current trend analyses or new case-by-case adjustments. ADVICE The updating process makes everyone smarter. Plan ahead regarding time and place. Moon Square Mercury


Wednesday, November 22

12:45 AM– 6:45 AM EST FORECAST There’s high sensitivity and keen awareness. An active imagination creates a magic moment. ADVICE This awareness reveals ecstatic but also vulnerable points. Find a showcase to share creations and or cure weak spots as soon as possible. Moon Conjunct Neptune


Thursday, November 23

All Day FORECAST Resetting structures and new scheduling is happening in order to attain goodwill and profits. ADVICE Consult with experts, especially regarding organization, timing, and hierarchy. Sun Square Saturn


3 PM–9 PM EST FORECAST A show of talent will be subjected to survivalist testing and stamina. Also handy is knowledge of cultural history for re-enactments. Archives and standards are part of the puzzle. ADVICE It’s best to be extra charming at the very least. Encourage those alliances now forming and have pleasurable experiences in unison. Moon opposed Venus


Friday, November 24

All Day FORECAST Current activities are listing goals, outlining mindset, and the use of words that benefit all or many. ADVICE Goals are not just for a few rather can be extra encouragements for anyone within range. Respecting assets and blessings is good as well. Moon at North Node aka Dharma


9:45 AM– 3:45 PM EST FORECAST Many folks feel an internal resistance to what is inevitable. The psyche or noncompliant politics may both call for adjustments. Maybe just the tone of the pitch or initial premise needs to change. ADVICE Be aware of those people who are slightly dangerous and don’t offend them! Moon Square Pluto


 Saturday, November 25

1:45 AM– 7:45 AM EST FORECAST Abundant knowledge, rich sources–material and spiritual–come to the rescue. Opportunities emerge! ADVICE Creative thinking expands the horizon. This also makes obvious targets ready for the enterprise. Moon Conjunct Jupiter


2nd of 3 Days FORECAST Conflicts occur even amongst intimate groups or long-standing partnerships. ADVICE A difference of opinion regarding timing, religion, or science can be assimilated according to the strength of the relationship.  Mars Square Saturn


1st of 5 days FORECAST The call for heroes and honorable deeds is sent out. A wait-and-see attitude stalls decisions but not for long. ADVICE As soon as merit is aptly demonstrated the show can go on. Full  Moon Phase


 Sunday, November 26

12 AM– 9 AM EST FORECAST Surprise or unusual developments and peculiar behavior are on the menu. ADVICE Transcendent humanism that is rising above and beyond the human condition can help. Get into topic focus groups to discuss current issues. Moon Conjunct Uranus


6:15 PM Sunday – 12:15 AM Monday EST FORECAST Heroic workers or mission-driven social groups will need to explain themselves. ADVICE An authority figure, expert interviewer, or certified judge can analyze and report back. Moon Square Saturn


7 PM Sunday – 1 AM Monday CST FORECAST Much that goes on in the cosmic mental realm gets poetically cooked up into a primordial soup. The presentation or dish served can attract new allies and partners. ADVICE Energy quality is everything and can be good or bad but take note of how you feel. Moon opposed Mars

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Expect emerging dramas regarding the selection of comrades and or mates to be accelerating. A singular hero for a talent cluster will be influential. ADVICE Even if valuable, all inputs are distracting vis-à-vis the dangers of over thinking. On the topic of attractive offers, best to just be an opportunist Full Moon Phase


Monday, November 27

All Day FORECAST Here’s an emphasis on wizardly actions of healing especially for education themes. ADVICE Events carrying elements of entertainment, allure, and aesthetic appeal have a better chance of success. Mercury Square Neptune


3rd of 5 days FORECAST Here’s the peak day for intense experiences especially those involved with themes of soul mates, solid teams, or long-term alliances. ADVICE Selecting comrades could be based on talent, patriotism, knowledge, deep nurturing abilities, and outreach traits. Full Moon Phase


Tuesday, November 28

4th of 5 days FORECAST An appropriately grandiose treatment of subjects springs from a true love of people places or things. ADVICE Build on talents and get a full experience. FULL  Moon Phase


4 PM– 10 PM CST FORECAST Information that is personal, incriminating, or controversial expands to a morality theater or drama. ADVICE Debating the big hot issues with peers is useful. Comedy and a sense of humor help enormously. Moon opposed Mercury


12:30 PM– 6:30 PM CST FORECAST Complex and glamorous features beg to be included but make it streamlined. ADVICE Have fun but avoid chaotic states/situations. Shun extra sweets, illusions, or indulgences. Moon Square Neptune


Wednesday, November 29

5th of 5 days FORECAST Summoning lovable traits and emulating amazing people, travels, and stories. ADVICE It’s okay to stretch the imagination a bit, hyperbolize, and tell tall tales as long as the fantasy element is acknowledged. FULL Moon Phase


Thursday, November 30

All day FORECAST Events of the last few days provided episodes showing heroism and other astounding feats. ADVICE We can begin to certain things out and use the memories as pointers regarding just how ruthless and ambitious things could get in the next week.  FULL Moon Phase denouement


 Friday, December 1

11 PM Thursday – 5 AM Friday CST FORECAST Competitions continue, some are devoid of any real cultural assets. ADVICE A brisk mood can become contentious if social graces are not in the mix. Moon Square Venus

4 AM– 10 AM CST FORECAST Power struggles could reach a truce if there is significant community pressure. ADVICE Look beneath the surface. Be a detective and/or psychoanalyst. Moon opposed Pluto


Saturday, December 2

9:45 PM Saturday – 3:45 AM Sunday CST FORECAST Luck and fortunate options are developing. Attendance at events is enhanced by research. ADVICE Bring gifts and make contributions for the hosts or institution.. Moon Square Jupiter


Sunday, December 3

11:30 PM Saturday – 5:30 AM Sunday CST FORECAST Charismatic leaders benefit from access to elite esoteric groups. ADVICE Be attentive with all of your talents and have tools ready. Moon Square Uranus


All Day FORECAST Passions and potencies emerge. Cultural traditions play a role as do hip 21st-century modes. ADVICE Flirtation happens and/or creative healing could materialize. Everyone wants to get involved in something snazzy. Venus Square Pluto


9:30 PM Sunday – 3:30 AM Monday CST FORECAST There’s some generous outreach that is based on previous records and reputation. ADVICE In spite of the chilly mood there’s a wish for drama yet poise may be more important and win out. Moon opposed Saturn


Monday, December 4

9:45 AM– 3:45 PM CST FORECAST A wish to be of service is great, but a warrior or street–smart entity could be needed. ADVICE Everyone/Participants should be in top physical condition, motivated, well–fed, and with reflexes primed. Moon Square Mars


9 AM- 3 PM CST FORECAST Emotional detachment is possible. This is a great time to survey and or analyze the situation. ADVICE Practice ESP with ‘mind travel’ and take notes or draw pictures. Moon at apogee



Highlights for December


December 10-14 FORECAST High sensitivity or added complexities create a planner’s dilemma. ADVICE Focus on good intentions –with a bit of intrigue added—but maintain a wide spectrum view. New Moon Phase square Neptune


December 13- January 1 FORECAST An in-depth exam of what makes a place attractive, or group scintillates could include intrigue. ADVICE Elements of good energy and aesthetics pair up with fascination and mystique to bring up attendance. Mercury stationery on Dec 13 moves retrograde till Jan 1


December 20 FORECAST Outside-the-box thinking, heritage uploads, and life management are focal functions! ADVICE Fellowship and organizations play a key role. Luck is gained via participation in groups, clubs, cults, and communities! Jupiter stationary returns to direct motion @ 5* Taurus There is more use of attractive locations to be used as a draw or magnet


December 21 FORECAST There is a strong urgency to congregate! This is enhanced by the use of attractive locations. Those favored are the ones perceived as a magnet or vortex. ADVICE It is instinctive to huddle together for warmth. Togetherness is key to keeping warm physically and emotionally! Go with social instincts. Winter solstice


December 24-28 FORECAST Showbiz treatments or enhancements increase a message’s appeal and lengthen viewer’s attention span. ADVICE Integrity of the idea is crucial and more effective if it can serve as a community-builder. Full Moon Phase


December 27-29 FORECAST The impulse towards sarcasm or stinging words is best refashioned as constructive or helpful, Comedians or critics are outspoken and controvercial. ADVICE Best to utilize remote scapegoats and mythic, fictional characters. Vent onto distant or absent personas to lessen the damage, Mars square Neptune



Highlights for January


January 9-13 FORECAST Planning is conducted with the utmost care, savvy sense. ADVICE Utilze all that the 21st century culture has to offer!Combine all apropos traditions for mass appeal New Moon Phase


January 18-22 FORECAST Circumstances reveal what is normally hidden– but powerful—in people, places, and things. ADVICE This treasure hunt or bounty search is enhanced via altruistic motives. Gain help/support via demos of how the plan or project benefits others. Sun Conjunct Pluto


 January 23-27 Busy events and a holiday for the work force could include teamwork incentives. A missed adventure or educational opportunities entre can get back on the list later. ADVICE Beware of over promising for example excess generosity or exaggeration. Extravagance is tempting now. Full Moon Phase square