November 2022

By Victoria Martin



The November 8th Lunar Eclipse imparts a‘Social Conscience Sense’so we can team up for good deeds

Astrologer’s Almanac November 2022 Mass Psychology Highlights for the Month

Time change affects the entire week see November 6th below

October 30  7:30 AM EDT FORECAST Pioneering activity is intense; it requires stamina to keep up so stay in prime health. ADVICE Focus on ongoing upkeep and therapy both physical and mental. The results are increased heroic function through mid-January. Mars Stations, turns to Retrograde motion till January 12


November 6-10 FORECAST Tumultuous events and significant decisions partially resolve the new versus old issues that started in 2021. We can choose well from the best of innovations and the prime classics. ADVICE These issues and controversies—ongoing for the last three years– are regarding tradition versus hipness. Full Moon Phase square Saturn contains a Lunar eclipse conjunct Uranus on


November 8


November 18-20 FORECAST A realistic assessment regarding what can be handled, finessed, or maneuvered is difficult. Much in the mind now is fantasy based, illusory, and super complex. ADVICE Be wary of toxins, con artists, and hyper-glamorous situations. They may contain traps. Mars square Neptune (also October 11-13 and will be  March 15)


November 21-25 FORECAST Emphasis on long-term relationships and seemly destined pair-ups. Case studies figure in and maintenance specs loom large. ADVICE How to meet and keep your match could be the best education course now. New Moon Phase at Superstar Alpha Centaurus (almost a solar eclipse)


Sunday, October 30

8:30 AM CDT FORECAST Shamanic services will provide a combination of spirituality and therapy. Ideally, esoteric practitioners also encourage worldly and social success. ADVICE Demonstrate ability, duty, and show dignity these will work well together. Mars stationary turns retrograde

Monday, October 31

1:30 AM-7:30 AM CDT FORECAST Super sophisticated posturing in both social and business situations forms the baseline. ADVICE We all get a sense of where we rate in the hierarchy via feedback and measures of success. However that could change and perhaps improve. Moon Conjunct Pluto

10:30 PM Monday -4:30 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Test points reveal the progress on current projects. The natural level of development is seen. This is very helpful for directed improvements or revisions. ADVICE Act according to enhance the hoped-for outcome. In a work setting do the best you can and use your wits. Moon square Sun Last quarter Moon

Tuesday, November 1

3:15 PM-9:15 PM CDT FORECAST Involvement with traditional modes is offered. ADVICE Focus on what will bring long-term well-being and happiness. Moon Conjunct Saturn

Wednesday, November 2

3 AM-9 AM CDT FORECAST Here’s lots of energy and heroic goals are in the mix.  Both are prime advantages now.  ADVICE Build physical strength, be warmed up, and ready to act! It makes sense to go with the flow if it is fortuitous. Moon Trine Mars

Thursday, November 3

5 AM-1 PM CDT FORECAST Trendsetters and healers will find beautiful figureheads and/or agreeable icons. ADVICE Utilize symbols that legitimately, inspire trust, and tell stories that impart wisdom. Moon Trine Sun

Friday, November 4

2 AM-8 AM CDT FORECAST Dreams, omens, or early-morning visions reveal the state of individual psyches and display mood of the collective imagination. ADVICE Avoid intoxicants and shun escapism. Best to face squarely what is happening now. Moon Conjunct Neptune

Saturday, November 5

All Day FORECAST Extra value in commerce or law is accentuated. Use of science, technology, and partnering is a help to progress within communities or cultures. ADVICE Fortify friendships and boost networks. You may need support during the minor disturbances ahead. We are leading up to the lunar eclipse  (Nov 6-10) within which time the public is likely to be confused. Venus opposes Uranus

Sunday, November 6

2 AM local time FORECAST A sluggish public mood resembling jet lag effects continues thru Nov 12. ADVICE Sunset occurs one hour earlier, creating a primal fear of darkness. ADVICE It takes a week to adjust: in the meantime people feel a bit groggy. Remind everyone about the tasks at hand and schedule. RETURN TO STANDARD TIME (Standard time is in effect for the next 5 months)

First of 5 days FORECAST We are all gearing up hope but also heeding early warning signs. ADVICE Apply knowledge of intake procedures vis-à-vis documented attendance and added celebrity attractions. Full Moon Phase


Monday, November 7

All day FORECAST Enchanting commercial ideas or advantageous legal moves may be out of step with bigger trends. ADVICE Create harmony and work within the system. Venus square Saturn


Second of five days FORECAST An intense ‘do or die’ mindset is happening. This calls for patience, and analytic acumen. ADVICE Lots of compelling evidence bring out many dramas, but legal codes and commerce trends may decide the outcome.  Full Moon Phase


Tuesday, November 8

Third of five days FORECAST We are likely to use infrastructure tactics or engineering on a broad application, Science, education, and leadership are hot topics. Emerging events encourage a benevolent output. ADVICE There is a significant illumination process coming first. Full Moon Phase LUNAR ECLIPSE before sunrise

All day FORECAST Unity of mind and purpose is convincing. Subtle factors could be difficult to grasp. ADVICE It’s a good time to ignite media projects that have been waiting in the wings. Mercury conjunct Sun

All day FORECAST Interesting conversations, brilliant ideas, and research innovations are developing. ADVICE Like lightning inspiration happens ‘Ex-Nilo’ i.e. creation from nothing, so grab it. Mercury opposed Uranus


Wednesday, November 9

Fourth of five days FORECAST Controversies regarding science, technology, sociology, and futurism are quite fascinating. Problems could be resolved even if some mini-dramas continue. ADVICE Stay cool. Follow the path that promises a greater good for all. Full Moon Phase

All day FORECAST Leaders attempt to balance science theory with practical application. ADVICE Work/Operate within legal, commercial, or humane life codes. Sun opposed Uranus


Thursday, November 10

All day FORECAST Gritty but great discussions that aim to win can use commercial or legal insights. ADVICE Some old-school luck ––along with clever use of marketing and law learning–– do the trick. Mercury Square Saturn

Fifth of five days FORECAST We are likely to choose the most interesting, unique, or innovative, friendly manners could win the prize. ADVICE Passions and strong appetites exert an influence so tread lightly. Full Moon Phase

All day FORECAST Elements of glamour, flirtation, and mystique make a showing. ADVICE Enhance storytelling via images and other sensory input. Imagination is active so it’s a perfect time for promotion, seduction, or attraction. Venus trine Neptune

Friday, November 11

All day FORECAST We are all in a new phase, turning the corner, and resolving obligations. ADVICE  Fulfilling responsibilities is not exactly pleasant, but ultimately gratifying.  We can gain favor and respect by doing what is expected. Sun Square Saturn

Saturday, November 12

All day FORECAST Cures and ingenious wizardly solutions appear. There are also fascinating adventures to encounter and living legends to meet. ADVICE Get involved and be active but stay out of dangerous situations. Mercury trine Neptune


Sunday, November 13

10:15 AM–4:15 PM CST FORECAST There is some glamour involved with current battles, which could obscure when it’s really going on. ADVICE Talented, confident people bring solutions. Use an extra bit of talent or sorcery to participate in competitions. Moon trine Sun


Monday, November 14

All day FORECAST Mystical healing, wizardly ways, and dazzling means are developing nicely. ADVICE Gain inspiration by whatever method or means and use spiritual support groups. Sun trine Neptune


Tuesday, November 15

All day FORECAST Romance is amplified by attraction and optimism. Abundance brings prosperity but also indulgence!   ADVICE It’s smart to offer praise, gifts, and contributions as appropriate. Venus trine Jupiter

Wednesday, November 16

All Day FORECAST Summaries about the last three weeks of activities and productions are emerging. ADVICE Documentations are helpful in this time frame and conclusions are pivotal. The issue is what to keep and what to cut also where do we go from here? Moon square Sun (last quarter moon)

All day FORECAST There’s an easy flow of energy and ideas between trusted allies. ADVICE After discussions it is apparent that many people share the same story or similar perspective. Mercury trine Jupiter

Thursday, November 17

All day FORECAST This is a wild card day. Best to do trivial upkeep or tend to mundane matters. ADVICE Keep your sense of humor but hold major decisions till tomorrow NO geometric relations between planets


Friday, November 18

12:30 PM-6:30 PM CST FORECAST A display of shamanic and wizardly themes gets tuned in to resonate with nature’s purists. ADVICE Sometimes a more primal version of mystique and enlightenment is more experiential. Moon square Mars

7:30 PM Friday–1:30 AM Saturday CST FORECAST Sending signals will gather people together to hash things out. ADVICE Obtain guidance, rules, and hierarchy insights via sophisticated 21st Century code. Moon Trine Pluto


Saturday, November 19

All day FORECAST Heroic intentions confront the chaos. There is a jam in the works. ADVICE Dysfunctional, unorganized, or confused people call for compassionate handling. Mars square Neptune


Sunday, November 20

All day FORECAST Fun emerges within partnerships or and creativity happens in social settings. ADVICE Plan to be in your favorite groups. Bring together trusted allies and soulful connections. Sun trine Jupiter


Monday, November 21

All day FORECAST Efforts aim to get invitations, make rapid sales, and/or accomplish a seduction. ADVICE Use a convincing argument and apropos propaganda. Consumers should be on guard for sugar coating that could conceal harmful invading species. Mercury conjunct Venus

First of five days FORECAST Seeds planted now –and new contacts made– are smart but need to resist introversion or override procrastination. ADVICE Develop goals or ambitions and discuss them with trusted allies. The time is ripe for an encouragement exchange. New Moon Phase


Tuesday, November 22

Second of five days FORECAST Contemplating plans for action involves topics of promotion and education. ADVICE Some folks aim to convince their constituents in addition to themselves. However, the plans/ideas that will work best may not be the emotional favorites of the executor but rather based on the patron’s preferences! New Moon Phase

6:30 AM–12:30 PM CST FORECAST Feedback from a range of topics especially on recent legal or commercial issues. ADVICE Make a list and expect feedback. Encourage honesty you’ll get compliments as well as criticism. Moon conjunct Karma node


Wednesday, November 23

Third of five days (peak day) FORECAST Expect to feel empathy that helps alliances firm up. Bonding is deeply felt and signs of commitment are hard to fake. ADVICE Religion or ideologies are major factors. Choose comrades carefully. Intense feelings could be one-sided. New Moon Phase aligned to Alpha Centauri

All day (peaks at 6 PM) EST FORECAST Lucky options and fortunate opportunities sprout up within various contexts. Events ignite compassion or spiritual development. ADVICE Get the inside story to understand the situation for prosperity and enlightenment!   Jupiter stationary returns to the forward motion


Thursday, November 24

4:30 AM–10:30 AM CST FORECAST Affections mix with ambition. Seductive people easily conjure mystique and summon extra courage. Priorities are duty, recognition/fame, and money. ADVICE This is prime time for those who are driven to achieve. Aims acquire harmony and value.  Moon conjunct Venus

Fourth of five days FORECAST There is much to do regarding propaganda, education, and unifying messages. ADVICE Spread the messages that have meaning and value. Gather folks together to form and attain goals of mutual interest. New Moon Phase


Friday, November 25

Fifth of five days FORECAST Continued plotting and planning is a way to pick up on clues, prospects, and offers. ADVICE Success odds are improved via teamwork, pairing up, and joining forces. New Moon Phase


Saturday, November 26

2:30 PM–8:30 PM CST FORECAST Spontaneous evolution brings brilliant and fun prospects. ADVICE It is easy—even compelling– to apply progressive notions, improvisation, and upgrades/updates. Moon trine Uranus


Sunday, November 27

7:45 AM– 1:45 PM EST FORECAST This timeframe produces individual and collective scorecards. A progress report on 21st-century codes, styles, trends, and trajectories is available. ADVICE Strive to pass exams and/or live up to expectations. Moon conjunct Pluto


Monday, November 28

All day FORECAST Stable, dutiful, and even-keeled could describe the dominant mood/preferred mode of the day. ADVICE Use support systems and positive motions to further the projects at hand. Mars trine Saturn

10 PM Monday–4 AM Tuesday CST FORECAST Situations present a clear sense of how to be frugal but generous. ADVICE Use teachings from successful authorities and happy administrators. Moon conjunct Saturn


Tuesday, November 29

All day FORECAST Intense research and active discussions uncover hidden factors. It’s a prime time to see both sides of a story. ADVICE Synthesize the best of each angle. Make the way for courage, repair, and good health. Mercury opposed Mars


Wednesday, November 30

All day peaks at sunset FORECAST We are all building on teamwork, promotion, and campaigning. Look to next week’s events as inspiration to move forward. ADVICE The first quarter moon–– visually at half-moon–– can be seen in the sky zenith– during sunset. Moon square Sun first quarter moon

All day FORECAST Attraction could begin with dueling due to different viewpoints. ADVICE Pay attention to character traits as a revelation. Then comes the definition of the conflicts and most important of all: the resolution. This three-step sequence of trait, conflict, and resolution creates the perfect dramatic form. Venus opposed Mars


Thursday, December 1

6:30 AM– 12:30 PM CST FORECAST Overwhelming or large size portions of either work or play create an urgency. There is an unfortunate leaning towards fantasy and illusionary effects. ADVICE For therapy add dance, music, and poetry manifestations. Take advantage of strong imagination or psychic insights. Avoid excessive recreation. Moon conjunct Neptune

All day FORECAST Interesting situations are developing yet some confusion is possible. True chaos can be adverted via preemptive plans. ADVICE Set up the scene in advance, do rehearsals, and do troubleshoot. Mercury Square Neptune

5:45 PM – 11:45 PM CST FORECAST This is a fortunate timeframe within which good options emerge. ADVICE Choose activities, events, and involvements that grow or expand your community. Build relationships and/or engage in what promises prosperity. Moon conjunct Jupiter

Friday, December 2

4:15 PM– 10:15 PM CST FORECAST A sense of harmony is encouraging. ADVICE This is the time to distribute blessings, use power in a benevolent manner, and develop new teamwork-based projects. Moon trine Sun


Saturday, December 3

All day 7:15 PM EST FORECAST We are hunkering down on the big-picture analysis. This is more than just theater because we are living it! ADVICE There are many interesting situations and solutions to consider, but delusion or fantasy are also components. Neptune stationary return to direct motion

All day FORECAST Many people or projects are searching for romance or spirituality. Complete cultural fulfillment is elusive. Common sense –paired with mystique appreciation—is an ideal balance. ADVICE Follow guides and use examples of people who use good luck, have a significant love life, or show active sociability. Emphasize inspired creativity as a compass or a director. Venus square Neptune



Highlights December -February 2023

December 5-9 FORECAST Different aspects of the masculine—king, father, and warrior –are at odds, in a contest or counter-productive. ADVICE Assortments of courageous and creative qualities are good. Full Moon Phase conjunct Mars


December 21-25 FORECAST The urgency to create attraction into a place or a group will go through a process of redefinition. ADVICE Juggle lots of options, then pick the best. Often the big looks small and the small look big in this type of situation. New Moon Phase square Jupiter


January 4-8, 2023 FORECAST A rush of U.S.A. patriotism—and counters to it—is highly visible now. ADVICE Emulate humanitarian principles as well as philanthropic ones. Access to enormous raw materials is good too. Full Moon Phase conjunct super star Sirius


January 16-20, 2023 FORECAST What is normally hidden—such as inner workings– becomes visible. ADVICE Take note and document important goings on Sun conjunct Pluto


January 19-23, 2023 FORECAST A new start puts into use recent discoveries, changes, and inside information. ADVICE This is a momentous time the utmost emotional discipline and trustworthy alliances are golden! New Moon Phase conjunct Pluto


February 3-7, 2023 FORECAST It is a challenge for charismatic leaders to retain a loyal following while sustaining a reasonable use of technology and science. ADVICE Worthwhile also is just the right touch of humanitarian advocacy and altruistic actions. That inspires trust. Full Moon Phase Square Uranus