Nick Wilder’s San Miguel


By Nick Wilder


Sunset on a typical street


Last winter my wife, Keven, and I discovered the charms of San Miguel de Allende, a colonial Mexican city which is a three hour drive northwest of Mexico City. San Miguel is a town featuring cobblestone streets and very narrow sidewalks. In spite of the fact that there are no stop lights or stop signs, drivers are courteous and rarely use their horns. San Miguel is famous for its Peroquia Church, excellent restaurants, lively cultural scene and colonial architecture recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  This winter we travelled with a group of friends and enjoyed a performance of “Rigoletto” at the opera house and a day of food shopping, cooking and eating with Chef Paco.  We explored the botanic garden and enjoyed a Brazilian music concert at Bistro Mi Casa.  We stayed at the beautiful Rosewood Hotel which is located just a block from the lively flower market.
Here are some photos from our Mexican holiday:


San Miguel center from the Rosewood roof bar

Looking toward the Peroquia Church from our hotel

Early morning view from our room

Night view of cathedrals from hotel bar

The Peroquia Church as the sun sets


A hand made ad for the flower market

I could not resist buying a bonsai

Shoppers of all ages enjoy the flower market

Checking messages before lunch


With Chef Paco in the farmer’s market

Tacos for lunch

An ice cream cone for desert

Drinks on a roof terrace


Keven takes a cactus photo at the botanic garden

Preparing Sunday brunch

Dancing in the Peroquia park


Sharing secrets


Cooking corn at the farmers market

Having a good time in the tourist market

A shop entrance

Shrine at the flower market

Late afternoon light outside our hotel room