Nick Wilder’s Engaging Eye



We are pleased to be presenting photographer Nick Wilder, whose landscapes and portraits have frequently caused us to linger with delight as we appreciate his insight and marvel at what he reveals. Here is what the Chicagoan, equally at home in both Maine and Door County, said recently about how he got started as a photographer:

“I have always been interested in creating physical products, be it buildings, landscapes, or watches. Photography has been a natural outgrowth of that interest.  

“Initially, I went through the elaborate process of developing prints in a darkroom. With the advent of digital photography, I can create a product much more easily with far more options than in the past. Photos taken on my iPhone are almost indistinguishable from those taken with a digital SLR camera. One of the advantages of the iPhone is that people of all ages are less intimidated by it than a larger camera.

And how he came to choose the subjects for his most recent series of photos:

“Children in particular do not hide their emotions. Halloween is an excellent time to photograph children. Their parents do not object, and the kids are proud of their costumes.”