New Day on the Terrace




By Megan McKinney


Co-chairs Jean Antoniou, Sharyl Mackey, Jamie Thorsen and Tracey DiBuono welcome you to the latest phase in the evolution of a Service Club fundraiser Hazel Barr created in the late  20th century as Day in the Country. Stay with us and we’ll tell you what to expect this year on the first Monday in August.

It began as an annual publicity vehicle to herald the November Service Club Gala. It was then Day in the Country, a luncheon and fashion show on the grounds of a suburban estate. But it wasn’t long before Hazel’s novel promotion became an important source of charitable funds in its own right.

John and Myra Reilly on the property surrounding Nancy and Glenn Traynor’s Tudor house in Oak Brook. Guests sat shaded under trees and umbrellas during one of the last country Days. 

After the opening of The Peninsula Chicago in 2001, Hazel became excited about the new hotel as a party venue and began working with Catering Director Gregory Hyder in staging various events there. Moving her luncheon-fashion show into town was one of the first steps. Guests gathered for cocktails in the Ballroom Foyer, stepped out to the Terrace to observe the fashion show and returned to the blessed cool air of the Ballroom for Greg’s luncheon. 

Hazel often put Greg Hyder into the show, first on the Terrace…

 …and later in the Ballroom.

Sherry Lea Holson in the always torrid noonday sun of The Peninsula Terrace in 2006. The transporting of Day in the Country into the city was the event’s first big change.

Bill Zwecker was bundled up on the first Monday of August, 2007.

When Hazel tired of complaints from mannequins in fur coats, she wrapped herself in this mammoth number.

Dapper Stanley Paul never missed an appearance in the show indoors or out.

Brenda Sexton would not suffer the heat this year, because the “runway” portion of the 2020 Day on the Terrace will be pre-taped.

Robin Robinson in Escada from Neiman Marcus. Chicago celebrities, as well as Service Club members, will continue to be mannequins in the 2020 event.

Lynn McMahan on The Peninsula Terrace soon after Hazel’s fundraiser moved into town. This year, the previously taped runway portion of the show will be energized with interruptions by news show style “remotes.” 

In 2020, Mary Lasky could expect to have her taped appearance segue into a remote from a “watch party” at Gibson’s or Marchesa—where you could be one of those lunching with other viewers (and starring in the remotes).

Bill Zwecker, more comfortable this time; but he would be even more comfortable this year if he chooses to observe himself on screen from one of the restaurant watch parties.

Irika Sargent of CBS 2, modeling Alice + Olivia, was a celebrity mannequin after the runway moved into The Peninsula Ballroom.


The 2020 (Virtual) Day on the Terrace is Monday, August 3, 11:00 am-12:30 pm   

Those with paid reservations, $100 each, will be sent a keepsake Look Book by mail in advance of the show and receive the platform link by email on Sunday, August 2.

To view the full invitation and make reservations, go to The Service Club of Chicago website: or mail a check to Service Club of Chicago, P.O. Box 10165, Chicago, IL 60610.

If you are interested in joining a watch party (socially distanced of course), please email The Service Club at


Edited by Amanda K. O’Brien

Photo Credit: Robert F. Carl, John Reilly Photography