Misericordia: A Stylish Twist







The Misericordia Women’s Auxiliary spring event and fashion show, Misericordia Loves Chicago, reinvented itself in style recently at the Ravenswood Event Center. The daytime ladies luncheon was transformed into an evening event where men comingled, fashions dazzled, and, as at any Misericordia event, heartfelt appreciation was in the air.


The space. Photo by Gabby Jones.


Christine Olson, Amy McMahon Todd, Leah Thenstedt, Phil Peters, and Paul Thenstedt.


A truly unique venue. Photo by Gabby Jones.

Suzanne Hardy, Women’s Auxiliary President, told us about the blending of the best from the past and the sizzle of the new: “The love for Misericordia was evident from the very beginning when the Misericordia Heartbreakers performance of Chicago kicked off the night. Sister Rosemary Connolly, our founder and executive director, followed with a heartfelt thanks to all who attended. She shared her message of love, inclusion, and support of the over 600 children and adults who call Misericordia home.”


Susanne Hardy, Sister Rosemary Connelly, Bridie Maloney, Amanda Sundt, Sister Paulette O’Connell, and Lois Gates. Photo by Gabby Jones.


Sheryl Dyer and Dr. Joe Schmidt. Photo by Gabby Jones.


Live performance by the Misericordia Heartbreakers. Photo by Gabby Jones.



“The Fashion Show Produced by Amy Olson with our fashion sponsor, Bloomingdales at Old Orchard, put on a show-stopping and interactive performance, and guests took home multiple raffle shopping sprees from our sponsor,” she continued, adding, “Howl at The Moon’s dueling pianos capped off the night on the center stage. Our Chicago-themed event was paired with Chicago eats and Goose Island beer, and everyone topped the night off with views of the city from the Sky Lounge which featured a bourbon bar and bubbly paired with desserts prepared by Misericordia residents at our Hearts and Flour bakery. A perfect way to end a special evening.”





Fashion show photos by Gabby Jones.

Bridie Maloney and Amanda Sundt chaired the evening, one of the Auxiliary’s three signature events for the year. Celebrating its 70th Anniversary, the Auxiliary has 135 members.


Susanne Hardy with Bridie Maloney and Amanda Sundt.

Classic Chicago salutes not only the Auxiliary and their new twist of a celebrated classic but also the volunteers across Chicago who participated in the recent Candy Days collection weekend, despite April rain and snow. With her classic empathy for everyone, Sister Rosemary shortened the Saturday shift because of the weather and its potential impact on volunteers. Here’s to Misericordia Loves Chicago sponsor Deborah Early who runs a Lincoln Park Candy Days team.

She shared, “Misericordia’s annual Candy Days collection weekend is a marvelous opportunity to share our mission with the greater Chicago community as our thousands of volunteers interact with pedestrians and motorists. We were delighted to explain Misericordia/Heart of Mercy and answer questions about our residents and programs, grateful for any size contribution and delighted to offer Jelly Bellies packets as a thank you gift.”

Misericordia loves Chicago, and it is always obvious that Chicago loves Misericordia.


For more information about Misericordia and its programs, visit misericordia.com.