May 2023



By Victoria Martin





Highlights for May

April 21-May 14 FORECAST Here is an option to revisit rich information sources and know what ideas are important to a better life. ADVICE Then it may make sense to regulate or adjust information flow especially intake. Good for those born when Mercury was in retrograde! Mercury retrograde till May 14th

May 3-7 FORECAST How many new spins on life could science and technology provide?  Legal and commercial experts want to know. A lot of mania and a bit of fatigue set in. ADVICE Balance between the new futurists and the sophisticated, 21st-century synthesis; that does the trick. Full Moon Phase contains a Lunar eclipse May 5 (Sun is conjunct Uranus)  

May 10-24 FORECAST The big challenge of the year is to hold onto power and continue to do what you do best. ADVICE To keep things interesting, think outside the box for maximizing luck and education. Jupiter square Pluto @ ALTAIR the eagle-star

May 19-24 FORECAST Sharp minds and clever people examine altruism and history as appropriate to current projects. ADVICE Acknowledge the competition using methods that are appealing, sustainable, and virtuous. Mars opposed Pluto Square Jupiter

May 17-21 FORECAST The widespread narcissism or crimes of passion are in need of fixing. Self-preservation includes turning the tables on selfish people or reversing a bad situation. ADVICE There’s a focus on developing talents as therapy or an antidote for tragic flaws. Also useful is the hero who rises above challenging childhood episodes. New Moon Phase @ star Al Ghoul: the spook



Sunday, April 30

7 AM-4 PM CDT FORECAST Most situations and moods seem to be well and good. There is much cause for gratitude. ADVICE This is an island of peace to use for rest and contemplation. Note what is owed and how to keep estimate maintenance needs. Moon trine Sun


Monday, May 1

8:30 AM-2:30 PM CDT FORECAST The background scenery is glorious. Work is needed to produce staging. ADVICE Admirable and engaging heroes and heroines are worth attention so put them in front. Moon square Venus


3 PM-9 PM CDT FORECAST The almighty; overarching powers of nature are foremost. ADVICE Know the full spectrum of the natural material world: chemistry, biology, ecology, and physics. All or any is optimum for truth-telling as needed. Moon Opposed Neptune



Tuesday, May 2

All Day FORECAST Trembling and awe could temporarily distract away from the prevailing joy of the season. ADVICE Appreciate the off-harmony moments and respect warnings as they serve to stimulate preparations. Pre-Eclipse rumblings


Wednesday, May 3

1:15 PM-7:15 PM CDT FORECAST Cultural standards influence how to steer, funnel, or direct competitive energy. Perhaps it tempers a hasty impulse too. ADVICE Solutions come via structured contests, debates, and competitions. Moon square Mars


First of five Days FORECAST Here is felt a lift-off, epiphany, or revelation. Some insights are based on inherited talents or genetic traits. Historic theories could be interesting. ADVICE Personal dramas dig deep to find lawful solutions. Full Moon Phase



Thursday, May 4

Second of Five Days FORECAST We are aiming for quick processing of specs, laws, and guidelines. ADVICE Some passages call for a second opinion, expert input, or editing. Full Moon Phase


7:15 AM- 1:15 PM CDT FORECAST Estimates on what will serve or work for commerce or finance. This may differ from political sentiments. ADVICE Respect hierarchies and pay dues. Accept favors graciously and discreetly. Moon square Pluto


All Day FORECAST Heroic acts, salvation, or healing missions banish illusions or discourage escapism. ADVICE A realistic approach in matters of love, arts, and money is wise. A bit of harmless fantasy is okay. Venus Square Neptune


2 PM- 8 PM CDT FORECAST Shaping up is a score on how you have done in recent work and relationships. ADVICE   A realistic assessment of your position in life– and progress up to this point– is forthcoming, but is not the final word. Moon Conjunct South Moon’s node (Karma)


11:15 PM Thursday – 5:15 AM Friday CDT FORECAST Extra resources are available and come with guidance on commercial and legal matters. Projects are pacing quickly, so it’s a marathon mode. ADVICE Use personal branding, especially for the head or hats and feet or shoes. Outreach actions of hospitality or other extending are favored. Moon Opposed Mercury Retrograde



Friday, May 5

Third of Five Days (peak effect) FORECAST The public is often confused regarding the meaning/interpretation of events that occur during a lunar eclipse. Expect personal, emotional accounting and ratings on what you did. There are lots of peaks and troughs: highs and lows. ADVICE Be on guard and at attention when you are out and about! Modesty is apropos. Adapting a tentative position allows flexibility, invisibility, or shape shifting as needed. Full Moon Phase contains a lunar eclipse


4:15 PM- 10:15 PM CDT FORECAST A baseline for group dynamics in organizations or companies is forming now. Marketing and promotions savvy is a starting point.  ADVICE Partner up with innovators. Look for signs, clues, and synchronicity. Some surprises and unusual developments may be helpful too. Moon Opposed Uranus

Saturday, May 6

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST More action in legal and commercial matters is evolving/pending. ADVICE Monitor details; they could be important so monitor them even if a rush mode dominates. Full Moon Phase



Sunday, May 7

Fifth of five Days FORECAST Resolution and healing helps hurt or distorted feelings. ADVICE The event calendar is still full –and emotions are intense–but tempers are cooling a bit. New fascinations involve innovation, friendship, and futurism. Full Moon Phase


Monday, May 8 

First of Three Days FORECAST Direct input from visions of the future is exciting and/or surprising. ADVICE Extraordinary instigators or smart leaders are hip and ready to participate in the new wave or trend. Sun Conjunct Uranus


10:15 AM- 4:15 PM CDT FORECAST Situational fog, interpersonal blunders, or sensitive situations call for sharp instincts and obstacle dodging. ADVICE Use empathy to avoid hurt feelings. Tap into appealing symbols and stories. Moon square Neptune



Tuesday, May 9 

Second of Three Days FORECAST Unusual themes or novelty actions in events can stimulate –even electrify—imagination and deeds. The powers of invention are strong. ADVICE Use excitement and conduct experiments. Attend to group input and tech feedback. That will complete a charismatic picture.  Sun Conjunct Uranus


Wednesday, May 10

Third of Three Days FORECAST Here is a focus on the future including what can we expect in our own lives. Other foci are technology and science impacting society. ADVICE Monitor eccentric behavior and shows of genius that are in the wind/zeitgeist. Sun Conjunct Uranus


8:30 AM- 2:30 PM CDT FORECAST The ongoing contests are physical so there is a call for extra courage or strength. ADVICE Pre-training, preparations, and warm-ups are an asset/advantage toward winning the competition! Moon Opposed Mars


6:45 PM Wednesday – 12:45 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Reflecting back on the plague/pandemic years yields gratitude for the modern systems that helped us survive. ADVICE Street smarts and social savvy are assets. Healings– for self or others– and morphing to fit the best of the times are smart posturing/moves. Moon Conjunct Pluto



Thursday, May 11

12 AM CDT FORECAST The mood is jittery and jumpy. Tidal effects are felt in the earth, and seas, mirrored in mass psychology. ADVICE Get ready! There is a sense that the forces of nature are about to converge or impact perhaps in a beneficial or revelatory manner. moon at perigee


4:45 AM- 10:45 AM CDT FORECAST Special wisdom about how to use intuition, clairvoyance, and healing emerges. The almost supernatural or superhuman would describe current effects/output. ADVICE Access the potent materials, tools, paradigms, and resources available. Then complete the formula and aim for the goal. Moon square Mercury


Friday, May 12

6:30 AM- 12:30 PM CDT FORECAST It seems time to pick the fortunate options and gather yields. This will create advantages and secure a positive outcome. ADVICE Consider offers and go with the lucky feelings. The nature and quality of presentations give clues. Moon square Sun Last quarter moon rises at midnight ..Moon hits sky zenith at sunrise



Saturday, May 13

All Day FORECAST This timeframe shows evidence of piety. Attitudes of modesty and patience merge to shape love or money matters. ADVICE The code or protocol is somber. Yet charm, poise, and enlightenment peek through.  Venus Trine Saturn


7:15 AM- 1:15 PM CDT FORECAST Here is a serious mood yet one that prioritizes trendsetters, utopians, and empathic types. ADVICE Mystic parlance, glamour, and/or gentle persuasion will work. Moon Conjunct Saturn



Sunday, May 14

7 PM Sunday – 1 AM Monday CDT FORECAST The healing arts would transcend and go mystic; this presents solutions and compelling illustrations. ADVICE Clear up fog or resolve misunderstandings. Gain help from lessons learned. Especially useful are experiences gleaned from participation. A review and analysis of personal reactions during contests and competitions are useful. Moon Conjunct Neptune


All Day FORECAST The preparation for a performance or training for a race may be its own reward. ADVICE Also there is a wide perspective available and proverbs are produced from being with the top contenders! Mars Trine Neptune


10:15 PM CDT FORECAST Valuable information sources are flavored by history, heritage, cosmogony, and geometry. Heartfelt viewpoints–or refined distribution methods– are highlighted. ADVICE Embrace contrary ideas and vote for outside-the-box reasoning. In terms of functioning get right to the heart of the matter! Mercury is stationary returns to forward motion



Monday, May 15

3:45 PM- 9:45 PM CDT FORECAST Views from above and below cover almost everything. However, sightings need a dash of color, song, or storyline. Some trial and error exercises are on the program. ADVICE It is tough to please everyone, so select the most important colleagues, allies, and patrons. Moon square Venus


Tuesday, May 16

All Day FORECAST Offerings help participants to transcend boundaries and move up to a positive output mode. ADVICE Opt for manifesting and favor what is beneficial for the greater good. Moon on ecliptic



Wednesday, May 17

4:45 AM- 10:45 AM CDT FORECAST Enchanted sources are better than expected. Prosperity manifests for those who are proactive. ADVICE Power-rich paradigms and emotional points of personal history will open doors/forge bonds. Moon Conjunct Jupiter


3:30 PM- 9:30 PM CDT FORECAST On the horizon are new sources embodied by people, places, and things. They impart potent fuel for ideas and actions. ADVICE Take advantage of this charmed production phase and create something. Even the most persnickety consumer or critical audience finds something to love. Moon Conjunct Mercury


All Day FORECAST The bounty or harvest accesses cultural, natural, and scientific realms. Opportunities or offers have strings attached. ADVICE Before signing on, review legal obligations and financial implications. Jupiter square Pluto


First of Five Days FORECAST Involvement could be light: a toe in the water or heavy: diving in deep! There’s a call to diminish liability and cut out tragedy. Fortunately, a solution for narcissism, self-indulgence, or vanity is available, ADVICE It is generally favored to stay within reasonable goals and respect boundaries rather than over-reach. New Moon Phase



Thursday, May 18

3:30 PM- 9:30 PM CDT FORECAST Unusual, activities, innovative developments, and fun people are in the mix. Tracking the future gets easier, yields significant ideas, or is more vivid than before. ADVICE Moderate or adjust as per desired goals or group utility. Moon Conjunct Uranus


Second of Five Days FORECAST In focus now is future trends within various groups. Spotlighted are those folks united around a goal or purpose. Purging panic can unfreeze and reduce angst. ADVICE Hyper-dramatic people may need an artistic/expressive outlet. Participate in art, dance, poetry or music creation for psyche healing. New Moon Phase


Friday, May 19

Third of Five Days FORECAST A sense of tragedy or misery lingers. That dread is best vented, released, or neutralized ASAP! Many choose laughter as a non-toxic way to let loose. That is a good start also exercise raises optimism. ADVICE Ambitions and goals are helped via the reuse of winners’ formulae gleaned from experience. New Moon Phase



Saturday, May 20

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST We are all moving on plans that make the best use of talents and that fit with the zeitgeist. Remedies for self-centeredness are found. ADVICE Prefer altruism-flavored missions. Turn sob stories into triumph over evil! Emphasize the proverbial powers or morals of the story to enhance emotional growth. New Moon Phase


All Day FORECAST Events and projects call for full use of abilities approaching the super-human! ADVICE Use a warm-up, rehearsal, or other preparation to get your bearings and keep balance. Mars Opposed Pluto


Sunday, May 21

Fifth of Five Days FORECAST It seems time to solidify plots and cultivate inspiration. Encouraged creative impulses will enhance charisma. ADVICE Go for a new start in projects. Get more wind in your sails. New Moon Phase



Monday, May 22

All Day FORECAST It is time to go for what will heal, educate, or provide adventure. More ideas

pop up as the momentum starts. ADVICE Choose in favor of what is dynamic. Use the rich sources available; Mars square Jupiter


Tuesday, May 23

4:45 AM- 10:45 AM CDT FORECAST Commodities are displayed at events in order to create beauty, wealth, or love. This seems to be part of a benevolent master plan. ADVICE Host or attend events, and bring gifts or food. Be sociable and give praise where praise is due. Moon Conjunct Venus



Wednesday, May 24

11:15 AM- 5:15 PM CDT FORECAST Dynamic, imposing, or spectacular people will enter the scene. ADVICE All participants will benefit from strength training before and after the show. A mindful cool down and debriefing after an experience is helpful. Moon Conjunct Mars


Thursday, May 25

2:15 AM- 8:15 AM CDT FORECAST Pageants, tableaus, and parades may be more accessible with a glossary annexed. Many people need an explanation of the plot, storyline, or moral. ADVICE Do a survey to clarify the message. This will enliven interaction and avert misinterpretation. Moon square Mercury


10:30 PM Thursday – 4:30 AM Friday CDT FORECAST Leaders are hesitant about how to utilize findings and ideas. A special message comes from elite circles or special interest groups. ADVICE Charismatic initiators can upgrade or enhance support. Esoteric, educated, presentations can be palatable for the masses! Moon square Uranus



Friday, May 26

All Day FORECAST A wide, lofty view takes in a lot and may be overwhelming. Events impart a sense of déjà vu and also bring insights about what is valuable. A preference for what is quasi-eternal, ancient, or persistent is felt. Moon at apogee


Saturday, May 27

All Day FORECAST Helping those less fortunate may be awkward at first but is gratifying and perhaps adds to a good karma tally! ADVICE Building on a heroic basis for action could involve performance enhancers: good health practices and athletic training. Also, consider charitable acts or financial donations to a worthy cause. Moon square Sun first quarter Moon visible at sky’s zenith during sunset



Sunday, May 28

All Day FORECAST Contrasting leadership modes or different administrative styles interact with each other. Hopefully, a graceful response and spotlight-sharing will happen! ADVICE The radiant, creative qualities in a person or group are generous but could use some organization or business savvy. Sun Square Saturn


Monday, May 29

11:30 PM Sunday – 6:30 AM Monday CDT FORECAST Empathy or fantasy functions come into play as interaction or role-playing. Natural forces become manifest as personalities and build on stories. ADVICE What may be at first a neutral element or flat trend takes on a character. Then develops the conflict, plot, and resolution story. Moon Opposed Neptune


Tuesday, May 30

11:30 PM Monday – 5:30 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST A combo of survival skills and heroic impulses is evident. ADVICE Long-term salvation for someone could be as simple as activated street smarts. Get this via athletic actions, game work, or lessons in friendliness.  Moon Trine Sun



Wednesday, May 31

4 PM- 10 PM CDT FORECAST Glamour enhancements like hats create respect and so are beneficial to the wearer. Also, modesty, virtue, and outreach are helpful if embedded in the works. ADVICE Niceties serve a purpose! However, adding appeal may be lost on activists, politicians, and financiers. Practical types ask what is the reason for such enhancements. Better branding could be the answer. Moon square Pluto


9 PM Wednesday – 3 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Fashionable effects could set the mood and serves to ID group membership. Also, good moral acts or social effects are key to setting goals for education, entertainment, or production. ADVICE Gather with your ethnic group, tribe, or kindred spirits. Tap into the enthusiasm and use the emotional support that is generated! Moon Opposed Jupiter


Thursday, June 1

First of Five Days FORECAST Here’s a startup of sincere outreach procedures. There is a wish to resolve inner turmoil. Stay cool! This is a growth or learning process. ADVICE First overcome fear, freezing, or flight impulses if possible. The urge to exit is especially strong yet may not be helpful. Full Moon Phase


10 PM Thursday – 4 AM Friday CDT FORECAST There is much feedback, many replies, and frequent advisories. The proverbial ‘ seeing your whole life flashing before your eyes’ is experienced! ADVICE Supply what is lacking. Attend to is the brain/head, feet/pathway, and hands /outreach. Moon Conjunct South Moon’s Node (Karma)



Friday, June 2

Second of Five Days FORECAST Community improvements and group-enriched experiences happen. ADVICE Good additions to the program are clergy, shamans, and musicians. They enhance events as mentors, healers, or provocateurs. Full Moon Phase



Saturday, June 3

Third of Five Days (Peak effect) FORECAST Attempts to renew a quest or enact accelerated healing are welcomed. ADVICE Glimmerings of hope revive positive energy in a range of floundering projects. It is encouraging to re-direct aimless people or focus on personal paths. Full Moon Phase


All Day FORECAST Sparks of innovation fly around. This is a fun, zany time featuring eccentric people and brainy types. There are novel conditions and wished-for leaps into genius realms. ADVICE Use humor, a contrary approach, and humane futurism, Mercury Conjunct Uranus



Highlights for June

June 1-5 FORECAST News or events activate inner turmoil. Some people are torn between conflicting options or confused by opposite interests. ADVICE Be part of the shamanic healing solution. Use dreams, traditional remedies, and community gatherings as cures.  Full Moon Phase Square Saturn

June 16-20 FORECAST Potent, imposing personalities –and the sheer force of a noble mission– are compelling. ADVICE Do not be intimidated unless a retreat is the best option. Hold your ground! New Moon Phase square Neptune

June 17-November 4 FORECAST Trendsetters and zeitgeist analysts are on the record. ADVICE Future prognoses and predictions–especially those recommendations for the good life covering the next 5 months– will be revisited/accountable, so frame them properly. Saturn stationary begins retrograde motion till nov 4

June 25-27 FORECAST Leaders appear confident even though elite group opinion/support is shifting/evolving. ADVICE Groups characterized as elite, expert, or specialty have the new/current version of truth so it’s smart to check with their conclusions on trends in resources, tools and money. Mars Square Uranus



Highlights for July

July 1-5 FORECAST A heightened public excitement calls forth a new take on traditional/folkloric traditions/legends. ADVICE New champions of freedom and altruism emerge. Some heroes of the past may no longer fit the current national ethos and get phased out.  Full Moon Phase

July 15-19 FORECAST Remembering the plague years can grant gratitude or impart a sobering perspective. ADVICE Survival and media savvy/ digital dexterity mind set.  New Moon Phase opposed Pluto

July 18-21 FORECAST Gritty circumstances bring on extra duties, will benefit from expert analysis and invoke teamwork, direction seeking, and survivalist response.  ADVICE Conditions call for dedication to work as well as a disciplined mind and body.  Mars opposed Saturn

July 20-22 FORECAST Partnerships and publicity/media-based fame get a tight squeeze so both are revised. ADVICE Flexibility and sophistication as well as human psychology insights serve well to maintain a good reputation. Sun opposed Pluto

July 22- September 3 FORECAST Great leaders, grand thinkers, and celeb scientists gain recognition and popularity. ADVICE It is likely that noteworthy people will become event organizers or pageants are created depicting their story /route to glory. Venus is Stationary Jul 22 then retrograde till Sept 3



Highlights for August

 July 30- August 3 FORECAST In the surge of activities there are many opportunities. ADVICE Pick the winners! Of special interest are options that carry wisdom and inspire good health practices. Full Moon Phase square Jupiter

August 14-18 FORECAST New start up choices and initiatory options are at the discretion of leaders. But could entail ‘Special Interest Groups’ and misc active clusters of talent. ADVICE Inventive and charismatic–but not quirky–are smart guidelines. New Moon Phase Square Uranus

August 21-23 FORECAST An odd timeframe/episode wherein conflict comes from misunderstanding holding back defensive response could create peace. ADVICE Many people are hyper sensitive relationships are strained, best bet is do or say something harmony promoting. Mars opposed Neptune

August 23- September 15 FORECAST A focus on research about the powers of nature with goals to improve life quality. ADVICE   A crash courses and marathon practical applications– done now –can serve well for much time to come. Mercury Stationary on Aug 23 moves retrograde till Sep 15

August 28- September 1 FORECAST Outcomes yield status increase but also responsibility. ADVICE A show of talent and discipline includes rich content and good timing. Best possible performance and acting in the most respectable manner are favored actions now. Full Moon Phase  conjunct Saturn



Highlights for September

September 12-16 FORECAST Partnerships of all sorts highlight/encounter contrasts in beliefs and different takes on science. ADVICE Use glamour and mystique! Select that which grabs attention, promises results, or furthers appeal. Talent scouting is paramount; choose what or who can do the job best. New Moon Phase opposed Neptune

September 26-30 FORECAST Expect vivid dramas that entertain and challenge! They emerge from high and low i.e. classic arts and pop cultures are sources. ADVICE Appreciate the transcendent and revelatory providence of visual, musical, or literary immersion but sidestep the inebriating or hallucinatory properties. Full Moon Phase conjunct Neptune



Highlights for October

October 7-9 FORECAST Gathering the tribe could have an enhanced, broader meaning. ADVICE Ethnic kinship is one potential unifying factor. Others could be altruistic missions, cultural affinities or aesthetic preferences. Mars square Pluto

October 12-16 FORECAST This solar eclipse might ask these questions: ‘did you learn the health lessons from the pandemic regarding the immune system? Also ‘are you sophisticated–21st century-style– in media and socially?’ ADVICE Adopt vitality and fitness enhancers! Also, digital money and online communications savvy. New Moon Phase approaching a square Pluto contains a solar eclipse oct 14

October 27-29 FORECAST Success with an enterprise, expansion, and productivity depends on teamwork. ADVICE Solid sources and good products are ideally coupled with charm and commercial savvy. Mars opposed Jupiter October 26-30 FORECAST Here’s a lucky range of options laid put. Or access to fortunate revelations regarding education, sports/games, and travel! ADVICE Extra optimism felt may be legit or the returns, feedback and results take a while to register them to confirm or deny. Full Moon Phase contains a lunar eclipse oct 28


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