March 2024



By Victoria Martin




Highlights for March 2024

March 8-10 FORECAST Active engagement occurs especially within worthy projects. Fortunate options are presented. ADVICE It’s important to contribute wisely and opt for longevity. Use safety precautions. Enthusiasm is best toned down even if maximum amounts of mania are operating. Mars Square Uranus

March 8-12 FORECAST Wild times or vivid imagination help plan the next three weeks. Visualization comes easily. ADVICE Go for what is sustainable or meaningful but also clear headed and not an illusion. New moon phase

March 15-19 FORECAST Lighting up fantasy and spiritual activity seems a natural way to go. Bringing dreams to life could go either way a nightmare or heaven on earth. ADVICE Avoid intoxicants since they could have an extra potent effect now. Sun conjunct Neptune

March 23-27 FORECAST Lots of feedback for personal history summary is going on along with group events. The presentation is often dramatic. ADVICE Karmic story scores pack a punch and also carry a message of survival enhancements. Full Moon Phase  contains a Lunar eclipse


Sunday, March 3

All day FORECAST Heroic aims and healing endeavors are now gaining additions. Prayer, poetry, artwork other ornaments are considered. ADVICE Improve on products then get ready to show your accomplishments. Moon square Sun Last Quarter Moon rises at Midnight

2:30 PM- 8:30 PM CST FORECAST Unique, restorative mind-body health methods are available. ADVICE A prime priority is healing and solutions. In general, that trends for an upbeat way of looking at things. Moon Square Mercury


Monday, March 4

6:45 AM 12:45 PM CST FORECAST Intrigue in situations maybe the entrée to run an even bigger mission. ADVICE Take note of red flags. Also, monitor humor or sarcasm. Some controversial remarks could upset sensitive types. Moon Square Neptune


Tuesday, March 5

All Day FORECAST It’s a watered-down day! There are few events, a lull time, and less than usual traction. ADVICE Take a break from the action and sit this one out. Moon VOID of geocentric configs


Wednesday, March 6

6 PM-12 AM CST FORECAST Accounting for a business position or social hierarchy is a wise plan. ADVICE Embrace reasonable altruism but also tap into the system and ask for help from influential friends. Moon Conjunct Pluto


Thursday, March 7

12 PM-6 PM CST FORECAST Useful wisdom and healing measures are featured now or tomorrow. ADVICE Add fun adventure to tap into the optimism stream. Moon Square Jupiter

9:45 PM Thursday-3:45 AM Friday CST FORECAST Active, courageous pursuit of solutions makes anyone a hero.  ADVICE Show physical strength and enterprise; this will win the day. Moon Conjunct Mars

11:45 PM Thursday-5:45 AM Friday CST FORECAST Lucky lessons or spontaneous education bring good fortune. These methods are potent catalysts for useful manifestation. ADVICE Useful technology and science alone are not sufficient for success it takes real soul power. Moon Square Uranus


Friday, March 8

All Day FORECAST Get ready for a wave of psychic, spiritual, and/or imaginative mindsets. The mystic elements seem to dominate. ADVICE In a practical manner current projects and puzzles are complex but make interesting stories. Mercury Conjunct Neptune

1st of 5 days FORECAST Here’s the beginning of a new rodeo. It helps to cover the dominant themes in human life. ADVICE Use new psychology therapies or sociology theories to make life more fulfilling. New Moon Phase

10 AM- 4 PM CST FORECAST Leaders and kingpins wish to be surrounded by beauty and harmony. ADVICE Advise the event planners and information providers that it’s smart to emphasize good feelings. Positive sentiment and charm enhance prosperity. Moon Conjunct Venus


Saturday, March 9

9:15 AM-3:15 PM CST FORECAST Expect a serious attitude and a well-organized set of tools. ADVICE Plan to be on time, respond in a sophisticated manner, and bring all your talents to the forefront. Moon Conjunct Saturn

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Adding more incentives will boost optimism. ADVICE Add joy and present the best possible options. Yet pushing beyond the comfort level is okay New Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST Expect jarring effects and abrupt interferences. Oddly this seems to both slow and increase progress at the same time. ADVICE This is a paradox! There are many factors in effect, so be safe and don’t rush. Mars  Square Uranus

All Day FORECAST There’s powerful gravity at work. This imparts a sense of drama and calls for balance. ADVICE Changes are implied and hopefully improvements as well. Best to ride the wave. Moon at perigee



Sunday, March 10

2 AM local time FORECAST Because everyone loses an hour of sleep there is a sense of jet lag permeating the entire population. ADVICE Go to bed an hour early for a week starting tonight. Change to Daylight savings time

3rd of 5 days FORECAST We are nearing a revelation or a profound sense of the workings of symbolism. Vivid scenes are unfolding. ADVICE Distorted reality could be due to propaganda, toxic hangovers, or excess sentiment. New Moon Phase

10:45 AM- 4:45 PM CDT FORECAST This is a peak transcendent timeframe. Some moments could bring an epiphany or just a fantasy trip. ADVICE Avoid delusions also shun alcohol or recreational chemistry. Lots of situations verge towards substance abuse. Moon Conjunct Neptune

6:15 PM Sunday – 12:15 AM Monday CDT FORECAST There’s lots of poignant talk and some bring a positive influence. ADVICE Communities or nations find a sense of identity or a mission. Moon Conjunct Mercury


Monday, March 11

4th of 5 days FORECAST A main focus is planning with a mindful scope on the big picture. ADVICE Use the recent lessons learned! Consult elders or experts if in doubt. New Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST Here’s a push to manifest what will serve mutual benefits. ADVICE Survey opinion ahead of an event. Moon conjunct Dharma Node


Tuesday, March 12

6 PM Tuesday – 12 AM Wednesday CDT FORECAST It seems time to check in with the dominant powers before proceeding. ADVICE Penetrate the veil via political or psychological insights. Glean or harvest the results and use as preventative strategies. Moon Square Pluto

5th of 5 days FORECAST To put plans in order is the task incumbent on most folks now. ADVICE Expectations benefit from imagination but are best tempered via practical means. New Moon Phase


Wednesday, March 13

2:15 PM- 8:15 PM CDT FORECAST The presence of extra resources via financial funds or good wishes is catalytic. ADVICE Education, travel, or encouragement could further enhance development. Moon Conjunct Jupiter


Thursday, March 14

1 AM- 7 AM CDT FORECAST Here’s the time for innovation or surprise. We can spot new trends and extend friendship offers. ADVICE Synchronicity and correlations are confirmation you’re on the right track or denial it’s time to turn back. Moon Conjunct Uranus

7 AM- 1 PM CDT FORECAST Many of us will dip into alternative means, access energy reserves, or upload lucky innovations. ADVICE Do whatever it takes to make things work. Moon Square Mars


Friday, March 15

2 AM- 8 AM CDT FORECAST Heroic missions will be based on personal motives.  There is a mystic backstory aka spiritual implication. ADVICE Sensory evidence, friendship gifts, and declaration of value may be tricky but worth the effort. Moon Square Venus

3 PM- 9 PM CDT FORECAST Limits on actions or references to elders are helpful. ADVICE Authorities advocate a double check on plans in terms of timing and schedule. Moon Square Saturn

1st of 5 days FORECAST An active imagination or dreamy feeling is good for artists, musicians, and poets. Most people will need to clear the brain fog! ADVICE Avoid inflammatory foods, and get plenty of sleep. A psychic systems overload is in effect for the next five days. Sun conjunct Neptune


Saturday, March 16

7 PM Saturday – 1 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Building fame or making heroic updates are on the agenda. ADVICE Fix what needs support, add growth enhancers, and maintain sustaining practices! Moon Square Sun first quarter moon (look to sky zenith at sunset)

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Here’s the peak day for mystic work. Use sympathy and ESP! ADVICE All becomes clearer via spiritual practices like prayer, yoga, expressed gratitude, and meditation. Sun conjunct Neptune

7:45 PM Saturday – 1:45 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Grandiose plans are a sign of true inspiration and glamour effect. However, analysis shows they could be unrealistic. ADVICE Analyze and plan for the audience or market that can support. Moon Square Neptune


Sunday, March 17

3rd of 5 days FORECAST Life is very wet or watery now. Everyone is flooded with emotions, feelings, experiences, or anticipation. ADVICE Cultivate calm and occasionally come to solid ground to dry off a bit. Sun conjunct Neptune


Monday, March 18

4th of 5 days FORECAST There is a dreamlike quality glazing over events and flavoring interactions. Many people feel sensitive, receptive, or overwhelmed. ADVICE This is good for arts and religion but it’s wise to cultivate practical attitudes and have a backup plan. Sun conjunct Neptune

5:30 AM- 11:30 AM CDT FORECAST Sparkly and charismatic will describe most people’s situation and mood now. However, information or media specs need a boost. ADVICE Be sure to list the operative topics, technology, and time frame to keep things on track. Moon Square Mercury


Tuesday, March 19

5th of 5 days FORECAST Psyches have been full and stimulated lately. The advantage may be that intuition is also active or instincts are switched on. ADVICE Continue ESP-enhancing practices as beneficial for the long term… it’s a survival function! Sun conjunct Neptune

1:45 PM- 7:45 PM CDT FORECAST Strong personalities are captivating, yet they must bow to the hierarchy and those ranking above. ADVICE Precedents of power or money are now enhanced with altruism. This could be a mixed blessing as they will intimidate and be humanitarian. Moon opposed Pluto


Wednesday, March 20

3:30 PM- 9:30 PM CDT FORECAST Assemblies and celebrations contain an extra meaning. Group education and cultural activities are fun. ADVICE Look for something fortunate. Hint: the big opportunities are hidden behind the front scenes. Moon Square Jupiter



Thursday, March 21

 3 AM- 9 AM CDT FORECAST Charismatic leaders, missionaries, and activists are at the center of attention. ADVICE They may benefit from tech enhancements. We are all watching for signs, omens, and synchronicity! Moon Square Uranus

All Day FORECAST Serious declarations about love or money are vivid and legit. ADVICE it is fitting to sacrifice pleasure or preference in favor of duty-bound relationships. Venus Conjunct Saturn

9:30 PM Thursday – 3:30 AM Friday CDT FORECAST Fishing for compliments, asking for praise, or dropping hints may be distracting away from the real matter at hand. ADVICE It’s likely that the audience or patrons have already picked favorites. Moon opposed Mars


Friday, March 22

12:15 AM- 6:15 AM CDT FORECAST Critiques aim at cutting trivia. Also, the current goal is to create a definitive sense of direction. ADVICE Clarity is greatly desired. Truthful goals, facts, and figures are a top priority. Moon opposed Saturn


Saturday, March 23

All Day FORECAST We are all able to easily cultivate perspective. ADVICE Emotional detachment is the predisposition and is helpful in analyses also. Moon at Apogee

1st of 5 days FORECAST Festivals and conferences will pave the way for greater life experiences. ADVICE Participate in cultural and community events if possible, Full Moon Phase

4 AM- 10 AM CDT FORECAST Developing scenes check in with true sources of beauty and wisdom. ADVICE There is reason to express gratitude for favors, food, and culture. Moon opposed Venus


Sunday, March 24

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Lunar Eclipse psychic weather is often strange! Specific demographics or communities show signs of mania and depression i.e. bipolar behavior. ADVICE Education could be a partial solution. A chilled-out mode and ‘this too shall pass’ mantra can help. Full Moon Phase


6:45 AM – 12:45 PM CDT FORECAST A footing in nature’s beauty and healing eases the hypersensitivity felt by many now. ADVICE Know when you are maxed out or have information overload mode. Protect your sleep hygiene via caffeine reduction and avoid screens two hours before bedtime. Moon opposed Neptune


Monday, March 25

11: 53 PM lunar eclipse starts   3rd of 5 days FORECAST The public is confused. Global events temporarily dim optimism. We are in a waiting posture. ADVICE A challenging time frame especially for females who may feel somewhat sad or moody. Transformation and regeneration follow shortly. Full Moon Phase contains a lunar eclipse peak coverage at 2:12 AM CDT  


Tuesday, March 26

All Day FORECAST It’s karma score check-in time. There’s a rush of feedback and a flash from the past. ADVICE Review history or biography especially those entries into current personal topics. Moon @ Karma Node

2 PM- 8 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s a sampling of trending culture and new science. Both are enhanced via contrast. ADVICE Review your history or biography, especially in current personal topics. Seek out other points of view and those with complementary skills. Moon opposed Mercury

4th of 5 days FORECAST Active situations are calming down a bit, yet many mini-dramas continue. It makes sense to strike a balance between self-confidence and cooperation. ADVICE Use charm and encourage harmony wherever possible unless it’s more productive to meet an issue head-on. Full Moon Phase


Wednesday, March 27

3 AM- 9 AM CDT FORECAST Analysis of the ranking or hierarchy in a situation—concerning who yields the truth or doesn’t– is a noble project. ADVICE Know what is mandatory or obligatory in terms of paying respect yet seek honesty. Moon Square Pluto

5th of 5 days FORECAST Issues from the past five days have resolved a bit, yet probably no one is entirely happy. ADVICE Compromise is often a way to maintain momentum. It’s time to refocus. Full Moon Phase


Thursday, March 28

9 AM- 3 PM CDT FORECAST Here is emerging a new view of what or how the current circumstances can be turned around to maximize luck. ADVICE Education and an informative survey on hot topics will assist in project benefits. Moon opposed Jupiter

4:45 PM- 10:45 PM CDT FORECAST Emerging now are wild new ideas and inventions. They can be woven into healing and psyche renewal. ADVICE Innovation just makes sense. Moon opposed Uranus


Friday, March 29

9:45 PM Friday – 3:45 AM Saturday CDT FORECAST Long-term alliances get refitted and energized when brought into a paradise or idealist communities. ADVICE Prepare a realistic introduction to utopia theories aka the good life with a clear conscience. Moon Square Mars


Saturday, March 30

12:30 PM- 6:30 PM CDT FORECAST The mood is a little chilly emotionally speaking. Restraint is admired. ADVICE Demonstrate respect for administrators, VIPs, and elders. It is a big world out there, but community cohesion is a lifesaver. Moon Square Saturn


Sunday, March 31

9 AM- 3 PM CDT FORECAST Sarcasm in critical analysis could interfere with your good intentions or creative modality. ADVICE Use humor, chill snarky thoughts, and take nasty comments in stride. Be a good sport i.e. emulate the generous person model iconography. Moon Square Venus

3:15 PM- 9:15 PM CDT FORECAST Complex conditions are paired up with intriguing people or unique goals making this an interesting story. ADVICE Know what you can navigate expertly and avoid danger. Moon Square Neptune


Monday, April 1

4:15 PM CDT FORECAST We are all going back into past references. ADVICE This is to build future success in media, communications, and idea creation. Mercury appears as if stationary and goes into (apparent) retrograde till Apr 25

All Day FORECAST Its compelling to make a summary of the past three weeks. ADVICE Especially of interest are the events during the full moon, which contained a lunar eclipse. Aim towards a gathering harvest and exercise the ghosts. Moon Square Sun– last quarter moon– rises at midnite


Highlights for April 2024

April 1 FORECAST The schedule asks us to retrace steps, search through the harvest, and review gleanings from recent events dominate. ADVICE This could include unusual team tactics that when attempted could work well. Mercury retrograde till April 25

April 6-10 FORECAST Experiments are stand-alone, events are isolated, or experiences seem unique. Some rare noble efforts connect current projects to a wider association. ADVICE Bring on an interface or build a network to enhance development possibilities. Interacting with colleagues is advised since a lone wolf mode is dangerous. Total solar eclipse

NEW April 7-13 FORECAST A current projects call for sustained strength, administration skills, and applied engineering specs. ADVICE There is a necessity for action on compelling problems via long-term solutions or at least temporary remedies. Mars Conjunct Saturn

April 10-30 FORECAST The 2024 cultural Renaissance will likely make a showing during this timeframe. ADVICE Clues on how to get the most out of this rebirthing event are tracking on global and multi-disciplinary levels. Top priorities include use of science, technology, and futurism. Jupiter conjunct Uranus

April 21-25 FORECAST Behavior shows signs of modesty and charm, extreme hospitality, or hearty outreach. This brings a focus to rich sources currently available. ADVICE It seems like a genuine leader or valuable product would sell itself, yet personal charisma, advertising, and marketing are modern enhancers even necessities. Full moon phase

April 25 FORECAST Scintillating production and ideas of science, law, or philosophy are coming forth. There’s a focus on making the best of an awkward situation. ADVICE We all would do well to use ingenuity and find transportation or communication solutions. Mercury station returns to direct motion.

April 26-30 FORECAST Here are hypersensitive moods or vitals get tricky. Potentially virulent is the use of imagination, spirituality, or chemistry. ADVICE Proceed with caution! Use applied science knowledge and wisdom regarding human nature. Mars conjunct Neptune


Highlights for May 2024

May 5-9 FORECAST Everyone is excited about new science and technology options but this verges on mania. ADVICE Best to remain open yet calm!  New moon phase

NEW May 11-21 FORECAST Events and emerging trends are the triggers for optimism and accent the dawning cultural renaissance. The opportunities arising now are among the best in a lifetime. ADVICE Fit in and contribute when and where you can as is fitting. However, mania is in excess and tricky! SUN conjunct Uranus & Jupiter

May 21-25 FORECAST An exam of close /long term (seemingly destined) relationships. ADVICE Exert a preference for powerful people and important groups. Full Moon Phase


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