Lyric’s Chicago Voices

                    And The Impact on American Music



20. Renee Fleming with J. Thomas Hurvis - Robert Kusel photoRenée Fleming and Chicago Voices Concert Supporting Sponsor J. Thomas Hurvis.

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By Megan McKinney



It was an evening of celebrating Chicago’s role in a wide range of American music, which includes the blues of Howling Wolf, Mahalia Jackson’s  gospel music, the operatic voice of Mary Garden and memorable offerings of  such local legends as Nat King Cole and Steve Goodman.

Gathered onstage at the Civic Opera during the three hour Chicago Voices Concert  were, among others,  current legends  Renée Fleming, Shemekia Copeland, John Prine, Jessie Mueller, Kurt Elling, Matthew Polenzani and Michelle Williams.

It was a powerful  centerpiece to  an evening that began with a range of Chicago food and drink as varied as the music and continued with a lively after party.


3. Co-Chairs Eric and Kim Smith and Nancy and Scott Santi - Jaclyn Simpson photo

Chicago Voices co-chairs Eric and Kim Smith and Nancy and Scott Santi.

2. Roger and Sandy Deromedi - Robert Kusel photo

Roger and Sandy Deromedi on the Red Carpet.

1. Brent and Katie Gledhill - Amy Boyle photo

Brent and Katie Gledhill.

21. Alexandra Nichols, Tim Jessell, Renée Fleming, John Nichols - Dan Rest photo

Alexandra and John Nichols flanking Tim Jessell and Renée Fleming.

6. l-r Anthony Freud, Anne Reyes, Caryn&King Harris - Robert Kusel photo

Anthony Freud, Anne Reyes, Caryn and King Harris.

5a. Lester and Renée Crown - Dan Rest photo

Lester and Renee Crown.

4. Caroline Huebner & Judith Pierpont - Dan Rest photo

Carolyn Huebner and Judith Pierpont.

22. Christina and Ron Gidwitz - Dan Rest photo

Christina and Rod Gidwitz.

5. David & Sheila Ormesher - Dan Rest photo

 David and Sheila Ormesher.8. Judy Stevens and Jane Pigott - Jaclyn Simpson photoJudy Stevens and Jane Pigott.

7. Mimi and Todd Mitchell - Robert Kusel photo

Mimi and Todd Mitchell.

23. l-r Allison McNally, Liz Ryan, Elizabeth Cole, Andrea Garber, Eileen Murphy - Dan Rest photo

Alison McNally, Liz Ryan, Elizabeth Cole, Andrea Garber and Eileen Murphy.

9. Sponsors dining in the American Airlines Mezzanine Boxes_Lyric Chicago Voices_ Jaclyn Simpson photo

Sponsors dining in the American Airlines boxes..

24. After Party_Lyric Chicago Voices_Jaclyn Simpson photo

The After Party

Photo Credit:

Amy Boyle

Robert Kusel

Dan Rest

Jaclyn Simpson