Lycée Français Soirée: A Soaring Success






Auction packages to Paris, Cannes, and Brazil highlighted the Around the World in Eighty Days theme brilliantly captured by the Lycée Français de Chicago’s Soirée: at the Four Seasons April 1.

Chaired by Stephanie Pirishis and Joris Wijpkema and Elisabeth and Christophe Ridet, the evening raised more than $525,000 for school programming and financial aid.


Lori and Ted Souder with Stephanie Pirishis.

Attended by 541 guests, the Soirée begin with photo ops in a giant hot air balloon created by Cory Durst and ended with dancing until 2 am to an international mix by DJ Madrid. Committee chairs of the 41-member volunteer team included Lisa Harwood, Nicole McCurdy, Michelle Jolas, Amanda Love, Jeannine Colaco, Christy Domin, Mariam Staunton, Holly Lignelli, Kamilla Svjgl, Andrea Wagner, and Adrianna Sanandres.


Lisa Harwood and Ingrid Adomaitius.


Holly and Brian Lignelli.


Gabrielle MacLeod, Class of 2011.

Highlighting the Lycée’s international student body, the evening featured karaoke by student cast members of Les Misérables. Gabrielle MacLeod, a 2011 graduate; fifth-grader Izzie Fuller; teacher and technology trainer Kevin Nouvel; teachers Delphine Geannopulos and Eddy Sebastien; and Related Midwest President, Curt Bailey, spoke on the importance of the new STEAM Innovation Lab (which refers to the sciences, technology, engineering, language arts, and math).


Curt Bailey.


Sylvie and Eric Veteau.

Part of a global network of 450 secondary schools offering a duel language education, the Lycée Français de Chicago thrives in its new Ravenswood location. With a mission to provide multicultural learning that encourages students to become responsible global citizens, the Lycée is headed by Eric Veteau. 


Alissa and Jon Shulkin.


Catherine and Mamadou Sarr.


Christine and Vincent Floreani, Consul General of France.


Christopher Bono and Virginie Ott-Bono.


Dr. Steven and Elissa Lafayette.


Elyssa Khenissi-Saldana and Scott Saldana.


Isabelle and Jean-Louis Muller.


Hilary and David Pisor.


Joanna Sevim and Margaret Unetich.


Louise Lamson and Philip R. Smith.


Philippe Lunardelli and Elizabeth McRee.


Michelle and Darrin Jolas.


Ryan Mastro and Quentin Calder.


Yannick Chiasson and Maggie Coleman.


Elena Navas, Lisa Schillling, and Sharon Langshur.

Photo credits: Ryan Kocol and Noah Davies