Luggage Tag

   By Michelle Crowe


Naomi Campbell photographed by Patrick Demarchelier in the pages of Vogue Mexico.


Like shoes, luggage is a category that can almost always be counted on to turn heads, attract window shoppers and spark dozens of imaginary scenarios ranging from where one might travel, what sort of vessel to take, and how to deal with the paparazzi upon arrival.

Of course we all hope that someone notices our impeccable airport style and occasionally they do.


Amanda Miller, of the Miller Affect blog, shared this image of her squad with Henri Bendel luggage.


Several years ago while waiting for luggage in Los Angeles, a distinctive red bandana caught my eye. It was Bruce Weber, fresh off the LGA-LAX flight. He and his rather large entourage were waiting for their bags to arrive. In their ultra-luxe but casual travel clothes they were as glamorous a group as the Oscar goers they were arriving to photograph. As case upon case came off the carousel, it was just fun to imagine which might have been along on an African savannah, a beach on Montauk, the French Riviera, and more.


India Hicks with The Duke, a bag of her own design, photographed by Brittan Goetz.


When choosing a valise for oneself, most of us hope that it will see such storied destinations—and some do. It matters less whether a case accompanies us to the newly refurbished Ritz in Paris or a simply makes the weekly run down to Palm Beach during the winter months because wherever someone is headed to they’re on the move.

Custom made Louis Vuitton trunk for ballerina Diana Vishneva’s costumes.


So whether it’s a grand, custom-fitted trunk with a hand-painted monogram being moved via gleaming brass cart by a uniformed bellman or a perfectly weathered old duffle bag tossed in the back seat of a convertible, luggage becomes a part of our travelogues.


Giovanna Battaglia Englebert with her T. Anthony luggage from her Instagram.


We understand that one can never have enough luggage and encourage collecting. Whether it’s a beautifully coordinated set of T. Anthony that one adds to periodically or an eclectic mix of leathers, fabrics and even straw collected during a life well lived, buy the bag—then fill it with finds and memories.