Lake Forest Showhouse Preview Party






An elegant 1922 English country house designed by architect Howard Van Doren Shaw has thrilled viewers for the past month as the 17th biennial Lake Forest Showhouse and Gardens.


John Conatser; Shelley Johnstone; and Honorary Showhouse Chair, Mark D. Sikes.

At the preview party for this year’s Showhouse, over 600 guests got the first peek at the reimagined mansion; met honorary chair and author, Mark D. Sikes; and enjoyed a marvelous buffet in the tent off the 1,000-foot patio designed by Mariani Landscape and Alessandra Branca. Diane Grumhaus and Joann Jacks, the evening’s chairs, won the accolades of all.


Preview Party Co-chair Joann Jacks with April Tompsidis.

Hosted by the Lake Forest Chapter of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago, the event celebrated the work of over 30 interior and landscape designers who created magnificent looks for the 12-room mansion, 5-room coach house, and spectacular outdoor spaces.

Built for the Hinkley family, the house has a wonderful history as a social scene for Lake Foresters since its beginnings. Top local designers, including Michael Del Piero, Shelley Johnstone, Joan Craig, Sarah Vaile, Jodi Morton, Elizabeth Krueger, Wendy Labrum, and Susan Brunstrum, brought life to the estate’s beautiful bones.


Kerry Judy and Michael Del Piero.


Peter Ruggiero, Joan Craig, and Lizzie Ranshaw.


Sara Pickus, Elizabeth Nemickas, and Sue Slaughter, Co-Chairs of the 2017 LF Showhouse (Not pictured: Katie Ford).

Elizabeth Nemickas, Sara Pinkus, Sue Slaughter, and Katie Ford co-chaired the 2017 Showhouse and Gardens, setting high standards for successors and creating a buzz about what house the Lake Forest Chapter of Infant Welfare will choose next.


Board President, Sarah Georgi, and Elizaeth Blodgett.


Chris Gould and Paula Clair.


Collette May, Kim Meardon, and Leslie Martin.


Liz Morgan and Carrie Lannon.


Darragh Blanco, Terry Murnane, and Andy Bowyer.


Misty and Elliot Bell.


Jennie Mulliken with Trevor and Kasey Wood.


Meg Lynch and Katie Donovan.


Lois Blazsanyik, Annika Christiansen, and Robert Saucedo.


Jim and Lynn Van Cleave.


Will Georgi and Matt Mulliken.


Jonathan and Dede Erulkar.


Lori Lennon.


Laura Werner, Bridgette Doheny, and Cece Gottman.


Soledad Zitzewitz and Ana Ines.


Claire Staszak and Erin M. Chlaghmo.


Lori Baker, Meghan Morris, and Jenn Pattie.


Karen Stensrud and Whitley Bouma Herbert.


Amy Davidson and Dustin O’Regan.


Elizabeth Krueger, Amy Greenawalt, and Rochelle Gazanfari.

Proceeds from the evening and the Showhouse benefit the Angel Harvey Infant Welfare Society of Chicago Community Health Center, located in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. The Lake Forest Showhouse and Gardens has raised more than $4 million to date.

Photo Credit: Sarah Zaute Photography