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Trainer Kevin Lutsch.

Trainer Kevin Lutsch.

With just four steps when you wake up, your day will shape up—and you will, too.

Gold Coast personal trainer Kevin Lutsch shared his plan with us, combining one-to-one fitness, strength training, stretching and flexibility, proper nutrition, and mindful aging:

“Before you even get out of bed, paint a mentally positive picture, agreeing to be the best version of yourself today.

“Hydrate next with water—avoid orange juice, which is full of sugar. Prepare a protein dish, like a couple of eggs. Cooking them in a little coconut oil is good. And don’t worry—coffee helps digestion.

“Finally, do just three stretches: touching your toes, which helps the back of your legs, your back, and your glutes; stretch your arms over your head to help your upper back and thoracic spine; then reach back and hold onto a door frame with one arm, and then the other, to help your posture.”

According to real estate broker Tom Gorman, who has been exercising with Kevin for the past six months:

“Kevin is up and down the Gold Coast daily, seeing clients at their homes or their gyms. He is a lovely man who knows how to articulate what he wants to achieve. I try to exercise with him for an hour three times a week. We work a lot on posture, and I think I am beginning to see results.”

Kevin’s clients fall mainly in the over-40 range.

“Younger people are usually at their gyms, enjoying the jumping and hopping that high impact exercise brings. My clients are often busy attorneys and other professionals who have been hovering over computers during the day and find that their hips freeze up. They also need to work their spines.”


Kevin's Revv Training sessions in action.

Kevin’s Revv Training sessions in action.

Despite his demanding schedule, the trainer likes working one-to-one, taking a holistic approach.

“A trainer should begin with an overall health evaluation, not just by asking how much weight you want to lose. Not only do you need to know the facts, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, but also what the client wants to achieve. I observe full body movements to see where the strengths are and to see the joints in motion, thinking about how far we can take the exercise and what the restrictions are.”

Kevin was kind enough to give us some more details (and even a few recipes!) when we talked with him recently.

Describe what you would consider a healthy exercise routine.

A workout should work up a sweat. It should include cardio, weight and strength training, and flexibility. To do these thoroughly takes about an hour. The core is crucial in every exercise. Some people think core work is only for the abs, but it actually should address the band that wraps around your whole body and supports your back. These exercises improve posture.


Kevin leading a session, watching for form on a series of all-important core exercises.

Kevin leading a session, watching for form during a series of all-important core exercises.

What about nutrition?

Eat clean foods, those without sauces, and fresh vegetables. Fish and chicken are good. People often think that you can eat as much fruit as you want, but even fruit should be eaten in moderation. Blueberries are great antioxidants, and raspberries are good because they have lots of fiber. Above all, stay away from white bread, white rice, and pastas—look for foods that are dense in nutrients.

Mindful eating and drinking is the key. Control your portions! A person could eat a little something at a fast food place that has 800 calories or go wild with 3000 calories. I have a client who said he ate a whole avocado for lunch, which is too much avocado! Avocados have healthy fats, but they should be consumed in proportion.

What would an ideal menu for a day?

A protein breakfast is great, such as a couple of eggs. For lunch, what about a kale and spinach salad with a few nuts and a little salmon or white fish and a vegetable? Green tea is great for a snack. You are getting fiber there, and many of my clients add a VitaFiber to sweeten it. For dinner, try a serving of quinoa with a vegetable such as broccoli or asparagus.

With holiday parties coming, how do you prevent all the rules from going out the window?

My clients are very social—they go out a lot. I tell them to watch portion control and alcohol. A couple of crackers with cheese can have as much as 400 calories!

Your clients also have busy travel schedules. How do they maintain an exercise routine?

I encourage a walking regime of 15,000 steps a day, which you can do anywhere, and to keep track of your steps. Use an exercise band. You can do almost any exercise with it and it fits into your carry-on bag. 

Good sleep is essential. What do you tell your clients who deal with jet lag from travel?

You have to know your own sleep patterns, like how much sleep you require and at what times. If I am traveling to Europe in the late afternoon, I try to wake up the morning I depart a couple of hours earlier so that I can sleep well on the plane. Again, be mindful of how much alcohol you drink and stay away from caffeine after 4 in the afternoon. 

Traveling leads to restless mind, where stillness leads to good sleep later in the evening. I encourage my clients to meditate. I do so for 25 minutes five days a week. I don’t have a mantra but control my thoughts through breathing and relaxing. If you start out with even five minutes each afternoon, it can relax you and lead to a healthier sleep pattern.

I can’t end this interview without asking for one of your famous Smoothie recipes. Would you share a few?

Try one of these to replenish your body after a workout. I love my Ninja blender, its power and the individual cups it provides, but any blender will do.

1 Minneola orange

½ lime (not the peel)

4 ounces slim milk

1 scoop EAS vanilla whey protein

Several ounces of carrots, broccoli and spinach

Add ice, blend and enjoy!


Or you might try this sweet treat:

 1 cup low fat milk

1 scoop chocolate protein

1 banana

A little bit of oats and a flavored meal

Freeze some coffee in your ice tray the night before. Add several cubes

Blend and enjoy!


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