June 2023



By Victoria Martin





Highlights June

June 1-5 FORECAST News or events activate mild inner turmoil. Some people are torn between conflicting options or confused by opposite interests. ADVICE Be part of a mystic or shamanic healing solution. Use dreams, traditional remedies, and community gatherings as cures.  Full Moon Phase Square Saturn

June 16-20 FORECAST Potent, imposing personalities –and the sheer force of a noble mission– are compelling. ADVICE Do not be intimidated unless a retreat is the best option. Hold your ground! New Moon Phase square Neptune

June 17-November 4 FORECAST Trendsetters and zeitgeist analysts are speaking on the record. ADVICE Prognoses and predictions–especially those advancing the good life for the next 5 months– will be revisited/accountable, so frame them properly. Saturn stationary begins retrograde motion till nov 4

June 25-27 FORECAST Leaders appear confident even though group opinion and support are shifting or evolving. ADVICE Groups characterized as elite, expert, or specialty have the current version of the truth so it’s smart to check with their conclusions on trends in resources, tools, and money. Mars Square Uranus



Sunday, May 28

All Day FORECAST Contrasting leadership modes or different administrative styles interact with each other. Hopefully, a graceful response and spotlight-sharing will happen! ADVICE The radiant, creative qualities in a person or group are generous but could use some organization or business savvy. Sun Square Saturn


Monday, May 29

1:30 AM- 7:30 AM CDT FORECAST Empathy or fantasy functions come into play as interaction or role-playing. Natural forces become manifest as personalities and build on stories. ADVICE What may be at first a neutral element or flat trend takes on a character. Then develops the conflict, plot, and resolution story. Moon Opposed Neptune


Tuesday, May 30

All Day FORECAST A combo of survival skills and heroic impulses is evident. ADVICE Long-term salvation for someone could be as simple as activated street smarts. Get this via athletic actions, game work, or lessons in friendliness.  Moon Trine Sun



Wednesday, May 31

7 AM- 1 PM CDT FORECAST An intake of cultural riches inspires productive work. The sense of lineage or tradition is exciting. ADVICE A little competition is good—peer pressure- and can bring additional colleagues. Moon square Venus

4 PM- 10 PM CDT FORECAST Glamour enhancements like hats create respect and so are beneficial to the wearer. Also, modesty, virtue, and outreach are helpful if embedded in the works. ADVICE Niceties serve a purpose! However, adding appeal may be lost on activists, politicians, and financiers. Practical types ask what is the reason for such enhancements. Better branding could be the answer. Moon square Pluto

9 PM Wednesday – 3 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Fashionable effects could set the mood and serves to ID group membership. Also, good moral acts or social effects are key to setting goals for education, entertainment, or production. ADVICE Gather with your ethnic group, tribe, or kindred spirits. Tap into the enthusiasm and use the emotional support that is generated! Moon Opposed Jupiter

11 PM Wednesday – 5 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Weighing in on commercial and legal standards will guide intake and distribution. ADVICE Statistical or trend analyses are helpful as guidance for present and future use. Moon Opposed Mercury



Thursday, June 1

First of Five Days FORECAST Here’s a startup of sincere outreach procedures. There is a wish to resolve inner turmoil. Stay cool! This is a growth or learning process. ADVICE First overcome fear, freezing, or flight impulses if possible. The urge to exit is especially strong yet may not be helpful. Full Moon Phase

10 PM Thursday – 4 AM Friday CDT FORECAST There is much feedback, many replies, and frequent advisories. The proverbial ‘ seeing your whole life flashing before your eyes’ is experienced! ADVICE Supply what is lacking. Attend to the needs of head or thoughts, feet or pathway and hands or outreach. Moon Conjunct South Moon’s Node (Karma)


Friday, June 2

4 AM- 10 AM CDT FORECAST The favored actions are wizardly but practical. Interesting products and ideas emerge from elite groups and think tanks! ADVICE Surprise developments contain potent coincidences aka synchronicity. These may be especially meaningful for social or partnership development Moon Opposed Uranus

Second of Five Days FORECAST Community improvements and group-enriched experiences happen. ADVICE Good additions to the program are clergy, shamans, and musicians. They enhance events as mentors, healers, or provocateurs. Full Moon Phase


Saturday, June 3

9 AM- 3 PM CDT FORECAST Strategists engineer power grab or a self-interest influx. A stronghold of compassionate idealism could maintain a benevolent mood and purpose. ADVICE Extend outreach to elders, critics, or skeptics since they add character and drama to the mix. Moon Square Saturn

Third of Five Days (Peak effect) FORECAST Attempts to renew a quest or enact accelerated healing are welcomed. ADVICE Glimmerings of hope revive positive energy in a range of floundering projects. It is encouraging to redirect aimless people or focus on personal paths. Full Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST Sparks of innovation fly around. This is a fun, zany time featuring eccentric people and brainy types. There are novel conditions and wished-for leaps into genius realms. ADVICE Use humor, a contrary approach, and humane futurism, Mercury Conjunct Uranus



Sunday, June 4

7:30 PM Sunday- 1:30 AM Monday CDT FORECAST The stinging words of sarcasm are funny and vivid but could offend sensitive folks. ADVICE Keep it light. Bargain for improvements and borrow/harbor wide vision. Then use praise to make it happen. Moon Square Neptune

4th of 5 days FORECAST Demos of sincerity or progressive healing motions are favored and frequent now. ADVICE Heroes and active esoteric practitioners will benefit from strength-building, therapy, or humor enhancements. Full Moon Phase


Monday, June 5

All Day FORECAST Dynamic people find love and power situations to their liking. They accelerate good karmic scores via offers of help. ADVICE Take action! Deep passions –directed wisely—produce benevolent results. Teamwork is key! Venus  Opposed Pluto

5th of 5 days FORECAST There are solutions for dramas from the last 4 days. Turmoil may calm down a bit today. Conclusions can be framed as lessons learned. ADVICE Optimum performance occurs via acting on duty, dedication to missions, and sincere service to the community.  Full Moon Phase


Tuesday, June 6

All Day FORECAST Everyone feels intense tidal pulls as the zeitgeist gains gravity. The public opinion and/or personal milieu feedback is tangible. ADVICE Stay cool even if there is notable obsession or polarization. Moon at Perigee ie closest to earth



Wednesday, June 7

12:45 AM-6:45 AM CDT FORECAST This is a prime time of the month focused on altruism. ADVICE This is a motive manifested in the political and business realms! Use a humane attitude as a guide, hook, or incentive. Moon Conjunct Pluto

6:15 PM Wednesday -12:15 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Contests and willful/witty battles are topics for pageants, parades and performances. ADVICE Do a physical warm up and psychic affirmation before an event. Also emulate heroic or historic figures personally or by token representation. Moon Opposed Mars


Thursday, June 8

10:30 AM-4:30 PM CDT FORECAST There is felt a strong, natural flow of affection. Wealth and luck evidence raise good spirits. Promote flow that is: reasonable challenges that bring productive work and satisfaction/well-being. ADVICE Use a bit of innovation and add endearing, unique traits. Moon Square Uranus

8:30 PM Thursday- 2:30 AM Friday CDT FORECAST Support for VIPs and administrators may be as simple as listening to their tragic stories and rejoicing about triumphs. ADVICE People are happy to know how others have suffered and made the best of it. Moon Square Mercury



Friday, June 9

2:15 PM-8:15 PM CDT FORECAST Practical preferences skew towards tradition and/or proven methods. ADVICE Gravitate toward whatever authority or expert suits the situation. Moon Conjunct Saturn


Saturday, June 10

All Day FORECAST A summary of events, work, and relationships from the past three weeks is in process. The most prominent and promising of the lot should stand out. ADVICE Go with the winners and put others on the back burner. Moon Square Sun Last Quarter Moon



Sunday, June 11

1 AM-7 AM EDT FORECAST A transcendent and symbol-rich scenario is offered. ADVICE People play meaningful roles. There is a potent sense of life’s allure and mystery that is worth noting. Moon Conjunct Neptune

All Day FORECAST There are choices to make but most are presenting a win-win situation. ADVICE Gracious acceptance and gratitude for blessings are a plus if outcomes yield lesser benefits than expected. Venus Square Jupiter



Monday, June 12

4:30 AM-10:30 AM CDT FORECAST Thinking big is a natural now in terms of romance, art, and lifestyle. That includes a wide embrace of legends, lore, and remedies. ADVICE Maintain athletic regimens, health-enhancers, and beauty support. Momentum and enthusiasm serve well! Moon Trine Mars


Tuesday, June 13

10:30 AM-4:30 PM CDT FORECAST Creative impulses feel good yet are called to reconfigure. It seems they had better fit into meaningful 21st-century awareness for behavior codes and /or standards of styles. ADVICE Hierarchies deserve respect and methods or protocol are observed too.  Moon Square Pluto



Wednesday, June 14

All Day FORECAST There’s a push to manifest the best possible outcome. ADVICE Go for the most benevolent choices in a social or community sense. Moon Conjunct North Node (Dharma)

1:15 AM-7:15 AM CDT FORECAST Strategy for intake modes is developing. Spokespersons gain a prominent role. ADVICE Characters benefit from show-biz enhancements. Talent development includes adding friendly charisma and solving moral dilemmas. Moon Square Mars


Thursday, June 15

1 AM-7 AM CDT FORECAST Now paving the way to the 2024 Renaissance is the motivation to create and share. ADVICE Discovery and invention are increased via group interaction. Add on mutual interest-based activities and friendly outreach. Moon Conjunct Uranus

All Day FORECAST Heroic types rebel against mystic groups’ ethos or utopian ideals. Missionaries have a sense of paradise different than normal. ADVICE A vanguard/pioneer/trailblazer gets some restrictions so codes and customs can add flavor to a clique or culture. A bit of revolt may occur anyway. Mercury Square Saturn



Friday, June 16

7:15 AM-1:15 PM CDT FORECAST Well-intended crusaders get tested regarding talent depth, devotion, and persistence. ADVICE Authorities add perspective and personally embody mystical insights or wizardly powers. The analysis continues as a contest. So stay tuned. Moon Square Saturn

11:15 AM-5:15 PM CDT FORECAST Heroic ideas are just exactly correct for the current trends. Actions made now can ‘save the day’ and rescue instantly! ADVICE Make a list and/or follow mental positivity with mental regimens and brainpower practices. Moon Conjunct Mercury

1st of 5 days FORECAST The glimmerings of new missions, motives, and projects appear. ADVICE Monitor the leadership traits that are emerging now. Emphasize confidence and work-related esteem using praise! A mild perfectionist bent is desirable.  New Moon Phase



Saturday, June 17

12:30 PM CDT FORECAST Authorities who emit mystique or glamour are cementing their brand. ADVICE Mystic philosophers or those with special talents and perceptions are key players. Saturn is stationary and begins apparent retrograde

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Big plans and grand schemes are in the making. The plans may not include much sensitivity nor any religion, faith, or ESP elements. ADVICE Perhaps pragmatism is ok even handy if there are problems encountered with a diet of fantasy or escapism. Proper immunity calls for complex analysis and logical-intuitive solutions. New Moon Phase

10:30 PM Saturday -4:30 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Emerging now are compulsive teachers natural instigators and impressive influencers. ADVICE These roles/ types will minister to a complex contingency or diverse brethren. However, they are united due to mutual interests. Moon Square Neptune



Sunday, June 18

3rd of 5 days FORECAST Very intense ambitions and potent wishes are felt. There’s a glittering showcase to use and powerful emotions are invoked. ADVICE This is an interesting time for goal setting and all viable invitations can be considered. New Moon Phase

6 AM CDT FORECAST Here’s a mini preview of the Solstice and a show of what powers compel, A movement/impetus is towards both individual awareness and community participation. ADVICE List the appealing aspects of projects and elements emerging today for later use/enactment. Moon Conjunct Solstice point


Monday, June 19

4th of 5 days FORECAST Time to put some of one’s own hopes and wishes into the new options emerging now. A peek into what your closest allies and peers are developing is offered. ADVICE If nothing, in particular, looks interesting, then use your initiative and invent a plan. New Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST Here’s a point of examination for current issues, fad flavors, and public inclinations. The opinions of demographers, and trend surveying are interesting but may be biased. ADVICE Moving forward could entail serious editing out wishful thinking. Sun square Neptune



Tuesday, June 20

5th of 5 days FORECAST New offers and interests merit investigation, yet the tendency is towards performance anxiety or dabbling. ADVICE Vetted ideas and good-looking prospects may be worth the time and effort. But don’t spread yourself too thin! New Moon Phase

1:45 PM – 7:45 PM CDT FORECAST Strong people are filling iconic roles– philosophers and celebrities—and they question the dominant system. It seems instinctive to rebel against 21st-century codes. ADVICE If you can make an improvement then does it but hesitate when the urge is to be destructive. Moon Opposed Pluto


Wednesday, June 21

5:15 AM-11:15 AM CDT FORECAST Talented people gain confidence via active participation in fun events and advanced gatherings. ADVICE Key concepts are bounty and harvesting, Generosity is a guiding light, Moon Square Jupiter

11 AM EDT FORECAST The focus is on self-awareness but also the powers/ governing of nature. ADVICE A strong sense of life forces both within the body and outside it serves well. Summer solstice

7 PM Wednesday- 1 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Sensational theatrics and dynamic events may require decoding. The plots are captivating and the characters are gripping! ADVICE Art, Topics of money, love, and culture are bright and beautiful. Use E.S.P. to improve relationships (hyper empathy) Instincts assist with finance tactics. Moon Conjunct Venus



Thursday, June 22

All Day FORECAST After a survey major perspectives manifest. ADVICE Stabilizing references go back to tradition, feminine intuition, and gut feelings. Moon in Apogee (farthest distance from Earth )

4:45 AM-10:45 AM CDT FORECAST Strong demonstrations of leadership include a dramatic personality, confidence, and teachings. Charismatic effects dazzle followers/the public. ADVICE Get ready to participate. It’s fun since lots of action happens easily. Physical strength building and upkeep are a must. Moon Conjunct Mars

9 AM-3 PM EDT FORECAST Leaders contemplate input from geniuses. Each side—administrators and experts– is confident, so expect full participation! Talented people and advisors have their own agenda. ADVICE In a search for truth or effectiveness blind faith may not work; common sense is a big help. Moon Square Uranus


Friday, June 23

5 PM Friday-11 PM CDT FORECAST Helping those less fortunate and/or the most vivid performers of duty and generosity is innate. ADVICE However, manifestations are restricted by codes, laws, and prevailing morality. Moon Opposed Saturn



Saturday, June 24

All Day FORECAST Perfectionist novelists/storytellers attempt to organize complex collections of ideas. ADVICE Take your time, repeat instructions, and ask for feedback. This is a job of lassoing the infinite. Mercury Square Neptune


Sunday, June 25

9:30 AM-3:30 PM CDT FORECAST Tapping into vivid forces and power sources is an assignment. ADVICE Respect or even reverence for nature is appropriate both as a story and effect! Moon Square Mercury

10:15 AM-4:15 PM CDT FORECAST The powers of nature inspire awe and creativity. Spiritual practice and natural phenomena evolve into dynamic experiences. ADVICE Avoid fantasy or escapism and temper excess recreation. Map and ground flights of fancy use care in speculative ventures Moon Opposed Neptune

1st of 3 days FORECAST Leaders are driven to try novelty when acting as pioneers and organizers. New territory opens up for everyone. ADVICE Research guides can be very helpful even with some tech phobias. Mars Square Uranus



Monday, June 26

All Day FORECAST A pause in the action can provide a balanced view. ADVICE Standing with a foot in both worlds– the idealist upper and shadowy lower –can be a great equalizer. Moon Conjunct Ecliptic

All Day FORECAST Here is a place in time for worship or sacred space acknowledging the powers of nature. ADVICE It’s time to offer an incentive, build on what is new and promising, generate enthusiasm, and call on business or academic colleagues. Moon Square Sun visible at sky zenith during sunset

2nd of 3 days FORECAST Here is a motivation to extend your domain. A team of geniuses, technicians, and inventors helps this goal. Expect some odd or awkward moments. ADVICE Individual/personal discomfort is upgraded or solved by charm, extended hospitality, and furthering the interests of others. Mars Square Uranus


Tuesday, June 27

3rd of 3 days FORECAST Odd feelings, social discomfort, non-specific neuroticism, or geeky behavior could resolve via normalizing. ADVICE Get in step with a team, comrades, or teamwork. A sense of humor helps neutralize self-criticism or builds tolerance and poise in quirky situations. Mars Square Uranus



Wednesday, June 28

12:15 AM-6:15 AM CDT FORECAST A wish to make a good first impression, do social outreach, and pursue virtue may depend on optimism. Even if successful presentations may wish for a new look via retooled 21st-century code. The pressure of interpersonal politics is a factor. Satisfaction is not easy since sophistication is continually updated. ADVICE Be aware of the volatile psychological or political factors in the mix and respect/avoid confrontations. Moon Square Pluto

3:45 AM-9:45 AM CDT FORECAST Events, moods, and dreams give a rating on personal or communal Karma. ADVICE Feedback or synchronicities indicate the general score of where you’re situated. Moon Conjunct South Moon’s Node (Karma)

5:30 PM – 11:30 PM CDT FORECAST Iconic presences, good morals, and outreach will provide usage and/or distribution. ADVICE Access to rich sources and significant offers. Join in with special interest groups that fit your profile and history. Moon Opposed Jupiter



Thursday, June 29

1:30 PM-7:30 PM CDT FORECAST Active shamanic abilities enhance a leader’s reputation. These include healing, dream analysis, and community ‘Pow-wows’. ADVICE Time to get your Mo-Jo working! Use all your talents and special effects to enhance events. Moon Square Venus

4:30 PM-10:30 PM CDT FORECAST Results from the lab, kitchen, or workshop are amazing. Mini-events and micro-evidence depict genius at work! ADVICE Synchronicity and meaningful coincidences are powerful. These deeply felt events might point the way to best bets. Moon Opposed Uranus

8 PM Thursday- 2 AM Friday CDT FORECAST Feedback or instructions from advisors might at first affront pride. However, the actual results from applied wisdom may be useful. Be wary of flattery! Honest instructions are beneficial. Moon Square Mars


Friday, June 30

7 PM Friday- 1 AM Saturday CDT FORECAST Smart elders or experts’ input will temper impulsive sarcastic comments or modify ambitions. ADVICE Do not get hyper-serious nor overwork yourself. Use efficiency innovation and humor to yield smart work. Moon Square Saturn



Saturday, July 1

All Day FORECAST On the menu now is the time to witness the embodiment of timely ideas and manifest your thoughts. ADVICE It is possible to add showbiz/theatrical enhancements or a new twist to amuse and delight.  Sun Conjunct Mercury

1st of 5 days FORECAST This is the start of a 5-day trend showcasing vivid events and dynamic issues. Topics include patriotism and individuality. ADVICE Contribute to your community’s well-being. Enthusiasm is building but best kept within reason. Full Moon Phase


Sunday, July 2

2nd of 5 days peak night FORECAST Realizations regarding the value of traditions also we confirm our own rank within any given system. ADVICE Be aware of each pertinent person’s background, history, and heritage. Focus on what you share in common with them in these categories. Full Moon Phase

5:30 AM-11:30 AM CDT FORECAST  Sarcasm could lack compassion or be void of nuance. ADVICE Humor or ironic wit on topics of shared misery or vulnerable points creates bonds. Moon Square Neptune

All Day FORECAST Leaders hope to increase appeal and popularity. However, results may take a while. ADVICE Experts would do well to install support teams /accessories for clients. Venus  Square Uranus



Monday, July 3

3rd of 5 days (peak day) FORECAST Expect lots of / extra contests between political factions as well as vivid experiences of social mingling. ADVICE For Alpha types or talented people a showcase is paramount. Influencers should grab attention however possible! Full Moon Phase


Tuesday, July 4

5 PM CDT FORECAST Important issues peak in strength or validated feelings will experience a peak strength. Other moods, interest levels, or experiences hit bottom so extreme sensations are likely. ADVICE Keep in balance as pessimism manifests in some realms and optimism in others. Moon at Perigee ie closest to Earth


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