July 2024



By Victoria Martin




Highlights for July 2024

 June 30-July 5 FORECAST Religion replacements, spiritual symbols, or soul-enriched elements impact global topics. ADVICE Life is more meaningful than usual… it is mystic, dreamlike, or theatrical! Neptune stationery turns to retrograde

July 3-7 FORECAST This heralds a new cycle for the USA. Especially favored are fellowship and otherworldly effects. ADVICE Discover divine or poetic qualities in daily life New Moon conjunct superstar Sirius

July 13-17 FORECAST Prevention of corporate crime is a noble activity. ADVICE On a personal note therapy is needed to resolve tragedy. Mars conjunct Uranus at star ‘Al Ghoul’ aka the ghost

July 19-23 FORECAST Events yield vivid illustrations regarding power, money, and hierarchy. These appear in worldwide scenes, news, and culture. ADVICE This is a mixed blessing in personal lives as the rumblings of the psyche manifest via dreams and odd impulses. Also, sexuality is a hot topic and more controversial than usual. Full moon conjunct Pluto

Sunday, June 30

 6:15 AM– 12:15 PM CDT FORECAST Here are hints about what type of social or business evolution is beneficial now and for the next few years. ADVICE Many people adopt a heroic attitude, aim to give more to communities or support a charity. Moon square Pluto


Monday, July 1

8:15 AM-2:15 AM CDT FORECAST Here is felt a high level of motivation. Strategy emphasis and intake planning are part of the picture. ADVICE Courage and physical strength are assets. Build your version of them into the plan. Moon conjunct Mars

Tuesday, July 2

12:30 AM – 6:30 AM CDT FORECAST Unusual or innovative additions are expected. Surprise developments are educational opportunities. ADVICE It may be necessary to work through some tragic elements first then it’s possible to get to the genius part. Moon conjunct Uranus

All Day FORECAST Soul-searching is at maximum strength potency. A profound spirit or deep nature of the community arises. ADVICE Through reactions to vivid events we can better know ourselves, our family, and our brethren in a deep sense.

11 PM Tuesday – 5 AM Wednesday CDT FORECAST The main players now are heroic, expansive, and honest. ADVICE Dealmakers and strategists are crucial agents for luck, education, and travel success. Moon conjunct Jupiter

All Day FORECAST Effective reports and revealed truths emerge quickly. There are strong, brave figures engaged in analysis of finance and politics. ADVICE This is further developed to debate and discussion about research with good results. Mercury opposed Pluto


Wednesday, July 3

First of 5 days FORECAST Elements of brilliance and invention rise to the occasion. The poetry in daily life is spontaneous. ADVICE Cheer on the underdog, (winners who come from behind), or the little guy who triumphs; both are uplifting themes. New Moon conjunct superstar Sirius

6 PM – 12 AM CDT FORECAST Therapy plans are on dual-level topics of Psyche and Soma. ADVICE The mind, spirit, and soul benefit from long-term help! It’s okay if the body and lifestyle are upgraded first. Moon square Saturn

Thursday, July 4

12:45 PM–6:45 PM CDT FORECAST It’s easy to use imagination yet troubleshoot phantoms along the way. Negativity warrants mounting defenses possibly a banishing rite! ADVICE Rise above petty resentments and emphasize strengths in your communities not weaknesses. Moon square Neptune

Second of 5 days FORECAST New resolutions about charisma and attraction enhancement are arising…perhaps a necessity. ADVICE Friendship first is a good motto since we all coexist and play a part in each other’s lives. New Moon conjunct superstar Sirius

Friday, July 5

Third of 5 days FORECAST Plans to rejuvenate the USA purpose and true personal independence are in progress. A non-threatening or non-critical attitude works well. ADVICE Tolerance of quirks in oneself and others makes a better life for everyone. New Moon conjunct superstar Sirius


Saturday, July 6

8:30 AM– 2:30 PM CDT FORECAST Harmony maintenance– even during contests– could bring out favorable contrasting points. The disparity between intellectuals and athletes makes good stories. ADVICE We can all benefit from having both mind and body strengths active to engage in life and upload valuable lessons. Moon Conjunct Venus

4th of 5 days FORECAST ”Best intention” plans could involve parapsychology, sorcery, or eccentricity. ADVICE This is an exciting collection of ideas and processes so it follows that there is capability for great deeds. New Moon conjunct superstar Sirius

10:15 PM – 4:15 AM Sunday CDT FORECAST Picking up on personality strong points– especially those that are media compatible– fuels alliance-building. ADVICE A demo of power and versatility is appealing and if benevolent attracts new friends and relations. Moon opposed Pluto

5th of 5 days FORECAST Putting plans in place includes an awareness of resources, chemistry, and marketing trends. ADVICE We’re able to add sparkle to our own lives and that of others. New Moon conjunct superstar Sirius

Sunday, July 7

12:15 PM –6:15 PM CDT FORECAST An active group and event plays up talents. Mind melds are very smart and productive. ADVICE This is a great option to research, translate, or compose. Just speak out appealingly. The bottom line is: make contacts and work the room. Moon Conjunct Mercury


Monday, July 8

3:15 PM-7:15 PM CDT FORECAST Spiritual leaders examine the crowd for new developments or signs of genius. Special interest groups thrive due to talent influx. ADVICE Use an interpreter, tour guide, or outside help if appropriate. Moon square Mars

10 PM Monday– 4 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Regal and generous are special traits emerging and personally admired too. Even more important is the courage to do the virtuous thing. ADVICE As part of the court ensemble or guest list: dress well and be charming. Also pay tribute– or honor—to noble science, technology, and modern times. Moon square Uranus


Tuesday, July 9

2 AM– 8 AM CDT FORECAST Help directed to folks marginalized by society/left behind is included in basic training for heroes. ADVICE Take advantage of lucky options/offers. Gain extra respect: demonstrate kindness and compassion that is not automatically part of routine. Moon square Jupiter


Wednesday, July 10

8:30 PM Wednesday– 2:30 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Events call for extra discipline, affirmation of authority, or a show of cosmopolitan manners. ADVICE Retain poise and demo a polite demeanor. Keep your cool under pressure and treat people fairly. Moon opposed Saturn


Thursday, July 11

6 PM Thursday–12 AM Friday CDT FORECAST Circumstances are confusing yet glamorous and interesting. The influences, people, or events call for complex treatments. ADVICE There are lots of stories and enrichments not easy to sort out. Avoid traps, shun intoxicants, and get to sleep early. Moon opposed Neptune


Friday, July 12

All Day FORECAST Sharp vision is engaged yet a survey provides grand scale perspective. Clues and insights from science or nature studies are remarkable. ADVICE Borrow a lens from ancient or classic traditions to gain help and meaning. Moon at Apogee (Farthest from Earth)

All Day FORECAST Here’s a profound impact from the past and/or personal history yet the force is buffered or padded. ADVICE This is a test of ingenuity so it’s smart to call on recent success, vivid experiences, and viable solutions. Moon conjunct Karma Node

All Day FORECAST Passions and politics transcend the norm sometimes catalyzing trends and/or sparking obsessions. A pattern of hot and cold affections stands out. ADVICE These could be interesting signals that point to the best path or mixed blessings that call for repairs. Venus opposed Pluto


Saturday, July 13

First of 5 days FORECAST Current projects are enriched via surprise developments. Science and technology are made more relevant. ADVICE Giant leaps could describe improvements, but there’s also a nervous frenzy to contend with. Mars conjunct Uranus

2:45 PM–8:45 PM CDT FORECAST It seems time to add to new projects via cultural ideas or scientific resources. ADVICE To get feedback–or add the finishing touch–gather the tribe! Offer food, entertainment or interpersonal activity from attendee’s specific cultures and/or histories. Moon square Sun first quarter moon (Spot it at sky zenith during Sunset!)


Sunday, July 14

Second of 5 days FORECAST Eccentric or bizarre describe current behavior. Unusual remarks burst out… they could be humorous or irritating. ADVICE Expect some scary use of science and technology. This can be less of a fright when if the purposes are noble and presented in advance. Mars conjunct Uranus

9 AM– 3 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s evidence of strong personalities amidst outreach operations Hopefully there are humane intentions and purity of purpose as well. ADVICE It helps to know the inner workings or power orientations. All are notable or praiseworthy yet money and politics will prevail. Moon square Pluto

3 PM – 9 PM CDT FORECAST A strong media interest/presence may be habit forming whether on the giving or receiving end. See if you can learn from expert input, which is available for the asking. ADVICE Get to the truth by looking past vivid personalities and advertising. Avoid temptation instead seek out freedom. Moon square Venus


Monday, July 15

Third of 5 days FORECAST Here are supercharged dramas depicting people with tragic lives. There is excitement too much wears out people quickly. Chronic issues affect the brain but most quirky or odd behavior will be temporary.  ADVICE In terms of the here and now: conditions favor a quick onset of anger, so avoid triggers. Mars conjunct Uranus

11 PM Monday– 5 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Awareness of cures, individual solutions, and group support brings on treasured discoveries. A complete medical or spiritual paradigm emerges. ADVICE Good guidance comes from brilliant leaders and esteemed doctors. Moon square Mercury


Tuesday, July 16

10:30 AM– 4:30 PM CDT FORECAST Perspectives on revolution or change are accompanied by some distancing or balance. Drama plots come with remedies. ADVICE Cures are available and valuable. Long-term alliances are shown by loyalty demos. Moon opposed Uranus

4th of 5 days FORECAST Spontaneous developments can bring forth a show of talent. Some actions are radical and bizarre. ADVICE Avoid controversy and hold back on critical comments. This will help chill out potential anger and/or null violent outbursts. Mars conjunct Uranus

12 PM– 6 PM CDT FORECAST An examination and found evidence about emotional bonding is forthcoming. ADVICE Sometimes recounting mutual or shared experiences can encourage trust or bring unity. Moon opposed Mars


Wednesday, July 17

3:15 PM–9:15 PM CDT FORECAST Designating who is who –villains and heroes—depends on who you ask. Either way, they are matched in a battle or contest ADVICE Somehow this is a gripping story even if a familiar one. Keep the faith. Moon opposed Jupiter

5th of 5 days FORECAST Agitated and fiery would describe the current mood, tone of discussion, and interactions. ADVICE Alternately, the conflicts experienced in the last four days have everyone worn out or they will be tired soon. Mars conjunct Uranus


Thursday, July 18

4:45 AM–10:45 AM CDT FORECAST Magic potions or clever solutions have to please folks who are both sensitive and wise. ADVICE Hyper-aware VIPs, teachers, or administrators are worth questioning. Moon square Saturn


Friday, July 19

12 AM–6 AM CDT FORECAST Clarity in the midst of chaos relieves the situation’s anxiety. Help is on the way. Add success by picking the correct location. ADVICE Tell stories or jokes to dispel negativity. Do away or resolve petty complaints. Use the type of idealism that really works. Moon square Neptune

1st of 5 days FORECAST Here begins a sequence of revelations. The final score could determine who retains power over a situation or dominates a group. ADVICE Be aware of potential conflicts! Do not offend a contentious person nor show disrespect to someone ranking up in the hierarchy. Full moon Phase



Saturday, July 20

2nd of 5 days FORECAST The moon is getting brighter and with that, more depth in situations is revealed. ADVICE Think in terms of solving a puzzle. Strategies emerge soon if attention is on the matter. Full moon Phase


Sunday, July 21

3rd of 5 days FORECAST Here’s the peak day for obsession and compulsion! An active psyche or passion speaks. Hidden factors are coming into the brilliant light. ADVICE Seize the moment! Typically obscure or secret powers are accessible now but not forever. Full moon conjunct Pluto

5:15 AM–11:15 AM CDT FORECAST Keen perceptions are multi-sensory: visual, audio, scent, and touch. Psychometrics –that is picking up feelings from objects –could provide clues too. ADVICE Heroic intention and friendly demeanor make everything work out. Strive to win more allies and demo sincerity. Moon conjunct Pluto

All Day FORECAST Leaders may not fully understand the potency or effect of media-hyped tragedy. ADVICE Best to be careful and downplay drama unless it can be serviceable. Mercury square Uranus


Monday, July 22

4th of 5 days FORECAST The continued review of the history on current subjects focuses on the lasting influence or lessons learned. ADVICE Expect profound, potent gestures. Full moon Phase

1:45 AM–7:45 AM CDT FORECAST That healing sciences and cultural arts are honored. Also noted are the beneficial effects of joining special interest groups. ADVICE Engage in educational events and family/kindred spirit gatherings. Moon opposed Venus

All Day FORECAST Assembling with powerful, purpose-driven organizations, groups, and/or communities are on the agenda. ADVICE Do research and adjustments ahead of time, ask for info during and after. Then summarize/follow up. Sun opposed Pluto


Tuesday, July 23

5th of 5 days FORECAST The sum of secrets revealed brings urgency and perhaps a call for action. A strategy or revision is likely to manifest and beneficial responses are possible. ADVICE Respect ranking and evolve as the situation dictates. Aim to be effective and calm! Full moon Phase

11:45 PM Monday–5:45 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Lucky offers include some productive challenges. But the real aim is for righteousness to triumph. ADVICE Include ample innovations, science, and group input. Moon square Uranus

2 AM–8 AM CDT FORECAST Empathy with another point of view is informative. ADVICE Contrasts create discussions or debates that could in turn bring solutions. Moon opposed Mercury

8:30 AM–2:30 PM CDT FORECAST Shaping up environments to make something grand– even approaching paradise– is the goal. Some reported heroic or benevolent elements appeal to the general public. ADVICE Similar to the entertainment biz, and music, dance, or art the allure/appeal should be popular. Moon square Mars


Wednesday, July 24

2:45 AM–8:45 AM CDT FORECAST Mystique translates into effective actions or a sales pitch. Exaggerating the main elements can enhance the adventure. ADVICE First describe the setting and characters and then define the conflicts. Then telling a story does the rest. Moon square Jupiter

12:30 PM– 6:30 PM CDT FORECAST Adventures or ‘staycations’ invoke serious, respectful, and organized behavior. ADVICE Poise and classic manners are good traits to use now. Consult wise teachers and organizers. Moon conjunct Saturn


Thursday, July 25

All Day FORECAST Strong, dense moods are poetic and mystic. The public is moved by religious events or mythological topics. ADVICE Exerting an effect force on humans’ psyche includes physical forces: gravity, the tides, or weather. Moon conjunct Perigee point

6:30 AM–12:30 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s a vivid imagination and active psyche at work! There is much deep and transcendent meaning emerging. Archetypes and symbols speak loudly. ADVICE This is similar to an immersive fairytale experience. There’s a feeling of enchantment pervading everything. Moon conjunct Neptune


Friday, July 26

All Day FORECAST Pushing towards the benefits for all favors humane manners and fair treatment. Actions taken now aim at fixing the world AKA ‘Tikkun Olam’ operations. ADVICE All healing measures count even if only in a small way. Focus on altruism: unselfishly helping family, group, and community. Moon conjunct Dharma Node


Saturday, July 27

10:45 AM–4:45 PM CDT FORECAST People who are prudent and versatile will bring value to the situation. An agreeable personality is an asset. ADVICE The ultimate test is to fit into the hierarchy. Then work according to the code. Moon square Pluto

7 PM–1 AM CDT FORECAST vast arrays of rich sources are available. Places where treasures are kept outline the quest. ADVICE Summarized accomplishments and products from the last three weeks show a score or clear evidence. Moon square Sun (moon rises at midnite)


Sunday, July 28

10:45 PM Sunday–4:45 AM Monday CDT FORECAST The focus group of the hour does its best to entertain VIPs and inform leaders. ADVICE This can be an exciting time producing minor conflict, mutual admiration, or some of both. Moon square Venus


Monday, July 29

7:45 AM– 1:45 PM CDT FORECAST A high genius point of the month brings brilliant ideas and charismatic people onto the scene. ADVICE Sci-fi tragedies as well as masterworks of art, literature, or music are budding and blooming. Moon conjunct Uranus

6 PM Monday–12 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST Popularity coaxing is part of the solution and even more is real leadership. ADVICE A generous posture and true celebrity call for deep content and lots of heart. Moon square Mercury


Tuesday, July 30

1 AM–7 AM CDT FORECAST We are all launching a pet project, pushing towards a conquest or steering a mission. ADVICE Be in your prime physical strength mode. Find your best self and/or emulate a heroic role model. Moon conjunct Mars

2:45 PM– 8:45 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s the month’s peak optimism mood, so fun and adventurous offers proliferate. There are opportunities for success and support. ADVICE Focus on education, sports, and games. They will advance enthusiasm. Moon conjunct Jupiter

10:45 PM Tuesday–4:45 AM Wednesday CDT FORECAST The question to ask now is… What are beneficial restrictions? Some folks are amendable, but rebellion or pushback could happen. ADVICE Embrace the helpful structures that can be applied at this time. Moon square Saturn


Wednesday, July 31

6:45 PM Wednesday–12:45 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST The mini-trend is: a pullback on fantasy and proclaims an end to wishful thinking. ADVICE Avert temptations like gossip, complaining, or escapism. Instead, be clear and courageous. Moon square Neptune


Thursday, August 1

All Day FORECAST Elements of flirtation or futurism can be expected to dominate this scene. ADVICE Surprise friendships and elevated eccentricity result in fun, new styles, and zany humor. Venus square Uranus


Friday, August 2

1st of 5 days FORECAST Cooperative ventures accentuate team spirit and synergy. It’s apropos to devise interactive work and play. ADVICE Think about hosting games, structured discussions, or contests. New Moon Phase in the Beehive Star Cluster


Saturday, August 3

4:15 AM–10:15 AM CDT FORECAST Totem creatures or mascots represent communities, countries, or clubs. They are enhanced to take on new meanings or add good humor. ADVICE A narrative or story looms large. Consider the example of an eagle as the USA bird. It’s a survivor with keen sight. Moon opposed Pluto

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Playing now are parades and pageantry as fun recreation and also inspiration for work/lessons. ADVICE it is a good time to support education and/or charity. The fast pace is facilitated via extra physical strength training. New Moon Phase in the Beehive Star Cluster


Sunday, August 4

3rd of 5 days FORECAST The pleasant buzz is praising cooperative, enthusiastic work. This is key to satisfaction on both sides: employee and boss. ADVICE Festivals may be extra meaningful. Attend and participate as much is possible. New Moon Phase in the Beehive Star Cluster

11:55 PM CDT FORECAST Here’s a spotlight on generous ideas, charitable deeds, and leadership growth projects. ADVICE Recall past glories and/or historical enactments for amusement and inspiration.

Highlights for August 2024

August 2-6 FORECAST Teamwork is emphasized. Especially instructive are organic or instinctive cooperation methods as seen in a honeybee culture. There’s a confrontation between business and wellness education/preventative medicine. ADVICE Sense the collaborative undercurrent and participate. Clamp down on timewasters. New Moon conjunct beehive Star cluster  


August 2-6 FORECAST Here’s focus on role models who are regal or have celebrity status. ADVICE Anointed leaders are those with extra personality strength and talent. Mercury retrograde till Aug 28th  Stationary  Aug 4 at Superstar ‘Regulus’ aka little  king @ HEART of lion

August 12-16 FORECAST A sense of enterprise and enthusiasm produces samples and proposals. These auditions are submitted to authorities and agents. ADVICE Put forth the best possible version, but use realism about time and money factors! Opportunities are best aligned with catalytic icons, symbols and signals. Offers at this time look good and then the workload reality sets in. Mars Conjunct Jupiter

August 14-18 FORECAST Juxtaposed slow and fast speeds bring mini challenges, Most are more irritating than dangerous. Angst about mismatched structure or timing is felt. ADVICE Be ready to navigate as the road and schedule demands. Carry reasonable workload, weight, and responsibility. Mars Square Saturn

August 14-24 FORECAST There’s a push and pull between optimism and practicality. The expansive modes versus limiting forces are taking sides/places. Daily deeds are impacted or challenged. ADVICE Find a way to tap into VIP knowledge. Use moderation. Play it like you feel it; stay limber.  Sometimes use out reach other times pull back! Jupiter Square Saturn

August 17-21 FORECAST We can all draw from recent insights from the Mercury retrograde stationary episode. (See August 4th entry) ADVICE Revisit progressive message from rich and famous people and/or powerful leaders. Then apply to your own situation!  Full moon phase


Highlights for September 2024 

September 1 FORECAST Controversy regarding technology or science– and their anti-human uses– is dramatic. In the personal/individual realm, vivid outbursts of tragedy are accompanied by huge creativity. Sin and crime prevention measures are beneficial. ADVICE The silver lining is that emerging stories impart redemption, or meaning.  Uranus is stationary changes to retrograde motion till Jan 30

August 30-September 4 FORECAST The task at hand is to personally and/or professionally guide souls and rehab lives. ADVICE There could be remedies ready for the asking. Also adopting successful habits or wholesome interests is life sustaining. New moon phase in the compass constellation

September 15-19 FORECAST An ongoing order, spec, or wish is to clear the fog and/or purge fantasies. This is a hopeful act in progress. ADVICE Chilling out wishful thinking is beneficial. The end results are stabilizing directives and prevent disappointment. Full moon phase contains a lunar eclipse conjunct Neptune


Highlights for October 2024

September 30-October 4 FORECAST Survival skills are prized.  In this paradigm shift—aka solar eclipse– just about everyone instinctively invokes whatever actions are necessary. Also needed is an adequate level of engineering skills. ADVICE Any structure or procedural enhancement helps!  New Moon phase contains a solar eclipse

October 9 FORECAST Dealing with the difficult aspects of the human psyche is in order to harmonize negativity and resolve conflicts. ADVICE Education and new therapies further assist a turnaround. Jupiter is stationary and star ‘Bellatrix’ the female warrior

October 11 FORECAST Accent on altruistic virtues– shared within a group—creates harmony between members. Initiatives pop up within clubs and cliques yielding benefits. ADVICE A special focus on talent, human rights and children’s protection is timely. Pluto is stationary returns to direct Motion and superstar ‘Altair’ the eagle

October 15-19 FORECAST Dramatic effects are due to contrasting elements juxtaposed. ADVICE Participants on a debate panel or other showcase should aim for the best possible display of ideas first. Coming to grip with pro and con is up next.  Full moon phase at the knot between the fishes

October 30– November 3 FORECAST Charming, attractive personalities promote marketing, propaganda, and sales. Signs of special supernatural powers are enriching.  ADVICE Go beyond the alluring personality. More important is a demo of virtues that states the actual value of promotions, ideas, and products. New Moon Phase


Highlights for November 2024

November 15 FORECAST Recently wounded–and now healed–teachers and trendsetters are now authoritative influencers. ADVICE This could be stormy yet also a triumph. Use humor, tolerate the nasty pokes, and ignore the sarcasm.  Saturn is stationary returns to direct motion

November 13-17 FORECAST The mood is shrill, brilliant, and wildly manic. Contrary, unique, and fiery would describe the attributes and elements coming into play. There is some zany fun as well. ADVICE Guard against radically driven actions. Moderate the impulse that goes too far out! Decisions should be unique, but cool, level headed, and scientifically validated. Full moon phase conjunct Uranus

November 25- December 15 FORECAST Expect to be in marathon mode and this brings sparkling intellectual moments or bright concepts. A fixation and/or focus about removing communication barriers is a motive. ADVICE Secrets come out, much is revealed, and strategies are formed. We’re dealing with power packed ideas here. Mercury stations changes to retrograde Motion till December 15.

November 29- December 3 FORECAST Setting up strategies include super human challenges even though political gain is also a goal. Potent, ruthless motions are likely, but watch out: revengeful ones may backfire. ADVICE Beware of non-humane, anti-compassionate models. New Moon Phase at the toughest star antares: heart of the Scorpion


Highlights for December 2024

December 1-11 FORECAST High-energy source/demo or thematic focus rounds out the events, festivals, and pageants. This could be heavy weighted to force a decisive imperative. ADVICE Here’s the time to be a military scout. A physical regimen is helpful for individuals in a manner fitting of the rank. Consider use of traditional psyche healing like catharsis. A character showing shamanic traits or sorceress talents would be perfect as the master of ceremonies. Mars stationary turns to retrograde  Dec 5 until February 23

December 2-12 FORECAST Consider all the complexities of joining elite or specialty groups. There is an interview for starters. ADVICE Be prepared to do active listening and demonstrate eligibility towards influential members. Those measures can guide the neophyte and create the most promising affiliation.  Neptune stationary Dec 6 changes to Direct Motion

December 13-17 FORECAST We are all looking towards the big picture. Praise is due to fixers, especially for the intuitive therapist. ADVICE Great insights regarding human nature save the day. A widespread momentum is felt! Motives are to educate and extend a helping hand. Full moon phase conjunct at star ‘Bellatrix’ the female warrior

December 28-January 1 FORECAST Attention is on those who are rising to high official positions. Especially important if this takes place at a major center or headquarter affecting a wide range of people. ADVICE The forces of attraction are also examined in terms of what makes a location attractive and how to make more so. New Moon Phase at the galactic center

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