July 2023



By Victoria Martin





Highlights for July

July 1-5 FORECAST A heightened public excitement calls forth a new take on traditional/folkloric traditions/legends. ADVICE New champions of freedom and altruism emerge. Some heroes of the past may no longer fit the current national ethos and get phased out.  Full Moon Phase


July 15-19 FORECAST Remembering the plague years can grant gratitude or impart a sobering perspective. ADVICE Thriving can hinge on media savvy and an active social network as well as good mental health. New Moon Phase opposed Pluto


July 18-21 FORECAST Gritty circumstances bring on extra duties, will benefit from expert analysis, and invoke teamwork, direction seeking, and survivalist response. ADVICE Conditions call for dedication to work as well as a disciplined mind and body. Mars opposed Saturn


July 20-22 FORECAST Partnerships and publicity/media-based fame get a tight squeeze so both are revised. ADVICE Flexibility and sophistication as well as human psychology insights serve well to maintain a good reputation. Sun opposed Pluto


July 1-5 FORECAST An option to strike a harmony in relations and/or create something dynamic. ADVICE Novelty combined with passion may find material and interpersonal support, so an inspiration or aphrodisiac. Moon trine Venus-Mars




Sunday, July 2

2nd of 5 days (peak night) FORECAST Expect to have realizations regarding the value of traditions, legends, and history. During this time we confirm our own rank within any given system. ADVICE Be aware of each pertinent person’s background and heritage. Focus on what you share in common with them in these vetted categories. Full Moon Phase


5:30 AM-11:30 AM CDT FORECAST Sarcasm could lack compassion or be void of nuance prompting caution. ADVICE Humor or ironic wit on topics of shared misery or vulnerable points creates bonds. Moon Square Neptune


All Day FORECAST Leaders hope to increase appeal and popularity. However, results may take a while. ADVICE Experts would do well to install support teams and enhance accessories like branding for clients. Venus Square Uranus


Monday, July 3

3rd of 5 days (peak day) FORECAST Expect to see lots of contests between political factions as well as vivid social mingling. Most inner turmoil resolves nicely into happy endings. ADVICE For Alpha types and talented people a showcase is paramount. Influencers should grab worthwhile attention however possible! Full Moon Phase


8:45 AM- 11:45 AM CDT FORECAST Feedback, conversation, and data search reveal how ideas resonate. A focus is on the use of symbols. ADVICE Create a legend or story. Use a setting, characters, conflict, and then a final resolution. Moon opposed Mercury


Tuesday, July 4

1st of 2 days FORECAST Important issues peak and experiences are extra strength. Other moods, interest levels, or agendas could hit bottom. ADVICE Extreme sensations are likely felt, so stay in balance! Pessimism manifests in some realms and optimism in others. Moon at Perigee ie closest to Earth


4th of 5 days FORECAST The emphasis now in business is on rank. Or status within an institutional context is supreme. ADVICE Be objective. Realize that sometimes prestige transfers from one room to another but not always. Full Moon Phase


8:45 AM- 2:45 PM CDT FORECAST Secrets are revealed and powerful plans come to light. ADVICE Many current motives are based on survival, breeding, turf claims, or other primal urges. Moon Conjunct Pluto



Wednesday, July 5

5th of 5 days FORECAST Lively debates on politics and culture in the USA and its allies continue. ADVICE There is also controversy about the country’s view on peacemaking and social scenes. Full Moon Phase


All day FORECAST Influences that stabilize or on the contrary, dissipate are felt internally. Whether or mass psychology i.e. public influences or external trends are felt internally. ADVICE The factors that secure — or on the contrary cause alarm — will intensify emotions so stay in balance if possible. Moon at Perigee


8:30 PM Wednesday – 2:30 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST Lucky chances and/or fortunate options are offered and available. ADVICE Some contrarians or futurist folks rebel against it. The focus is on media and also what will dominate 2024 culture. Moon Square Uranus


11:30 PM Wednesday -5:30 AM Thursday CDT FORECAST More fortunate options appear yet the most beautiful, pleasant, or appealing treatments will win. ADVICE Charismatic leaders and performers can use current styles as a guide for makeovers. Moon opposed Venus


Thursday, July 6

5:45 AM-11:45 AM CDT FORECAST Experts make suggestions, but the kingpins military, or administrators call the shots. ADVICE Participants or witnesses would fare better if they come to the occasion imbued with extra physical strength. Moon opposed Mars


8:45 PM Thursday-2:45 AM Friday EDT FORECAST The mood is serious and sophisticated. ADVICE Pragmatic or logical is the best possible mindset. Address the situation with respect. Moon Conjunct Saturn



Friday, July 7

All Day FORECAST Success in small matters and minor point victories add up to encouraging results. ADVICE It’s a good time for a mini adventure, educational research, or philosophical discussions. The creative process starts tiny and gets large eventually taking part in the grand scheme. Moon trine Sun


Saturday, July 8

7:15 AM-1:15 PM CDT FORECAST Fantasy rules the waves. A transcendent, mystic mode is inspiring to poets, artists, and musicians. For everyone else, that may fog the brain. ADVICE It’s easy to get swept off your feet, Use the big picture and an anchor estimate if needed. Moon Conjunct Neptune


Sunday, July 9

6 PM Sunday -12 AM Monday CDT FORECAST Thinking big could include the choice between winners and losers. ADVICE Chemistry analysis and tracking commodity value could be part of the process. It’s time to decide the keepers and toss the losers. Moon Square Sun



Monday, July 10

All Day FORECAST Research and strategy processes enter strongly many into projects and procedure developments. ADVICE Play detective and consult tactical experts. All will be well with the new affiliations and link-ups. Mercury Opposed Pluto


All Day FORECAST Here is an urge to manifest the best possible version of ideas, projects, and relationships. Ideas are developing nicely. Benefits and future business are in focus. ADVICE Import benevolent people and pay homage to those who instigate or sustained benefits for the greater good. Moon at Dharma Node


Tuesday, July 11

12 PM-6 PM CDT FORECAST Determining the best outcome will be either a technical or an aesthetic exam. Benefits and future business are in focus. ADVICE An enlightened attitude and good sportsmanship will amass optimum success. Humor, education, and/or travel are helpers too. Moon Conjunct Jupiter


Wednesday, July 12

8:45 AM- 2:45 PM CDT FORECAST Unique, contrarian, or genius-level describe the projects that get cooked up. Groups of like-minded folks or those with similar training gather together. ADVICE Unity regarding origins, purpose, or product is favorable for bonding. Moon Conjunct Uranus


5:15 PM -11:15 PM CDT FORECAST Tragedy or comedy are good stories that create interest. ADVICE To maintain attention use glamour or other appealing features that enhances star power. Moon Square Venus



Thursday, July 13

3 AM-9 AM CDT FORECAST Sob stories recited by chorus or performers obtain favor. However, some may not according to the vote of celebrities and rulers. ADVICE More tests of strength or state of fitness determines the winners. Moon Square Mars


12 PM- 6 PM CDT FORECAST Heroes absorb mystique or dogma that is cult-like, exotic, or devotional. ADVICE It’s best to accommodate superficial specs including dress code, vocabulary, and manners. That is as long as you keep your individual core values. Moon Square Saturn


Friday, July 14

All Day FORECAST Not much is happening yet there seems to be a blanket of harmony spread over everything. ADVICE This is a good time to introduce innovations especially those backed by a group, consortium, clique, or committee. Sun sextile Uranus


Saturday, July 15

4:30 AM-10:30 AM CDT FORECAST Perfectionist goals mean those that encompass all spectrums as desired. ADVICE In order to please the audience, do a show as expected. Maybe pick a specialty and excel at that. Moon Square Neptune


1st of 5 days FORECAST Starting up a new enterprise will call for clever wit as well as an athletic strength and showmanship. ADVICE This is a great reach as it encompasses both superficial and deep character enhancers. New Moon Phase



Sunday, July 16

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Some fierce and feisty competitions crop up in multiple sectors. ADVICE Everyone is feeling the hype. A contestant will likely position himself or herself to advance an agenda or defend a territory. New Moon Phase


All Day FORECAST Pageants, parades, and parties create amusement and humor but also education. Some lively discussions invite participation. Debates occur and conclusions or decisions are not easy. They are not forced upon participants but will be helpful eventually. Mercury Square Jupiter


Monday, July 17

3rd of 5 days FORECAST Brains and body call out for help! It’s a balancing act to please both. ADVICE There’s a reverence for intellect and yet also an impulse to idolize brute strength; this is the dilemma. New Moon Phase


7 PM Monday – 1 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST A strong personality is an entry point, but staying power and endurance may be based on entourage support. ADVICE Go for all sorts of partnering with groups and businesses and other organizations. Moon opposed Pluto



Tuesday, July 18

4th of 5 days FORECAST Coalescing opportunities now include self-promotion and miscellaneous value assertions. ADVICE Appeal to primal senses that is: mating, turf claims, and group status. New Moon Phase


9 PM Tuesday – 3 AM Wednesday CDT FORECAST Parades, pageants, and plays depict passion. ADVICE An ample wide lens and display the entire competition. The flow of money and access to resources is an important function. Moon Square Jupiter


Wednesday, July 19

5th of 5 days FORECAST Closing in on finalists will absorbent attention. ADVICE Get votes from fans or attendees. The tone of things will become raw and brutally honest. New Moon Phase


3:15 AM-9:15 AM CDT FORECAST Smart and intriguing portraits of the U.S.A.’s historic riches or local lore. ADVICE Parades, stories, or pageantry should contain proverbs via speaking, singing, dancing, and music. Moon Conjunct Mercury


1st of 3 days FORECAST The best partnership dynamics will delegate work. A balanced approach lessens stress. ADVICE Be realistic about what work level is reasonable. Focus on good health and avoid the temptation to overload. Mars opposed Saturn



Thursday, July 20

6 AM- 12 PM CDT FORECAST There’s admiration for altruist celebrity traits like generosity. Another distinctive feature is an ability to express affection. ADVICE Be attuned to beauty or grace in the situation and make it more so. Moon Conjunct Venus


2nd of 3 days FORECAST Here’s an invitation to strike a balance between practiced mysticism and active charity. ADVICE Avoid harsh criticism or hyper analyses of self and others rather focus on progress. Mars opposed Saturn


11 PM – 5 AM EDT FORECAST Highly disciplined or poised presentations are gratifying. ADVICE Maintain a lively, fun sense of purpose. Moon opposed Saturn


10:30 PM Thursday -4:30 AM Friday CDT FORECAST Energy and courage are emphasized. Extra force advocates charity, helping the misfortunate, and assisting healers. ADVICE Adding good habits that enhance health and improve life is smart. Moon Conjunct Mars


1st of 3 days FORECAST Many are feeling in the mood for collaborations and deal making. ADVICE Empathize and anticipate about what is optimum for a person. Sun opposed Pluto



Friday, July 21

3rd of 3 days FORECAST The finishing touches are put in place. Missions are aimed to make improvements in the real world. ADVICE Attempt to engineer mystic reactions and magical effects to motivate well-being and retain attention, Mars opposed Saturn


2nd of 3 days FORECAST All the favorite players display talents and show attributes. ADVICE Choose those that could enhance mutual goals and strengthen shared beliefs. Sun opposed Pluto



Saturday, July 22

5 PM Saturday -11 PM CDT FORECAST A preference for grounding events in a sacred space or use of a sentimental setting. ADVICE Factor in awareness of nature’s wonders and plan to visit sites or travel on a pilgrimage. Moon opposed Neptune


8:30 PM CDT FORECAST Regal, generous, or magnificent leaders become enriched or powerful in a pleasing way/manner. ADVICE Take advantage of mentorship and do a makeover for beauty or add appeal Venus is Stationed in the heart of the Lion


3rd of 3 days FORECAST A fresh look at politics, finance, and health trends is crystallized in the process. The past three years produced new, formidable developments. ADVICE At this potentially objective point in time, they may be better understood. Sun opposed Pluto



Sunday, July 23

All Day FORECAST Spiritual or charismatic leaders deliver messages directed to special interest groups. ADVICE New media or inventions are re-fitted to the leader’s traits or administrators’ personal preferences. Mercury Square Uranus


Monday, July 24

All Day FORECAST Some opposition to medical procedures, counseling, or other miscellaneous healing occurs. ADVICE The harvest and civilization in general provide cultural assets and this is a good time to enjoy them. Moon opposed Chiron Moon quincunx Jupiter and Uranus



Tuesday, July 25

7 AM-1 PM CDT FORECAST It seems time to test what is culturally relevant and not mere propaganda. ADVICE Fall back on real experts and upload those with a proven track record. Moon Square Pluto


11:45 AM-5:45 PM CDT FORECAST The karma returns- feedback from past deeds- are coming through today and registering a score. ADVICE This could be good or not so good but take note of both. Moon at Karma Node


2 PM- 8 PM CDT FORECAST Attention to checklists about functions like branding, morality, and outreach are prime considerations for powerful people. ADVICE Performers yield their history /biographies success showing practices as narratives. Moon Square Sun view at Sunset



Wednesday, July 26

9:30 AM- 3:30 PM CDT FORECAST Commercial or legal aspects of current trends or situations demand attention and are interesting. The pure joy of socializing is felt! ADVICE A celebration of themes is rendered via song, dance, games, and group-specific ceremonies. Moon opposed Jupiter


Thursday, July 27

3:15 AM- 9:15 AM CDT FORECAST Current plans are drawing from traditional cures of folklore and history. ADVICE It is OK to enrich with specialty themes or intrinsic elements. Moon opposed Uranus


All Day FORECAST Speaking out helps to identify and encourage admirable traits and generosity. ADVICE Due to a human preoccupation with glamour and regal imagery it’s good to dress up a bit! Emulate sophisticated historic figures as much as possible. Mercury Conjunct Venus at superstar Regulus the lion’s heart


1 PM-7 PM CDT FORECAST Philosophers who challenge the superficial celebrity persona emerge into prominence. ADVICE Alter pop images to something more wholesome and target the false standards of relationships. Moon Square Venus Retrograde


5 PM -11 PM CDT FORECAST Attractions are mental in nature and intrigue is intense! It is also visceral which is good chemistry between people. Will these connections stand the test of time? ADVICE Charming manners and empathy enhance social harmony. Moon Square Mercury



Friday, July 28

All Day FORECAST We hear from local celebrities and Alpha types on what it’s like to be famous/ How to hold public attention is complex regarding the responsibilities and upkeep. Generosity is an admirable trait. ADVICE Long-term relationships are best built on mutual interests, similar backgrounds, or a shared mission. Mercury Conjunct Venus at superstar Regulus the lion’s heart


3 AM-9 AM CDT FORECAST Gritty or heavy-loaded tasks typify this timeframe. That will invoke military skills or tactical modes. ADVICE A dutiful stance is the responsible one. Confer with authority figures and follow practical guidelines. Moon Square Saturn


12 PM -6 PM CDT FORECAST A prime goal is to resolve inner turmoil and harmonize angst. A demo of sincerity is the silver lining. ADVICE Help those who are less fortunate! For your own self-confidence do physical activity, athletics, or do something fun to ease fear! Moon Square Mars



Saturday, July 29

3:30 PM 9:30 PM CDT FORECAST Sarcasm or stinging words could cause hurt feelings. ADVICE It’s best to use compassion and soften criticism. Moon Square Neptune


Sunday, July 30

1st of 5 days FORECAST Drawing on the wisdom of healers, wizards, or shamans. Pageantry and parades depict heroes from history or local good deeds. ADVICE Examine organizations including coalescing effects i.e. what causes people to band together. Full Moon Phase



Monday, July 31

2nd of 5 days FORECAST Instructive, vivid examples of hierarchy include stories from the Pandemic years. ADVICE What was learned via media, close relationship enhancements, and health realms can all be made into an updated living philosophy. Full Moon Phase


6:15 PM Monday -12:15 AM Tuesday CDT FORECAST What is potent — but usually hidden– emerges or motives and secret passions become obvious. Powers or aspirations are easier to detect. ADVICE Respect hierarchies, abide by the rules of the system, and adapt to set procedures. Do abide by meaningful rituals. Moon Conjunct Pluto



Tuesday, August 1

3rd of 5 days FORECAST A rush of options and opportunities beg for sorting. Rank in terms of what will stand the best chance of success. ADVICE Wisdom and special mystique are needed to gain beneficial results. Some teachings use intuition, gut feel are automatic protectors! Full Moon Phase


All Day FORECAST Here’s a time for a serious, focused study on a goal or assignment. ADVICE The best bets are to get in cahoots with VIPs, experts, and authority figures. Mercury opposed Saturn


5:30 PM -11:30 PM CDT FORECAST Ideal conditions for wisdom generating and mystic awareness are a good start. However, they are asked to update, reposition, or adjust. ADVICE Fortunate life plans include ample networking and choosing winners. Moon Square Jupiter



Wednesday, August 2

4th of 5 days FORECAST Continued interventions can chill out developing tragic theatrics. Celebrations and pageantry are priorities. Some are gripping or grabbing attention for good or ill. ADVICE Use beneficial sensors as a guide and stay away from gossipers. Full Moon Phase


7:45 AM- 1:45 PM CDT FORECAST It’s exciting to upgrade media, learn new tricks, or enter into a futuristic mode. ADVICE Go for a unique slant because novelty is favored now. Moon Square Uranus


1:15 PM-7:15 PM CDT FORECAST Agreeable and charming demeanor could mask/hide an inner story. The twists and turns of the plots: hero and anti-hero are dizzying. ADVICE Sometimes it is best to be a chameleon. By blending in an opportunist could get more out of life situations! Moon opposed Venus


All Day FORECAST Everyone is feeling the results of personal deeds! Checking in on individual emotional reactions to news items is natural. ADVICE This is a supercharged time and comments or reactions are intense. Moon at perigee



Thursday, August 3

5th of 5 days FORECAST We are all referencing peace and calm or craving stabilized elements. The full moon always yields very busy and meaningful experiences. ADVICE In this case, events take on the ring or tone of destiny. Full Moon Phase


5 AM-11 AM CDT FORECAST VIPs, authorities, and philosophers figure strongly in today’s activities. Strive to interact as much as possible. ADVICE Demonstrate poise and dignity even in the face of controversy. Moon Conjunct Saturn


7 AM-1 PM CDT FORECAST There’s a lot of discussion and improvisations regarding the topics of what is ideal, mystic, or glamorous. This influences goals. ADVICE There is much thought about how to realistically manifest the aim of perfection. Moon opposed Mercury


7:15 PM Thursday- 1:15 AM Friday CDT FORECAST Hands-on and embodied describes current experiences. A compass for orientation is a favored tool. ADVICE Agree to compete! Use fairness but be as strong as possible. Moon opposed Mars



Friday, August 4

6 PM Friday -12 AM Saturday CDT FORECAST We get a sense of the all-encompassing potency of nature. ADVICE This is in terms of the psyche state and also from stories and symbols. It’s dazzling to some of the big picture. The deep experience calls for an open soul. Moon Conjunct Neptune


Saturday, August 5

1st of 3 days FORECAST Opportunist abilities are put to the test! Are you high profile within an organization? If so, maximize your best options for interaction, education, and fellowship. ADVICE We all benefit from suitable affiliations. No one group defines you so that’s why multiple memberships are optimum. Sun Square Jupiter



Highlights Early August – Early September

July 30- August 3 FORECAST In the surge of activities there are many opportunities. ADVICE Pick the winners! Of special interest are options that carry wisdom and inspire good health practices. Full Moon Phase square Jupiter


August 14-18 FORECAST New start up choices and initiatory options are at the discretion of leaders. But could entail ‘Special Interest Groups’ and misc active clusters of talent. ADVICE Inventive and charismatic–but not quirky–are smart guidelines. New Moon Phase Square Uranus


August 21-23 FORECAST An odd timeframe/episode wherein conflict comes from misunderstanding holding back defensive response could create peace. ADVICE Many people are hypersensitive relationships are strained, best bet is do or say something harmony promoting. Mars opposed Neptune


August 23- September 15 FORECAST A focus on research about the powers of nature with goals to improve life quality. ADVICE A crash courses and marathon practical applications — done now — can serve well for much time to come. Mercury Stationary on Aug 23 moves retrograde till Sep 15


August 28- September 1 FORECAST Outcomes yield status increase but also responsibility. ADVICE A show of talent and discipline includes rich content and good timing. Best possible performance and acting in the most respectable manner are favored actions now. Full Moon Phase conjunct Saturn