January 2023



By Victoria Martin






Highlights for January 

  December 29-January 18

FORECAST Lessons learned from the pandemic years are discussed. Expect a media marathon mode for the next 3 weeks.  ADVICE More information regarding 21st –century specs, codes, and baseline are available. Mercury retrograde


January 4-8, 2023 FORECAST A rush of U.S.A. patriotism—and counters to it—seems highly visible now. ADVICE Emulate humanitarian principles as well as philanthropic ones. Access to enormous raw materials is good too. Full Moon Phase conjunct superstar Sirius


January 16-20, 2023 FORECAST What is normally hidden—such as inner workings and motives — becomes visible. ADVICE Take note and document important goings on Sun conjunct Pluto


January 19-23, 2023 FORECAST A new start puts into use recent discoveries, changes, and inside info. ADVICE This is a momentous time the utmost emotional discipline and trustworthy alliances are golden! New Moon Phase conjunct Pluto


February 3-7 FORECAST It is a challenge for charismatic leaders to retain a loyal following while sustaining a reasonable use of technology and science. ADVICE Worthwhile also is just the right touch of humanitarian advocacy and altruistic actions. That inspires trust. Full Moon Phase Square Uranus



Sunday, January 1

 All Day FORECAST Analysts and symbolic events show how we’ve progressed as a group culture in the last few years. ADVICE The positive aspects of themes are worth emphasizing. Expect to witness passions, seductions, and obsession. This portrayal may go over the top and contain too much information. Venus conjunct Pluto

1 PM-7 PM CST FORECAST A day full of surprises is in store. Expect some eccentric behavior to be mostly benevolent or harmless. ADVICE A full-frame focus on the future is likely to include the sci-fi universe and lists of what everyone hopes for. Moon conjunct Uranus

Monday, January 2

1:15 PM-7:15 PM CST FORECAST While venting tragedy perhaps some pithy pearls of wisdom emerge. It is possible to rise above or transform despair. ADVICE Learn from mistakes and don’t repeat if possible. Moon trine Pluto

5:45 PM -11:45 PM CST FORECAST Popular vote or purchasing power represents sympathies or fascinations. ADVICE To patrons and friends be lavish with praise and gratitude. Show the best attributes in self and others. Moon trine Venus

Tuesday, January 3

10:45 AM-4:45 PM CST FORECAST Special sleuths, scouts or shamans are called to duty. Many have heroic motives. Up close examination or transformative performances could happen. ADVICE Some missionary action is favored. Everyone gets a great awakening. Moon conjunct Mars



Wednesday, January 4

First of Five Days FORECAST Will see an uptick in participation levels. Star power seems to radiate via the personality of the front liners of the action or invention. Other manifestations verse on the miraculous. ADVICE This is the beginning of the five-day string of over-the-top dramas. Many are distinctly flavored with USA themes. Full Moon Phase

Thursday, January 5

All Day FORECAST ADVICE Many logos, myths, and corporate IDs resonate with technical innovations or science upgrades. This is a favorable time for friendship and new colleagues due to the spontaneous creative mood. Sun trine Uranus

Second of Five Days FORECAST We are warming up for an extravaganza! There is a lot going on to spotlight the USA. ADVICE Use culture that is intrinsic to this country a.k.a. ‘The States’. Full Moon Phase

Friday, January 6

Third of Five Days FORECAST Dazzling and controversial plays and presentations captivate attention. ADVICE It seems easy to dismiss past lessons but perhaps the review of recently acquired wisdom will be helpful. Full Moon Phase



Saturday, January 7

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST Continue dramas regarding the USA’s identity, purpose, or icons are developing. ADVICE Objectivity and factual historical orientation help clarify. Local stories, altruism, or seasonal themes are ultimately effective unifiers. Full Moon Phase

10 PM Saturday -4 AM Sunday CST FORECAST Striking profiles and vivid personalities play a leading role. ADVICE The lead character or role will differ from place to place and adapt to promote individual growth. Moon trine Jupiter

Sunday, January 8

Fifth of Five Days FORECAST There’s more weaving charismatic people into the plot. Some idolizing, fantasy projection, or vicarious experiences are likely. ADVICE The virtue of those whimsical practices is dubious. There are side benefits for those paying attention: omen detection, signs, and indications. Full Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST The intellectual marathon continues; this brings life to media production. Also featured are stories, legends, and inspirational theater. ADVICE Expect lively conversation and thought formulation, The outcome will be inclusion of the inventive and unusual. Mercury trine Uranus

Monday, January 9

All Day FORECAST Here’s a creative flow of events and a smooth development within friendships. ADVICE Heroic or talent potentials are tapped. Honorable intentions are actually somewhat exotic. Venus trine Mars

5 PM -11 PM CST FORECAST Charismatic, activist leaders and instigators are talented and well-intended. They can be subject to revisions or need to be opportunists. ADVICE The rules of luck require discipline, Foremost is to follow up on opportunities. A consistently agreeable and humble demeanor helps as well. Moon opposed Saturn



Tuesday, January 10

10:30 PM Tuesday -4:30 AM Wednesday CST FORECAST The trusted compass and/or helper may not have directives for noble actions nor heroic missions. There’s mania regarding a conquest or talent-driven zealotry. ADVICE Excitement is not likely to calm down and scrambling for solutions goes on for today. Moon square Mars

Wednesday, January 11

6 AM-12 PM CST FORECAST Participation in a cultural or civic marathon is meaningful but tricky. ADVICE Great success is possible for those who can innovate or improvise. Moon trine Mercury

12:15 PM-6:15 PM CST FORECAST Evidence of extraordinary human talents is shown via troubleshooting and premonitions. ADVICE Adventures are available for a group and for anyone steering a new invention. Moon trine Uranus

Thursday, January 12

3 PM CST FORECAST Fixed into the community memory, the media, and in conspicuous documents are important agreements and actions. It’s not easy to keep pace. Current interests are controversial, heroic, alluring, and open-ended. ADVICE Favor those deals that are pioneering, well-researched, and contract oriented. Avoid excess criticism but rather do praise self and others as deserved. Mars stations return to forward motion

2 PM-8 PM CST FORECAST We are all dipping into past remedies and finding common ground. ADVICE It’s good to use every survival skill and often sophisticated combinations do the trick. Moon trine Pluto



Friday, the 13th January

9:45 AM-3:45 PM CST FORECAST Survival skills and engineering abilities assist heroic missions. ADVICE It is smart to set up in advance alliances with elite groups. Engage in contracts and focus on goals. Moon trine Mars

1 PM-7 PM CST FORECAST There are many demands from the group and some pressure to accommodate corporate ethos, styles, and code. ADVICE Revive street smarts and survival instincts! This will help with the ongoing business marathon and high-volume communications. Moon square Mercury

9 PM Friday-3 AM Saturday CST FORECAST Personal gratification or pleasurable topics get a boost. There is great harmony produces while engages problem-solving. ADVICE Participate in social life or discuss wisdom literature to gain extra benefits. Moon trine Venus

Saturday, January 14

3:45 PM-9:45 CST FORECAST The display of a harvest or community products  gains good fortune. We are all asserting our agenda, ideas, or projects. ADVICE Prosperity is a focal concept. The push is to gather for a show and/or pool talents. Moon trine Saturn

All Day FORECAST Quirky incentives and charismatic ideas get normalized. ADVICE Emphasize wisdom and healing updated via new technology and science. Venus square Uranus

5 PM -11 PM Sunday CST FORECAST Analyses of the recent three weeks’ activities are in process. The harvest and productions emerging from the classics look good. ADVICE They are chosen for significant group recognition. Group consensus tallies are available as well. Moon square Sun (Last quarter Moon) rises at midnight



Sunday, January 15

11:45 PM Saturday -5:45 AM Sunday CST FORECAST Herding instincts or cultural interests bring folks together. There may be some conflict due to mismatched politics, money, or aesthetics. ADVICE It’s best to play up common interests and see how mutual goal-setting can bring benefits. Moon square Neptune

10:15 PM Sunday-4:15 AM Monday CST FORECAST Here’s a tally or feedback zone. Everyone gets a scorecard in terms of performance, manifestations, and relationships. ADVICE There may be a special focus on what happened during the past two weeks.  Moon conjunct South Moon’s Node (Karma)

Monday, January 16

6:15 AM-12:15 PM CST FORECAST Right now responses are peculiar and behavior is unusual. ADVICE Working within partnerships or general cooperation yields inventions. Moon opposed Uranus

10:15 AM-4:15 PM CST FORECAST In professions of law and commerce there are now emerging special charismatic touches. ADVICE Offer assurance to colleagues. Affirm gratitude towards friends and blessings. Support difficult relationships if worthwhile. Moon square Venus

8:45 PM Monday-2:45 AM Tuesday CST FORECAST Plans or participation include shamanic activity: dream interpretation, drumming circles, and/or natural cures. ADVICE Current conversations, special meetings, or sessions are best if they go with the flow of thought. It may be leading somewhere. Moon trine Neptune

Tuesday, January 17

1st of 3 Days FORECAST Usually buried or obscured–but powerful–factors come to light. Feelings typically hidden are revealed. ADVICE This has potentially life-changing consequences. Sun conjunct Pluto

2:45 PM-8:45 PM CST FORECAST This is an optimum timeframe for good luck and prosperity. ADVICE Projects could involve event organizations to produce benefits. Moon trine  jupiter



Wednesday, January 18

7:15 AM CST FORECAST What do the group consensus and organization spokespeople have to say regarding the past three years and the past three weeks? ADVICE We can all formulate ideas, concepts, or media-based productions! Goals are good and projects are due to move forward soon in a more simple manner. Mercury stations and returns to forward motion

2nd of 3 Days FORECAST There are important developments in psychology, sexuality, and politics. Look beneath the surface past the artificial and get deep. ADVICE Be a detective and avoid trivia or distractions. Dismantle propaganda and understand civilization/context. Sun conjunct Pluto



Thursday, January 19

First of Five Days FORECAST There is some pressure to set goals and formulate plans. Envision the altruistic or humanitarian aspects of current projects. ADVICE Emphasize human capacities. Survival slant and other special abilities and keen awareness help out big time. New Moon Phase

3rd of 3 Days FORECAST People may display their deepest feelings. It’s difficult to hide now for whatever reason. ADVICE A poker face would be useful if it’s possible to do. However, body language will reveal all inclinations and that’s difficult to control.      Sun conjunct Pluto

4:30 PM-10:30 PM CST FORECAST Active social centers and organizations may not be utilizing the best options nor maximizing their potential for good fortune. ADVICE Best to be reasonable regarding what can be accomplished and do it. Moon square Jupiter

11:30 PM Thursday-5:30 AM Friday CST FORECAST It seems time to contact a group that is hosting pertinent meetings. Emerging information is timely since it provides clues. ADVICE Here’s a great time to make contacts and develop rapport with colleagues. Initiate communications on topics of mutual interest. Moon conjunct Mercury



Friday, January 20

Second of Five Days FORECAST There is research about what clubs are known for in terms of members or activities. ADVICE Be a joiner if possible. Cultivate eagle eye vision and embrace wide, lofty perspectives. New Moon Phase

10 AM-4 PM CST FORECAST Spontaneous evolution and humor can guide actions. ADVICE Accept innovations and tolerate—even celebrate—differences in people and non-conformity in general. Moon trine Uranus

Saturday, January 21

7 AM-1 PM CST FORECAST Mini personal vignettes depict a review of the past 3 years. We see how business and societal systems have evolved. Each person gets a sense of their place within the ranks, meritocracy, or hierarchy. ADVICE it is possible to hold a position, yet evolve towards hopes and wishes if practical. Moon conjunct Pluto

Third of Five Days FORECAST Altair the eagle star—aligned to this new moon—brings the capacity for keen vision. This in turn ignites powerful mutual admiration. Allies can form a mutual mission/goal. ADVICE Be aware of past politics, intrigues, sexuality, and psychological factors. Sublimate stage fright or neutralize performance anxiety!  New Moon 

Sunday, January 22

Fourth of Five Days FORECAST We are shaping up concepts on goals and future projects. Especially in focus are those manifestations planned for late January and early February. ADVICE Do cure problems within group dynamics. Emphasize the benefits of collaborations and education. New Moon Phase

8:45 AM-2:45 PM CST FORECAST How much futurism or applied technology is good? A focus on what is helpful to humans may be a guide. ADVICE Get logo identification for a company or on group qualities. Develop a branding concept and act on it. Check-in with feedback data and on community consensus too. Moon square Uranus

All Day FORECAST Here is a time receptive to bringing harmony to duties via gratitude or self-praise. ADVICE Advance old-school luck. Use valuable, vetted methods to win hearts and make a comeback. Venus conjunct Saturn

5 PM CST FORECAST There is a focus on what is good or useful in the realm of innovation, futurism, and friendship. Also smart is attention to incoming data, cash flow, or nutrients. ADVICE Intake strategy is augmented in terms of acting on research, emphasizing benefits, and suggesting revisions. Uranus Stations then returns to Forward motion



Monday, January 23

12:15 AM-6:15 AM CST FORECAST A very serious timeframe includes judgment-based activities. ADVICE Be analytical yet use selections that emphasize the best odds for success. Experts can help or authorities deserve an honorable role. Moon conjunct Saturn

Fifth of Five Days FORECAST Courage assists in the launch of new projects. A presentation of ideas uses a display of keen, enticing perspective. ADVICE Admirable mapping and profound visions work well. Intense scrutiny is ongoing. This calls for enhanced sustaining methods and better survival skills. New Moon Phase

1:15 AM-7:15 AM CST FORECAST Developments bring harmony and value to serious situations. ADVICE Emphasize your love and affection for the work at hand. An improved attitude is forming! Moon conjunct Venus

Tuesday, January 24

10:45 AM-4:45 AM CST FORECAST Transcendent, mystic options add richness to viewpoints and enhance experiences. We are all craving glamour, sleep, or deep meaning. ADVICE Immersive experiences are best. Avoid escapism or dangerous seductions. Moon conjunct Neptune

Wednesday, January 25

6:15 PM Wednesday -12:15 AM Thursday CST FORECAST Upbeat business opportunities and offers for education are exciting. Adventures unfold easily. ADVICE Take advantage ASAP. Luck does not wait around; rather it moves on. Moon conjunct Jupiter



Thursday, January 26

6 AM-12 PM CST FORECAST Challenges to concepts, media productions, or communications work are solved via sophisticated coaching. ADVICE Make upgrades via elegant, hip, and smart adjustments. Moon square Mercury

Friday, January 27

12 PM-6 PM CST FORECAST Mixing up the players brings success, especially with unusual combos. Emerging elements of psyche, politics, or sexuality require careful handling. ADVICE Uncover and use the system. Utilize lessons learned from the pandemic years with lots of T.L.C. Moon square Pluto

Saturday, January 28

6:15 AM-12:15 PM CST FORECAST Rich sources come to the aid of new projects, healings, and miracle works. ADVICE Noble missions get funded and/or gain useful tools. Work on what was started since the New Moon a week ago: January 19-23. Moon square Sun First quarter moon visible at sky’s zenith during sunset

9:15 AM-3:15 PM CST FORECAST Here’s an impetus to manifest the best possible outcome for everyone. ADVICE Benevolent intentions, good role models, and a ready staff or platform will help. Moon conjunct Dharma node

6:30 PM Saturday -12:30 AM Sunday CST FORECAST Surprise developments keep everyone awake and creative. Intake strategy and/or nutritional concerns are worthwhile endeavors. ADVICE Use fortification via rewards or motivational techniques. Moon conjunct Uranus



Sunday, January 29

3 PM-9 PM CST FORECAST Semi-tragic or dramatic characters learn about maximizing luck. This may be done by chilling out their angst. ADVICE Even though theatrics are gripping a focus on the facts and improving operations gains peer respect. Moon square Saturn

All Day FORECAST It seems easy to apply wonder-working techniques. ADVICE Focus on heroic acts, beneficial effects, and good project choices. Sun trine Mars

All Day FORECAST Here’s a time for a creative spin on folklore or customs. ADVICE Explore any and all openings for innovation. Get info on raw materials for processing. Mercury trine Uranus

Monday, January 30

8:15 AM-2:15 PM CST FORECAST A mission to educate the masses and use talent has a few celebrity participants. ADVICE Major talent shows play well within ideal settings. Whimsy and mystique have a controversial edge. Moon square Venus

7:30 PM Monday-1:30 AM Tuesday CST FORECAST There is huge respect for contracts, vows, and collaborations.  A show of strength makes sense. There is a wide assortment of noble quest or heroic options to choose from. ADVICE All events now call for courage and muscle. Get strong. Enter the contest and have faith in yourself. Moon conjunct Mars



Tuesday, January 31

9:15 PM Tuesday -3:15 AM Wednesday CST FORECAST Wisdom-generative ideas carry a spark of conquest, mission, or calling. ADVICE Positive aims are well-being and friendship! The message is: be happy Moon trine Sun

10:15 PM Tuesday -4:15 AM Wednesday CST FORECAST Expect lots of momentum even if talent or business productions run into a fog bank or snafu. ADVICE Conditions are more complex than anticipated! Clear out the spider webs and get back to basics. Clarify goals too! Moon square Neptune

Wednesday, February 1

3 AM-9 AM CST FORECAST It seems the perfect time to apply tradition and/or bring in an expert. ADVICE Emphasize the structure for the operation or have a fallback plan. Moon trine Saturn

Thursday, February 2

12 AM-6 AM CST F RECAST There may be more lucky options than are apparent. The initial info display or first impressions are not showing the best advantages. ADVICE A fresh, new take is a good move. New opportunities are good to use.  Moon square Jupiter

3:15 AM-9:15 AM CST FORECAST Show biz talents and fun inclinations rule the situation. ADVICE Add the song and dance impulse. Make entertaining additions. Moon trine Venus



Friday, February 3

11 AM-5 PM CST FORECAST Glamorous touches are made with transcendent oversights. ADVICE A spiritual element makes the meaning stronger. Moon trine Neptune

First of Five Days FORECAST Many people aim for more personality in leadership. Expect lots of vying for attention! ADVICE Stay smart, be stoic, and settle for the realistic. Analyze and choose who will have the most positive effect! Full Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST Surprises and lack of compliance favor novelty yet will need fixing as they emerge. A release of angst is first thereby lessening the weight of the world. ADVICE It is smart to stay optimistic within reason. Odd behavior impulses can be harmonized. Sun square Uranus

Saturday, February 4

9:15 PM Friday – 3:15 AM Saturday CST FORECAST Another contestant emerges or powerful factors enter the events in focus. ADVICE Issues arising now require handling with profound sophistication, poise, and ingenuity. Moon opposed Pluto

Second of Five Days FORECAST There’s a sense that something fun or momentous is about to happen. ADVICE Especially highlighted are the fields of leadership and altruism. Full Moon Phase

1:30 PM-7:30 PM CST FORECAST Events, pageants, and semi-interactive events create joy and wisdom. ADVICE Great stories come from both high and pop cultures. Moon trine Jupiter

All Day FORECAST Experienced, empathetic healers and trendsetters speak out. ADVICE Everyone can use cultural influences to their advantage. Venus square Mars



Highlights February to mid-May 2023

February 3-7 FORECAST It is a challenge for charismatic leaders to retain loyal followers while sustaining a reasonable use of technology and science. ADVICE Worthwhile also is just the right touch of humanitarian advocacy and altruistic actions. That inspires trust. Full Moon Phase Square Uranus


February 18-22 FORECAST Visions of paradise creation wish to engage with idealist communities. ADVICE Relationships with others of similar hopes and wishes as well as a healthy personal body will support the good life. New Moon Phase conjunct Saturn


March 5-9 FORECAST Many folks wish to have a better sense of direction, especially for one’s soul and affections. ADVICE Trend analysts and esoteric teachings are available. Fun and active camaraderie in a physical sense are good if reasonable. Full Moon Phase Square mars


March 19-23 FORECAST Really complex situations are partly due to inclinations to fantasy and cravings for glamour. ADVICE Scenes are interesting but tricky. Use moderation and empathy. New Moon Phase conjunct Neptune          



April 4-8 FORECAST Conditions are semi-dramatic but fairly easy to manage. ADVICE This may be an excellent time to let off steam in a safe manner! Full Moon Phase  


April 17-21 FORECAST Here is a great sense of enterprise, joy, and adventure in the wind. ADVICE Optimism can be applied as soon as the proper strategy is installed! New Moon Phase conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto contains a solar eclipse April 19


May 3-7 FORECAST How many new spins could science and technology provide?  Legal and commercial experts want to know. A lot of mania at first but then a bit of fatigue set in. ADVICE Balance between the new futurists and the sophisticated, 21st-century synthesis; that does the trick. Full Moon Phase contains a Lunar eclipse May 5 (Sun is conjunct Uranus)


May 10-24 FORECAST The big challenge of the year is to hold onto power and yet continue to do what you do best. ADVICE However, to keep things interesting, think outside the box for luck and education. Jupiter square Pluto