It’s Tea Time in Chicago Hotels


Back in 1954, your afternoon tea at the Palmer House would have been served from this vintage hotel silver soldered teapot.





By Megan McKinney

Warmer weather should be here by now. Should. But isn’t. And it won’t really feel much closer to spring for some time.  We might as well give up, relax, and enjoy the best of winter in one of the wonderfully cozy yet opulent tea spots around town.

Chicago’s afternoon tea is never better than in the Palm Court at The Drake.


Yet the Peninsula offers a bright and spacious environment in its vast Lobby.

Here is a closer look at the Peninsula tea service for one at the window.

Tea at the Langham is served in the second floor Pavilion and according to the hotel it is “the traditional afternoon tea that first debuted at The Langham, London in 1865”.

Afternoon tea at the Ritz reminds one of visiting a friend at home. 

Much the same at The Fairmont.Another glimpse of fair weather ahead through a tableside window at Bridges in LondonHouse.

The Waldorf Astoria on Walton Street offers tea on weekends from eleven in the morning until four pm.  

 Russian Tea Time on Adams Street in the Loop has the right name.

And the menu looks perfect—let’s add it to the list!

Author Photo: Robert F. Carl