In the Swim






By Michelle Crowe    


Lana Turner at the Coral Casino Santa Barbara.


Plotting and planning swim ensembles is more than half the fun of a day at the beach or pool. A great suit is a must of course but it’s just the base layer. The real fun comes from choosing a caftan or button-up for wearing over that suit, sandals to show off that fresh pedicure, sunglasses and a straw bag or spacious tote in which to carry a gorgeous towel and sunscreen.

We might just be living in the golden age of swim style. Not too terribly long ago one needed to procure tunics and beach pants on exotic trips—or at least visits to Palm Beach.


Ursula Andress in a publicity photo for Dr. No.


And while there will always be incredible appeal to bringing back handmade Canfora sandals from Capri or a gorgeously embroidered cotton dress from Oaxaca, these artisans now ship.

This means you can get a replacement if some tragedy befalls your favorite like a green juice spill or an out-of-town sister who nicks your best things.


Guy Malin photographed these bathing beauties for The Four Seasons Santa Barbara.


We still recommend picking up souvenirs that become a part of the sartorial story of the summer. The delightful part is that now whole different moods can be put together for the various parties of the summer.


The perfect black maillot. Gloria Guinness and Babe Paley.


Lake Geneva for Independence Day? Red, white, and blue of course and stripes on stripes on stripes.

Pool party in Lake Forest? As pink, green, and preppy as you can get—although someone will out-Lilly everyone else and be the envy of all in attendance.

Rooftop soiree in the city? That’s when jet-setters indulge their inner bohemian with caftans, tassels, and exotic baskets.



Perfect poolside lipstick in this Tarte cosmetics photo from their collaboration with the Aqualillies.


For wild card outings or everyday laps it’s impossible to go wrong with a black maillot.

Enjoy this fleeting season. Wear tassels and hats and oversized sunglasses. May your lipstick stay put and your days end with a sun-kissed glow.