Today’s opportunities and challenges for all signs

Astro – Cast for July 26, 2018
By Victoria Martin


Mass Psychology-Psychic Weather- Dominant Moods

July 25-29


Many people feel compelled to make the most mature choices involving education, cooperation, and exploration.


A multitude of enticing options calls for careful choices. Usefulness and attention to ideal relationships and friendships is optimal.

Full Moon phase has a Lunar Eclipse July 26

July 26-28


Different sorts of leaders––military and visionary––face off. This is the showdown.


Those who represent brute force versus creative types could strike a synthesis and balance or annihilate each other.

Sun Opposed Mars


Second of three days

FORECAST Flaws in battle plans or corporate tactics. are revealed. Males, in particular, are very competitive and/or seem divided against themselves.

Advice Turmoil can be an inner reflection of outer conflicts, some of which extend into what is reported in world news.

Sun Opposed Mars

Second of five days,

FORECAST Miscellaneous challenges invoke primal responses: fight, fight or freeze. Ironically romantic or passionate urges are also heating up.

ADVISE This combo could be overwhelming at times, so breathe deeply! It may be an especially difficult time for females and/or sensitive people.

Full Moon Phase

Horoscope Forcast

5:45 AM-11:45 AM EDT
Very potent statements emerge in meetings and material evidence is on the table.
This is a time when secrets are revealed.

Horoscope Advice

5:45 AM-11:45 AM EDT.
It is smart to pay attention.
Make visual or audio documents, notes, be aware of psychological states.
Utilize all when making deals.

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