Hermès—Clic Clac H…and more.



By Cheryl Anderson



“Clic Clac”—the sound you hear when putting on and taking off the iconic Hermès, Clic Clac H enamel bracelet.  One writer compared the sound to the clip clopping of a horse passing by.  Choose from wide, and even wider ones with the appearance of a cuff that definitely make a statement, or narrow ones,  perfect for stacking. Enamel colors galore—an estimated 100+ to choose from! The Clic Clac H was first introduced in 2000 and has become one of the most popular bracelets.  Be it the color of the enamel or hardware, wide or narrow, or perhaps one with a clever design in the enamel, there’s a Clic Clac H bracelet that will suit every personality.

Clic Clac H in its box.

 Clic Clac H bracelets.

The history of the Chaine d’ancre design goes all the way back to Robert Dumas.  It was in 1937 while strolling along the Normandy coast he watched the boats.  The heavy anchor chains holding the boats in place caught his eye—in them,  he saw the “beauty” in something so functional.  The massive chains would be his inspiration for the ever popular Hermès Chaine d’ancre collection.  The first piece in the collection was the bracelet launched in 1938. On the Hermès site, The Story Behind, states, “Since then, this motif has been an endless source of inspiration, undergoing a plethora of interpretations, utilizing various materials and shapes, all while preserving its essence.” 

Pages from Le Monde d’Hermès referencing the Chaine d’ancre.

Chaine d’ancre necklace and bracelet.


Closeup of Chaine d’ancre necklace.

Variation of the Chaine d’ancre, a necklace, Farandole. 

The idea of the Collier de Chien motif was suggested by a customer. At the time of the suggestion, the Maison had a collection of dog collars.  She, the customer, was drawn to the dog collar design. The ring in the center between the Medor studs mimicks the ring on dog collars to fasten the leash. “Her flight of fancy” was to have a belt with the same design to go with her outfits—and so it was created.  Quoting Hermès, The Story Behind, “The request inspired the house to create a belt decorated with four-faceted Medor studs and adorned with a ring.  The purity of the belt’s lines and volumes eventually led to the creation of the iconic Collier de Chien bracelets.”  Different widths, leather colors and hardware—one will surely to catch your eye.  To my mind, this design is one of the most dramatic of them all.

Collier de Chien bracelets. Medor Picnic Collier de Chien…Osier wicker, with a patch of leather, and Medor studs.

Medor Picnic Collier de Chien…Osier wicker, with a patch of leather, and Medor studs.

The Kelly Double Tour—I like how the closure of the iconic Kelly bag, (designed by Robert Dumas), found its way to create such a charming bracelet.  The Touret clasp is a “signature” of the House—first appearing in the 1930s.  Hermès, The Story Behind states, “This closure can be found on two timeless bracelets: the Kelly Dog cuff and the Kelly double-tour bracelet.”  There is a leather color and hardware choice for this motif that is likely to appeal to everyone.

Kelly Double Tour

The last bracelet motif I will mention is the Behapi Double Tour.  On its face it sends a joyful message, but in fact the word is broken down thusly by Hermès, The Story Behind, “Some of our bracelets unknowingly have a great story behind them.  Contrary to appearance, Behapi is actually  a code. “Be” indicates that the leather strap is made from two materials and therefore reversible, and “hapi” are the first letters of the name and surname of its creator: the well-known French designer Pierre Hardy.  This buckle, originally intended for jewelry accessories, now adorns hats, gloves and shoes.”  The Behapi design is also used as belt buckles…a very subtle adornment.

Behapi Double Tour

It’s not possible to iterate all of the bijoux in the vast Hermès collection, but a look at these popular designs is worth a peek. The stories and history enrich the significance of the pieces of iconic Hermès jewelry designs. Simply put, the Hermès brand is timeless.  Perhaps, it’s the Behapi that makes you smile…and happy.


Worn long or short it’s a different and fun Hermès necklace.

Bangle and Cuffs

Clic Clac H and Cuffs

Le Monde Hermès is a wonderful read. The text is oft times very poetic and always thought provoking.

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