Hazel Barr–Need We Say More?


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Illustration by Rosemary Fanti              

By Fiona Cavendish        

The Service Club’s A Day on the Terrace is one of Chicago’s most popular annual benefits. The tradition began forty years ago as a pre-event for the Club’s annual November gala.

It was then A Day in the Country, an early August luncheon at a lovely suburban estate—changing each year. After about five years, it was only natural that it’s chairman, Hazel Barr, a fashionista of Homeric proportions, would add a fashion show. After another two decades, Madam Barr and the Service Club were tempted to move the party into the city by the arrival of the spectacular Peninsula Chicago, with its stunning terrace overlooking Michigan Avenue. Although“terrace” became a misnomer when the show—featuring fall fashions and furs–moved into the blessed cool of the Peninsula’s ballroom, it continues to be A Day on the Terrace and always will be identified with Hazel Barr

This year Hazel stepped aside from chairmanship but never out of the spotlight. The four current co-chairs, Jean Antoniou, Yvette Cusack, Tracey DiBuono and Sharyl Mackey, honored her forty year achievement by dedicating the 2016 event to Hazel.



Hazel on the Peninsula terrace, surrounded by family, left to right, Robert Barr, Justin Smith, Maggie Barr, Alexander Smith, Warren Barr, Chelsea Smith and Holly Barr.



Hazel with John and Myra Reilly.

But the event was not entirely about Hazel; there was also the fashion show.



The glamorous Mamie Walton led off in Escada.


Sylvia Perez wearing CH Carolina Herrera.


Laura Schwartz modeled St. John.


Kathy  Piccone, also in St. John.


Another St. John design, worn by Cookie Cohen.


Sherrill Bodine and more St. John.


Mary Pat Burns and Gabrielle Herrera.


Lynda Silverman and Melissa Babcock.


Jane Manzures.


Greg Hyder and Ryan Baker.


Dr. Stacie McClane and Sherry Lea Holson.


Rob Johnson and Lizzie Queen.


One of the Marine  guest stars escorting Candace Jordan, who modeled Neiman Marcus Evening.


Hazel’s grandsons, Justin and Alexander Smith,  escorted her on the runway.

SC_0808_1543Current Service Club President Kathy Cook, left, with Immediate Past President Myra Reilly. 


Co-chairs Sharyl Mackey, left, and Jean Antoniou were joined by Tracey DiBuono and Yvette Cusack in producing the show.

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. . . And forever Hazel, her unique essence captured by Rosemary Fanti .


Photo Credit:

John Reilly

Illustrations by Rosemary Fanti