Guam: An Island Off the Beaten Track

My parents are in the military, meaning they have been deployed to naval bases all over the world: Italy, California, Spain, and now- Guam.

Guam, if you haven’t heard of it, is a Pacific Island in American territory with a Navy and an Air Force base. Fun fact, my parents met each other 22 years ago on the 210-square foot mile of Guam, and it was where I was conceived. But, after my visits, I see how a couple laying on the beach together, bronzed and glowing, could easily fall in love.

Chicago is wonderful, but sometimes I miss clear skies and bright stars. Guam has some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.


My father spoiled me and put me on First Class for the 13 hour flight to Japan, and I crossed “Fly First Class” off my bucket list! Even just being able to go into the United Lounge in O’Hare and avoid the mess of angry travelers crowding outlets in Terminal Two was a dream. I cuddled up with my book and ate three bowls of yogurt to feel truly pampered.

United Airlines seduced me quicker than any other lover ever has with its endless doting: from the warm cup of nuts to the mobile sundae bar. I’m still using the little travel Cowshed lotion, which came with my First Class goodie bag. I’m debating on marrying for money just to have the luxury of never flying Coach again.

The island is a playground for outdoor adventures, with snorkeling and scuba diving in the bright blue of the Pacific, and mountain biking and hiking through the rainforests. Warning: it’s a little hot and buggy, but the scenery is worth it. I prefer water activities as a way to escape the relentless heat and flying beasts.

I actually did go scuba diving for the first time in Guam, another thing off the bucket list!

It was wonderful to go to places like Orote Point, a place I had heard about from stories my parents told me about their romance since I was a little girl.

Something that wasn’t on the island twenty something years ago was the German restaurant, McKrauts. For an island with limited cuisine options, the German food was spectacular (and I should know, I love German Food).  I ordered the Beef Goulash, which was spot on, with a side of spaetzle I inhaled in seconds. However, the whole time a Euro-techno track was playing seemingly on repeat. It was annoying at first but then the center around which our table’s giggles surrounded. If anyone can contact McKraut and get me the album I would love them forever.

We had drinks at Sunset Grill and their pizza is delicious, but the best drinks are the cocktails my mom mixes up at home, like the pictured blueberry, mint, lime, vodka mix.

It was so great to see the doggies again. I love my Zoey and Alex.

Soon my family will be back together again in Chicago. I couldn’t be more grateful, but I’ll miss my annual trips to Guam.

Marlaina Fancher is an intern with Classic Chicago Magazine an English major at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She loves capturing the world around her through images and words.