Good Genes and a Head Start on Style





by Michelle Crowe


The smart set mom and mini in slim suits and dotty blouses.


Movies, magazines, artists and travel all expand our world and refine our eye. Before all of those wonderful experiences can become a part of us, we have our mothers.

So many people who live a life of style say that their mother is the single greatest influence on what they wear and how they put it all together.


She’ll outgrow her 2017 Dolce & Gabbana dress in a flash, but will want to keep it forever.


Perhaps it’s the way she never left the house without perfect hair and a swipe of lipstick. Maybe she had a signature silhouette. Or possibly she was a social creature who always appeared in the evening wearing something smashing and offering a kiss and a bedtime story in a cloud of fragrance.


Shoe love begins early with Charlotte Olympia.


All of these memories seep into our style DNA and become a part of what we wear.

How wonderful it is when mothers encourage great taste in their offspring.

So mamas with little– and slightly less little– fashionistas don’t hold back. Encourage their budding interest in color, fit, and the unabashed fun that putting an outfit together can be.


Ellie Saab Couture, Fall 2016/Winter 2017


And why not do it together with almost too precious mother daughter looks. Mother son looks are out there too, but good luck getting any boy who can object into one and out in public.


Vintage Stripes


For Mother’s Day and beyond indulge in these sweet looks.

The bonds of loving fashion will last forever. And one day she’ll credit you with being the influence on her incredible style and lovely way of life.