Gemini’s Twin Opens in River North!



By Sophie Bross




Gemini in Lincoln Park has always been a revered neighborhood favorite often referred to as the “Cheers” of the area by locals. With a deep and loyal following it is no surprise that Ballyhoo Hospitality opened a twin restaurant, Gemini Grill in late March. Nestled in the heart of the One Chicago building, Gemini Grill is poised to captivate the city’s trendsetters offering a nod to the original Gemini in Lincoln Park while holding reign as the latest and greatest new venture among Chicago’s vibrant dining scene. For those who love the original Gemini you will still find  a number of  recognizable classic American cuisine choices with seasonal inspirations and daily specials.  Even the  beloved Sunday night fried chicken is captured on the menu allowing diners to enjoy the playful vibe centering around great food, drink and friends. Between the cuisine, upscale décor and the friendly well-trained staff this truly is neighborhood dining redefined to the next level.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac frequently referred to as “the twins” and often characterized as social and fun. The new Gemini Grill takes social up a level with a much larger seating area on the first floor for dining and a second floor with breathtaking private dining and event space. The “State Room’ is home to a 34 foot wooden table surrounded by half moon armed chairs.  The “Superior Room” allows for larger group dining and cocktail receptions, which is often used for overflow dining when the restaurant is especially buzzy. This is some of the chicest new private dining space in the city!

The Chef from Gemini Lincoln Park came over to the Grill to create a menu which is slightly more elevated and downtown.  With the restaurant’s live-fire charcoal wood grill the menu has some new elements including blistered shishito peppers, black tiger jumbo shrimp and wagyu skirt steak.  Don’t spend any time worrying, the classic Gemini burger remains! The food is a showcase of harmonious flavors that blend the ordinary and unique, allowing the culinary team to showcase their dedication to quality and classics.

Beverage director, Justin Parramore, who recently helped open and kick off DeNucci’s in Lincoln Park, has curated a stand out beverage program. Focusing  on lesser known wines from around the world, beers with an emphasis on Chicago breweries and signature craft cocktails including mocktails, Gemini is on trend with something for everyone.  His friendly and unpretentious approach to wine is yet another reason to love the Grill.  He is approachable and eager to find the perfect wine for you and seems to magically recall what you like and didn’t like from previous visits.

With this all star cast focused on the customer experience, beautiful new space and a menu focused on all American favorites, Gemini Grill is elevating neighborhood dining. This twin is sure to be the social center dictated by the stars above.


Gemini Grill, 748 N. State St., 773-569-3522,

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