Fun in the Sun





By Stanley Paul


Palm Springs was certainly hopping this season. There seem to be more parties than ever.

Biba Roesch’s annual birthday bash will be hard to top. It was held on Saturday, March 2 at the historic Albert Frey house built in 1952 — A true architectural gem.



With breathtaking views of surrounding mountains.

From left to right:  Molly Baker, Posey Fisher, Michelle Roesch, Michael Martinez, Biba, Nick Williams, Judy Hudgens, Lindsey Funari 


Susan Meredith, Biba Roesch, Nancy Kelley and Judy Hudgens


Colin Fisher in deep conversation with Mamie Walton


Jerry Sanfillippo, Biba Roesch, and Spyros Petros


The striking long table was the length of the pool.


Additional guests included Vicki and Bill Hood, Pat and Larry Booth, Michelle Roesch, Tracy Kupferberg, Uva Krys, Bruce Dunlap, and Doris and Cecil Hart

As a special surprise for Biba famed flamingo dancer Miguel Bernal performed at the end of the evening.


Another fun party was thrown by Diane Sprenger who rented the unique Chi Chi house for the month.

The Chi Chi house has a colorful history. It was the site of many late night parties during the 1950s and 1960s. The Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr) would do impromptu entertaining after finishing their engagement at the famed Chi Chi Lounge.

It was owned by Julian Stiff, whose daughter Julie attended the cocktail party given by Diane.


The famed Chi Chi Lounge in the 1950s


Deirdre Nardi, Julie Stiff McKee and  Diane Sprenger Budny

Julie said “My Dad would hit the gong every morning for good luck.”


Back from Left to Right: John Cannon, Pamela Ruehrdanz, Cary Frank, Susan Meredith, Mamie Walton, Deirdre Nardi,  Diane Sprenger Budny, Linda Heister, Nancy Kelley and Stanley Paul. Seated: Chotsie Blank, Uva Krys and Biba Roesch


Some other fun times

Moi with Abby Hart, John Bokina, Michael Grabish, Marc DeMoss, and James Dennen at a birthday bash held at the ever popular John Henry’s – A favorite with locals.


A night to remember! With Broadway legend Tommy Tune at a Valentine’s Day celebration in memory of the wonderful Carol Channing – The desert’s favorite Sweetheart.


And of course hiking is still a favorite pastime

Michael Grabish, James Dennen and Abby Hart