Fall 2016 Favorites





By Michelle Crowe



 Verdura brooch and pearls — the ultimate accessories.


Slavishly following trends is not how we approach style, but we do love when a few of our forever favorites enjoy fresh favor on the runways.



 Veronica Beard blouse and pants.


Dark Florals

A floral blouse is just a winner. It’s divine with a suit, especially one with some texture like brocade or tweed. It adds grown-up polish to a pair of jeans and looks wonderful with wide-leg trousers. Certainly, one might agree with fictional Runway magazine editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly who shot down florals for spring in The Devil Wears Prada with a withering “groundbreaking,” but, in the fall, a little whimsy rendered in bold autumnal tones echoes the changing leaves and bold mums that pop up in planters and medians along our city streets.



 Brooches at Alexander McQueen.


Pearls and Brooches

The best seasons are those when it’s easy to find delightful new additions to a personal stash of bold jewelry. This is such a season. From the ropes of pearls at Chanel to quirky brooches at Gucci, Granny’s favorite jewels abound. Miu Miu offers both in a series of fabulous flat slides, which may be the ultimate hostess shoes and are sure to become treasured heirlooms.


J.Crew loafers.



Maybe it’s the back-to-school feel of the air turning cooler, but a loafer can really be just the shoe for fall and all its accompanying running around. While there are some outré interpretations, here, too, err on the side of classic with a twist. Keep the shape simple and have some fun with animal prints or metallics. Of course, for those who follow the mantra of too much of a good thing being wonderful, there are some great loafers with brooches and bows out there, so perhaps this is just the diem to carpe.



A more is more devotee attends the Chanel Cruise show in Seoul, Instagram photo @thechaneljacket.