Dwight Cleveland’s Realm



A museum wall of intriguing film posters from the Dwight M. Cleveland Collection.






By Megan McKinney



The Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach is mounting the largest exhibition of classic film posters ever to be presented in a museum. To be titled COMING SOON: FILM POSTERS FROM THE DWIGHT M. CLEVELAND COLLECTION, the show will extend from July 12 through October 29, 2019 and will contain more than 200 posters heralding comedies, musicals, Westerns, sci-fi thrillers, dramas and more.   



The private collection, one of the most prominent in the world, was assembled by Chicagoan Dwight Cleveland and has great range. Although it includes posters for iconic feature films of the stature of Casablanca, Singin’ in the Rain and North by Northwest, it stretches to embrace such cult classics as Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.



Those friends and admirers of Dwight Cleveland who, in early April, were fortunate to be in the Palm Beach area—or made a specific late season journey–were privileged to participate in a one night “Exclusive Sneak Peak” of the show.


Dwight Cleveland at the April Sneak Peak with a very important Chicago friend, Jean Elting. It was she who introduced the idea of the exhibit to the Norton Museum.

Dwight and Gabriela Cleveland with their daughter, Charlotte, left, and sons, George, second from right, and Peter.

Director and CEO of the Norton Museum of Art Elliot Bostwick Davis, left, and Guest Curator Matthew Bird.

Kipper and Bud Hendrick.

  Elliot Bostwick Davis, Harry Howell and John Keller join Dwight. Harry Howell is chairman of the Norton Museum of Art Board of Directors.

Cindy Hoyt and her husband, Barry—directly behind her–divide their time between Palm Beach and Chicago.

Abra Wilkin, Ann Guepel, Jim Wilkin and John Keller.

Jack and JoAnn Childers chat with Dwight; Richard and Noren Ungaretti are to the right rear.

David Moscow.

Guests begin to gather at tables for the centerpiece of the evening, an interview of Dwight Cleveland by Guest Curator Matthew Bird.

Settling in for the show.

Matthew Bird and Dwight.

Kemp Stickney, left foreground, with John Niblack and Jack Borland behind him. Diana Senior is to the rear of Elliot Bostwick Davis,

This photo captures the spirit of the video of Dwight and Matthew, for which you too may soon see if you wish.

The link to the video will be waiting.

Hillary and Renny Ponvert, Harry and Barbara Howell, Jeanie and Barclay Jones.

Gabriela and the young Clevelands with Julie Walner, left, and her husband Jon Walner, second right.

To see the video, click https://nortonmuseum.box.com/s/y4if5b0qjf8v1p0jtjvohs5chxp16vk8


Photo Credit: Nick Mele

Author Photo: Robert F. Carl