December 2022



By Victoria Martin




Highlights December–early January

December 5-9 FORECAST Different aspects of the masculine—king, father, and warrior –are at attention, in a contest, or counter-productive. ADVICE Assortments of courageous and creative qualities–fully utilized–are super good. Full Moon Phase conjunct Mars

December 21-25 FORECAST A mission to create attraction towards a place or a group gets redefined and optimized. ADVICE Juggle lots of options, then pick the best. Often in this type of situation the big looks small and the small looks big: a paradox. New Moon Phase square Jupiter

January 4-8, 2023 FORECAST A rush of U.S.A. patriotism—and counters to it—are highly visible now. ADVICE Emulate humanitarian principles as well as the philanthropic ones. Access to enormous raw materials is good too. Full Moon Phase conjunct super star Sirius

Sunday, November 27

7:45 AM– 1:45 PM CST FORECAST This timeframe produces individual and collective scorecards. A progress report on 21st-century codes, styles, trends, and trajectories is available. ADVICE Strive to pass exams and fulfill reasonable expectations. Moon conjunct Pluto



Monday, November 28

All day FORECAST Stable, dutiful, and even-keeled could describe the dominant mood or preferred mode of the day. ADVICE Use support systems and positive motions to further the projects at hand. Mars trine Saturn

10 PM Monday–4 AM Tuesday CST FORECAST Situations present a clear sense of how to be frugal but generous. ADVICE Use teachings from successful authorities and happy administrators. Moon conjunct Saturn

Tuesday, November 29

All day FORECAST Intense research and active discussions uncover hidden factors. It’s a prime time to see all sides of a story. ADVICE Synthesize the best of each angle. Make a way for courage, repair, and good health. Mercury opposed Mars

Wednesday, November 30

All day peaks at sunset FORECAST We are all building on teamwork, promotion, and campaigning. ADVICE Look to next week’s events as inspiration on how to move forward. (The first quarter moon–– visually at half moon–– can be seen in the sky zenith– during sunset.) Moon square Sun

All day FORECAST Attraction could begin with dueling due to different viewpoints. Character traits provide clues about future behavior. Then comes the definition of the conflicts and most important of all: the resolution. ADVICE This three-step sequence of trait, conflict, and resolution creates the perfect dramatic form. Venus opposes Mars

Thursday, December 1

6:30 AM– 12:30 PM CST FORECAST Large size portions of either work or play create urgency. There is an unfortunate leaning towards fantasy and illusionary effects. ADVICE For therapy add dance, music, and poetry manifestations. Take advantage of strong imagination or psychic insights. Avoid excessive recreation. Moon conjunct Neptune

5:45 PM– 11:45 PM CST FORECAST This is a fortunate timeframe within which good options emerge. ADVICE Choose activities, events, and involvements that enhance your community. Build relationships and/or engage in what promises education or prosperity. Moon conjunct Jupiter

All day FORECAST Interesting situations are developing yet confusion is possible. True chaos can be averted via preemptive plans. ADVICE Set up the scene in advance, do rehearsals, and use ample troubleshooting. Mercury Square Neptune

Friday, December 2

3:15 PM– 9:15 PM CST FORECAST A sense of harmony is encouraging. ADVICE This is the time to distribute blessings, use power in a benevolent manner, and develop new teamwork-based projects. Moon trine Sun

Saturday, December 3 

12 PM– 6 PM CST FORECAST Working in the lab is fun. We can make use of natural forms, organic methods, and biological aesthetics. ADVICE Relations could go either way: a wholesome alliance or a nefarious outcome, so use self-preservation instincts. Moon trine Venus

6:15 PM CST FORECAST We are hunkering down on the big-picture analysis. This is more than just theater because we are living it! ADVICE There are many interesting situations and solutions to consider, but delusion or fantasy are also components. Neptune stationary return to direct motion

Sunday, December 4

All day FORECAST Many people or projects are searching for romance or spirituality. Complete cultural fulfillment is elusive. Common sense –paired with mystique appreciation—is an ideal balance. ADVICE Follow guides and use examples of people who embrace good luck and active social lives. Emphasize inspired creativity as a compass or a director. Venus square Neptune

Monday, December 5

2:30-8:30 AM CST FORECAST When focused on strategy formation iconic or figurehead leadership could be useful. ADVICE Everyone is capable of pushing themselves towards greater productivity and a more positive outlook.  Moon conjunct Dharma Node

8:30 AM-2:30 PM CST FORECAST Happening now are surprise developments, emphases on freedom, and an embrace of futurism. ADVICE Humor is a great escape, but also a coping device as a catharsis. Moon conjunct Uranus

First of five days FORECAST Starting up a special wizardly or shamanic contingent is on the agenda. This mystic-magic army will serve many ambitions and healings. ADVICE Dramas are brewing. Best to be cool and/or heroic if possible. Full Moon Phase

Tuesday, December 6

Second of five days FORECAST Dramas are developing within a context of testing strength. ADVICE This is a challenging time, but character improvement is a positive by-product. Full Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST A meeting place or center of gravity is open to receive guests. ADVICE It seems time to add groups or enhance communities by your hospitality, visits, and other contributions. Mercury square Jupiter

Wednesday, December 7

7:15 PM Wednesday -1:15 AM Thursday CST FORECAST Strong physical prompts alert the body’s defense mechanism. It may be a call to action, or a cause for stronger ADVICE Let each person decide and act for himself or herself. Ultimately success comes to those who contribute to the community’s greater good. Moon conjunct Mars

Third of five days (peak intensity) FORECAST Motives to benefit a specific group– or to all humanity — will hit the point via embodiment. For example sports, games, travel or fundraising. ADVICE Activity in a physical and manifested sense is the hoped-for outcome. This can be fun but it’s also challenging to keep up the pace. Full Moon Phase

All Day FORECAST A contest between men, warriors, leaders, or sports figures is likely to be meaningful. This could represent an external or an inner challenge for everyone. ADVICE Confidence, courage, and strength are assets today. Also knowledge of the competition’s strengths is helpful. Sun opposed Mars

Thursday, December 8

Fourth of five days FORECAST A rise to prominence or fame requires energy to maintain. Special luck and heaven’s blessings add momentum. ADVICE Estimate what events are worth your while and what level of activity can be sustained. Full Moon Phase

3:45 AM- 9:45 AM CST FORECAST Advocacy from authorities and/or miscellaneous help is welcome. ADVICE Examine the existing structure in order to know this system and better use, contribute to, or work within it. Moon trine Saturn

Friday, December 9

Fifth of five days FORECAST Expect that vivid experiences and contests from the week will carry on for a bit. Some winners are declared. ADVICE We will see good sportsmanship as well as bad losers. Both are on display and provide moral lessons. Full Moon Phase

Saturday, December 10

8:15 PM Saturday-2:15 AM Sunday CST FORECAST Intuitive health insights or creative manifestations are active. ADVICE Go with the flow and use compassion. Also, a touch of glamour or mystique is welcome. Moon trine Neptune

Sunday, December 11

5:15 AM-11:15 AM CST FORECAST Power struggles may be political in nature or just based on personal preferences. In the shadows are sexual issues or psyche-based conflicts causing concern. ADVICE Culture wars may be potent and persistent but interesting too. Moon opposed Pluto

9:45 AM -3:45 PM CST FORECAST Education is a side benefit that occurs during entertainment if luck would have it. ADVICE The option for sharpening wits is likely to be present during contests.  Moon trine Jupiter

Monday, December 12

2:45 PM Monday – 2:45 AM Tuesday CST FORECAST Surprise developments alert leaders  about how to use what is good and fix what is bad. The need for improvisation is obvious. ADVICE Stay cool and remain in synch with the group’s thoughts and actions. Moon square Uranus

Tuesday, December 13

7 AM-1 PM CST FORECAST Dynamic people or popular activities get a cool response. ADVICE Specialists on maximizing luck, propaganda, or branding would be good to have on hand or before the event.  Moon opposed Saturn

7 AM-1 PM CST FORECAST Intuitive insights could be used for prosperity, spirituality, and social development. ADVICE Take advantage of this harmony-rich time frame and max benefits as a leader or a participant. Moon trine Sun

Wednesday, December 14

All Day FORECAST Here is a turning point wherein some obstacles are detected and/or removed. Excess psychic baggage or fantasies may be due for a purge. ADVICE Maintain rapport with animals and boost personal instincts. Shun fame for its own sake! Rather take actions that could lead to something noble. Sun square Neptune

11:30 AM-5:30 PM CST FORECAST Reciprocity with helpful organizations and access to prime sources can be inspiring. ADVICE Do facilitate discussion, art making, esoteric or insider studies, and cultivate a good sense of direction. Moon trine Venus

Thursday, December 15

6:45 AM-12:45 PM CST FORECAST Engineering consortiums or social group advocates find new means of intake for patrons or funds. ADVICE Helpful strategies include the use of role models or figureheads. Moon trine Uranus

8:45 PM Thursday – 2:45 AM Friday CST FORECAST Concerns for long-lasting beauty, environment preservation, and cosmic consciousness are recognized. ADVICE This can bring in support and serve to balance out fanciful hopes, chaotic plans or wishful thinking. Moon opposed Neptune

Friday, December 16

12 AM-6 AM CST FORECAST Bursts of potent earth forces or an experience of natural elements are energizing. Summaries or context providers are ongoing as per current intrigues. ADVICE In other words with all the strategies going on there needs to be some practical underpinning and/or refreshment. Last Quarter Moon

5:30 AM-11:30 AM CST FORECAST Spiritual adventures, public rituals, or pop-culture businesses update themselves as per the modern era. ADVICE 21st-century codes, agendas, and hierarchy include sophistication and gratitude as practice or mixed blessings. Moon trine Pluto

10:15 AM-4:15 PM CST FORECAST A real balancing act is demanded especially when jockeying between organizations. ADVICE Resolve these challenges to bring educational experiences. All is well that ends well. Moon opposed Jupiter

Saturday, December 17

All Day FORECAST Stories told at events are coming from history, religion, or seasonal holidays. They get a new spin and have an enhanced focus on morals. ADVICE A grand creative atmosphere encourages conversation as well as tolerance and friendship. Mercury trine Uranus

4:30 PM-10:30 PM CST FORECAST Lessons learned from past and current resolutions are monumental to the future and provide proverbs for life. ADVICE Many themes and characters are universal, yet updates or modernization are desired. They will prove to be entertaining as well. Moon square Mercury

Sunday, December 18

2:30 AM-8:30 AM CST FORECAST Gathering the herd is notable when leaders confer a bit of luck or convey a magic touch upon followers. ADVICE Formulae for good fortune are: get in the flow and achieve reasonable goals. Spread joy, but cut your losses. Moon trine Saturn

1:30 PM-7:30 PM CST FORECAST A selection of cultural resources is submitted to financial or political leaders for approval. Updates seem endless yet they are reasonable since society is evolving quickly. ADVICE Harvesting via a commercial guide or legal agenda could also benefit business and the government. Moon square Pluto

Monday, December 19

3:15 PM-9:15 PM CST FORECAST A check-in for good praise or instruction is timely. Rules of commerce or law come in as major players. ADVICE Perception then persuasion are the keys to sequence especially for marketing or propaganda. Moon conjunct Karma Node

9:30 PM Monday – 3:30 AM Tuesday CST FORECAST Remedies for isolation are partly done via participation in media, meetings, and surprise events. ADVICE Adherence to nutrition, spirituality, and nature preservation guides are priorities. Join in with special interest groups and take up the topics favored by trends. Moon opposed Uranus

Tuesday, December 20

7:45 AM-1:45 PM CST FORECAST Innovative groups and work committees could benefit from experts’ counsel regarding luck and good fortune. ADVICE Go with the best options and put others on hold. Happiness in an emotional situation is often as simple as a hug, a show of kindness, or rising to meet a challenge. Moon square Saturn

10 AM-4 PM CST FORECAST A unique path chosen now will mesh well with previous experiences or adventures. There are benefits to sticking with a lofty vantage point. ADVICE This is a good time to do some brainstorming and let your imagination roam. Also, empathy and compassion are useful here. Moon trine Neptune

10:15 PM Tuesday- 4:15 AM Wednesday CST FORECAST The phenomena of powerful bonds between people is an attention getter and often an asset. ADVICE Go with good examples or successful plans. Optimism and an agreeable nature manifest in community settings will further noble purposes. Moon trine Jupiter

Wednesday, December 21   

All Day FORECAST We’re all focused on special properties and environment feelings. Clearing pathways in material and spiritual realms seems to be a smart move. ADVICE This will facilitate events and bring prosperity. Do a best-case analysis. Sun Square Jupiter

First of five days FORECAST Here is a prime focus on the pull or draw of a place, person, or thing. ADVICE Timing is also important. An even more potent factor is who will be attending. Offer gifts or incentives to show up. New Moon Phase

4:45 AM-10:45 AM CST FORECAST  Emerging now is a take on the best possible strategy for noble or athletic deeds. ADVICE This focus will facilitate assignments of heroic personnel each to its own righteous, noble, or courageous purpose. Moon opposed Mars

3:45 PM CST FORECAST We are all feeling the effect of assemblies and events.  Topics or projects of mutual interest bring people together. ADVICE Raise spirits, spread camaraderie, and boost team optimism. Sun at Winter Solstice


Thursday, December 22

All Day FORECAST Legendary human relationship patterns (savior- victim) and typical roles (hero-villain) are powered by potent characters. This is in order to carry on mythic lessons. ADVICE It’s best to use those personalities or icons appropriate to the season and region since people can relate to them. Venus Trine Uranus

Second of five days FORECAST Zeroing in on a time and place for meetings, events, and installations is happening. ADVICE It’s good to focus on the actual reason for gathering. Social, educational, or devotional projects are beneficial now. New Moon Phase

Friday, December 23

11:15 PM Thursday -5:15 AM Friday CST FORECAST There’s a quest to determine what will be fortunate and who will be the source of opportunities. This will lead to community formation and highlight best options. ADVICE Pointing out how meetings bring light to mutual concerns, interests, or advantages is key. Moon square Jupiter

Third of five days (peak intensity) FORECAST The New Moon’s planning mode could bring bossy behavior or its opposite: introversion. ADVICE The solstice has in history been an occasion for people to celebrate and come together. However, the dark of the moon makes folks want to stay home or hide out. New Moon Phase

Saturday, December 24

Fourth of five days FORECAST To get people to come out during the dark of the moon (till Tuesday) it will take bait and incentives. ADVICE Create an interest for what is going on. Let the audience, brethren, or clan know the benefits of your vision for them. In general plant seeds. New Moon Phase

3:15 AM-9:15 AM CST FORECAST Praise and appreciation is brought to life via music and stories. ADVICE Use sports, games, and friendly play to encourage interaction. Engage as many senses as possible to create a deep experience and lasting impression. Moon conjunct Venus

10:15 AM – 4:15 PM CST FORECAST A lavish display via media using sound, color, or bold design will get everyone thinking. ADVICE This is a good time for writing, documenting, and other storyline enhancers. Moon conjunct Mercury

6:15 PM Saturday -12:15 AM Sunday CST FORECAST Current scenes could be described as very sophisticated. Posturing and demeanor are poised. ADVICE A strategic approach fits since nothing is casual nor simple. Political and psychological factors are active, so look beneath the surface. Moon conjunct Pluto

Sunday, December 25

Fifth of five days FORECAST There are emerging signs about what place and time to choose regarding events and plans for the new year. ADVICE Foundations laid now will work for an elaboration of current and future events. New Moon Phase

2:30 PM-8:30 PM CST FORECAST It seems okay to use the same heroic stories again especially if they impart wisdom, create transformation, or bring healing. ADVICE Contracts, agreements, and honorable collaborations are favored. Moon trine Mars

10:30 PM Sunday-4:30 AM Monday CST FORECAST There’s more attention to wisdom as it guides technology selections. A great deal of analysis applied to all future investments. ADVICE Add accessories, support, or demographic insights to keep schemes up to date. Moon square Uranus

Monday, December 26

9:15 AM-3:15 PM CST FORECAST Lucky, fortunate, and happy authority figures are sought. ADVICE These choices are auspicious or perceived as guided by a sense of tradition and duty.  Moon conjunct Saturn

Tuesday, December 27

3 PM-9 PM CST FORECAST The cast of characters includes wounded healers, trendsetters, and visionary inventors. ADVICE Be realistic regarding what you and others can accomplish. Patience is a virtue here but so are physical strength, courage, and self-discipline. Moon square Mars

Wednesday, December 28

1 PM-7 PM CST FORECAST Transcendent moods or chaotic conditions are likely. The recombination of basics brings creative output. This is a bit messy but makes a great story later. ADVICE Keep your eye in the big picture and push forward following your intuition. Moon conjunct Neptune

Thursday, December 29

3:30 AM CST FORECAST Lessons learned from the pandemic years are easy to list, discuss, and elaborate upon. Expect a bit of a marathon mode for the next 3 weeks.  ADVICE More information regarding 21st –century specs, codes, and baseline is available. Mercury Stations turns to retrograde motion till Jan 18

3 AM-9 AM CST FORECAST This may be the most service-inspired and fortunate day of the month. ADVICE It is time to seek opportunities and make use of the ones at hand. Especially favored are the projects set to develop in the next three months or start at the spring equinox. Moon conjunct Jupiter

All Day FORECAST It is a charming time for reunions with family or revisiting friends from the past. ADVICE Set the schedule and line up supplies well in advance. Also apropos now is a show of gratitude. Mercury conjunct Venus

4:15 PM-10:15 PM CST FORECAST Building on what was started at the winter solstice’s new moon phase December 21-25 is timely. ADVICE Line up, account for, and pronounce observations. These are the building blocks for enhancing the events due to transpire in the next week. 1ST Quarter Moon

Friday, December 30

9 PM Friday – 3 AM Saturday CST FORECAST Here’s an excellent time to be testing ideas, going over text, and adding images for presentations or meetings. ADVICE Feedback while editing ideas is helpful. The emerging puzzles, debates, and marathons–– while awkward––are the ultimate boon or help. Moon square Mercury

Saturday, December 31

2 AM- 8 AM CST FORECAST We are all reiterating praise, making offers, or accepting options for new pleasures. ADVICE Different and unusual signs of affection or artfulness are worth showing, noting, or reciprocating. Moon square Venus

3:45 AM-9:45 AM CST FORECAST Here’s joining together unlikely bedfellows. There is great interest due to novelty features. ADVICE Meetings can be accomplished with finesse and diplomacy. Context and hierarchy are prime concerns. Moon square Pluto

Sunday, January 1

4:45 AM-10:45 AM CST FORECAST A harmonious and creative mood dominates. It seems that everyone really wants to participate. ADVICE Be congenial, pleasant, and supportive of other people’s wishes, hopes, and aims. Moon trine Sun

1 PM-7 PM CST FORECAST A day full of surprises is in store. Expect eccentric behavior to be mostly benevolent or harmless. ADVICE A full-frame focus on the future is likely including the sci-fi universe and lists of what everyone hopes for. Moon conjunct Uranus

8 AM-2 PM CST FORECAST There are mindsets perfect for the New Year’s resolutions. Here’s the push to achieve much and improve conditions for family, clan, and or community. ADVICE Step up to reasonable challenges. Be a good role model or find one. Moon conjunct Dharma node

Highlights mid January-early May

January 16-20, 2023 FORECAST What is normally hidden—such as inner workings– becomes visible. ADVICE Take note and document important goings on Sun conjunct Pluto

January 19-23, 2023 FORECAST A new start puts into use recent discoveries, changes and inside info. ADVICE This is a momentous time the utmost emotional discipline and trustworthy alliances are golden! New Moon Phase conjunct Pluto

February 3-7 FORECAST It is a challenge for charismatic leaders to retain a loyal following while sustaining a reasonable use of technology and science. ADVICE Worthwhile also is just the right touch of humanitarian advocacy and altruistic actions. That inspires trust. Full Moon Phase Square Uranus

NEW February 18-22 FORECAST Visions of paradise creation and a wish to make an idealist communities are compelling. ADVICE Relationships with others of similar hopes and wishes as well as a healthy personal body will support the good life. New Moon Phase conjunct Saturn

NEW March 5-9 FORECAST Many folks wish to have a sense of direction especially for soul and affections. ADVICE Trend analysts and esoteric teachings are available. Fun and active camaraderie in a physical sense are good if reasonable. Full Moon Phase Square  Mars

NEW March 19-23 FORECAST Really complex situations are partly due to inclinations to fantasy and cravings for glamour. ADVICE Scenes are interesting but tricky. Use moderation and empathy. New Moon Phase conjunct Neptune                    

NEW April 4-8 FORECAST Conditions are semi-dramatic but fairly easy to manage. ADVICE May be a good time to let off steam in a safe manner! Full Moon Phase


NEW April 17-21 FORECAST A great sense of enterprise, joy and adventure is in the wind. ADVICE Optimism can be applied as soon as the proper strategy is installed New Moon Phase conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto contains a solar eclipse April 19

NEW May 3-7 FORECAST How many new spins could science and technology provide?  Legal and commercial experts want to know. A lot or mania and a bit of fatigue set in. ADVICE Balance between the new futurists and the sophisticated, 21st century synthesis; that does the trick. Full Moon Phase contains a Lunar eclipse May 5 (Sun is conjunct Uranus)

May 10-24 FORECAST The big challenge of the year is to hold onto power and continue to do what you do best. ADVICE However, to keep things interesting, think outside the box for luck and education. Jupiter square Pluto @ ALTAIR the eagle-star